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I love Moby's energy and the wide range of topics explored in this podcast. The guests, who include the likes of Steve Adler and one of my favorite professors from UT, Larry Speck, are a pleasure listening to!
One of my absolute favorite podcasts... Moby brings forth his wit and humor (and sometimes he struggles, which is also great to listen to) to each episode. He has carefully selected each topic to answer all the questions you have been thinking about, and then some. The content is practical, applicable and most of all, fresh! Keep up the amazing work, Moby! 👏🏼
Incredibly informative and interesting conversations with successful and inspiring people. I could listen to this all day. I'd say this podcast has benefits for every person! You're losing out if you're not listening in to this.
Absolutely amazing show. Love the host.
Awesome show. A lot of good information from a great speaker if you have ever lived in Austin or are planning on moving here.
Moby's energy as a host is contagious and never ceases to lose my interest. In the Austin Fire Show Moby interviews movers, makers, and producers based right out of the coolest city in Texas: Austin. Moby’s skill as an interview makes you feel like you’re in the room with him as he speaks to some of the most influential people in Austin. If you’re an entrepreneurial type who enjoys shows such as the Tim Ferris show, or Foundation with Kevin Rose you’ll love the Austin Fire Show.
As a local I love the Austin Fire Show and how it highlights the movers and shakers of my city. Money does a great job on the interviews and really brings out the hidden gems that make Austin great. Keep it up, I can't wait for new episodes.
I will start off by saying that I truly love the bi-weekly emails they are really funny and cheesy, strangely I look forward to them. So if you haven't subscribed yet then you should #twocents. Honestly, I haven't heard every episode but I have heard many episodes and I like how every show is curated keeping the notion in mind of showing the diversity of that the city offers. I really liked ep 9 on communication, it really voices out the wonders of the art of communication. But my favorite episode is ep 10 on Data, the importance of Data and how it impacts us #godata #Fireshow
"Oh my ghod dude"... love the intro (seriously, an elephant, right?). I'm not huge into podcasts, but if you're living in Austin and an entrepreneurial type, hit subscribe. The episodes (so far) are just the right length to tune in (and tune out) at work, and have featured interesting locals I would actually enjoy meeting in person (which reminds me, I need to get out more). 4 stars (not 5) only because it launched recently, and I've had lots of relationships that started hot and eventually cooled down, but I'm definitely into you #FireShow.
The show is legit! The guests are really fun and engaging! Larry speck's interview was very interesting indeed. Having recently moved to austin myself, this show is a great introduction to the soul and feel of the city. Hope to keep listening to other great guests in future episodes. More power to you guys!