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Reviews For Ready To Stand: Pro-Life Radio

Even though I do not agree with there beliefs in this podcast people should not be telling them horrible things. They can say what ever they want even if you believe it is wrong thank you and be kind.
babies -10/10 wouldn’t recommend they live rent free and cry all day
i love abortion😌
I wish your parents had aborted you❤️
foul oder came from speaker.
How dare you tell me what I can and cannot do with my body.
At what point are we going to stop trying to control a woman’s choice to decide what is right for HER body and HER life? The anti-choice movement is a perfect example of what is wrong with America in today’s world; the inability to not force personal views on others. An individuals healthcare choices are not up for debate or criticism just because others would choose not to have an abortion.
I was looking for podcasts on pro life issues and found this show. I appreciate the commentary and the Catholic grounding for it. I also listen to the Fetal Position Podcast and the discontinued Pro-Life Thinking Podcast, and I’ve learned a lot from those, but Cullen’s Ready to Stand Podcast just line’s up with my faith more perfectly since I’m pretty sure the hosts of the other two are not Catholic. Keep up the good work!
Cullen presents wonderful points of discussion in different current events related to the defense of the first human right: The right to life.
I listen to several pro-life podcasts. This is one of my favorites. It has better guests than the others. Any others that invite many of the same guests just don't get out of them the same quality of content that this podcast accomplishes. The topics cover a wonderful range of aspects of the pro-life movement.