Major Revisions

Reviews For Major Revisions

I had a meeting with my advisor today and he gave me a huge reading list. I then got in my car to drive 2.5 hours home, as I am a remote/online PhD student (employed and do research at my work lab). Before I left campus I searched Major Revisions episodes and oh my god you discussed several papers on my list. Thank you so much. So helpful to listen to those episodes before reading the papers when I got home, what great primers! Could you sneak in more hypothetical comp exam questions? Love it, thank you!
It's as candid as going to a professor's office hours. You learn everything about really being in a science profession in current times. Would recommend to any fellow college undergraduate.
Thoroughly enjoy your discussions of science and life as a scientist. Your pleas for reviews/ratings were heard.
I’ve recently subscribed to this podcast and so far I’ve loved the discussions being had. They are very relatable and pertinent to today’s bioscience field. There is one major issue though, either the hosts microphones aren’t synced to the same level or Jeff is taller quieter and quieter as the podcast goes on. By the end, you can’t hear him at all while Grace and John are blowing out your eardrums in your attempt to hear Jeff. I am not sure I will continue to follow this podcast if this doesn’t improve, which is a bummer because the topics are great.