The Einstein Blueprint

Reviews For The Einstein Blueprint

I’ve been teaching at the college level for 5 years. This podcast resonates with me as I share many of his views. The system is broken and needs an overhaul. Good job pointing out the cracks in the foundation!
This show is very eyeopening! Kid's have so much potential that they cannot always express in the typical classroom setting. Daniel Louzonis is offering a great way for parents and kids to find success in fun and innovative ways!
Listen to Dan. He knows what he is talking about. He may be a little extreme to some people, but if you care about your kids, nothing is too extreme. I’ve followed his advice and my 4.5 year old has advanced 2-3 grade levels in math and reading, all in less than 1 year of homeschooling.
you didn't miss your potential you're just stupid
Listen to Dan. Take his advice. Your kids will soar!
As a father of two, I'm quite interested in what the host is teaching and will tune in to see what he shares next
I applaud your message about being different, it's a lifestyle, and it works. Great resource for people raising kids who will be exemplary.~Alf Herigstad
A must for anyone frustrated with the limitations we place on children, for those who understand (or even just have a hunch) that as humans we are capable of so much more. The host is wicked smart without condescension. I’m not a big podcast person, but this is inspiring and worth listening to.
Listen to Dan, he can help you and your kids in profound ways!