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I really can't believe you guys are still gone you are the best pod cast ever all your fans will be paitently waiting for your return
:( great show, but I miss it.
By far my favorite podcast I entered the military and when my training was finnaly over they had vanished. Come back guys! Just a soldier's request.
I was suprised with all the great reviews, but I have to say I couldn't get past the first 10 minutes of the show I downloaded today. The conversation was nothing but swear words back and forth and nothing about online gaming. I'm not shy about swearing (ex-military) but the constant back and forth was too much. MMO content would have been nice, but there wasnt any.
Wish they would come back
Guys come back already!!!
I can't count how many times I've been reduced to tears of laughter by MOG. Even though for now it appears that its on a long hiautus/has podfaded, its still worth listening to the backlog. Hopefully it'll be back someday!
I couldn't help but laugh while i listen to them talk about games i love!
One of my favorite shows, but Ryan and Gary fell off the face of the earth. It seems like they were building for this big milestone show, and then just vanished. It's a good listen to play the old shows if you haven't heard them, but at this point I'm surprised this podcast is even listed up here anymore.
They are Massively better than G4 which has sold out of lately and is not as fun as it usually was back in the day. These People have the 03-06 G4 feel. If u like the new G4 Then do not listen to this.
Gary and Ryan tell you all you really need to know about MMORPGS. Now give me episode #100. Right now.
Wish they still did it :(
Loved it when it was on, but as Mr. Sony would put it - (wait for it.....air quotes) it pod-faded.
I have to say I didn't actually get to the part where they talk about games. This podcast would probably appeal to males in their teens to early twenties. For more mature gamers I recommend Gamers With Jobs or the now defunct GFW Radio. Legendary Thread is my preferred MMO-focused podcast.
I listen to most of the episode, then switch to another when the drunkeness gets too old. It gets old pretty quickly.
When it used to actually come out.
Just plain entertaining. Gary and Ryan are the type of guys you game with all the time and laugh at in Vent. This is one of those podcasts that don't take themselves to seriously and you can tell they are having a great time with it. Not only do they cover mmo's, but they also dive head first on some of the hottest new pc and console titles as well. Enjoyable, entertaining, informative.
Video games and Purple Rain. Nothing could be sweeter and nobody else can do it like them.
i love this podcast it takes things i love vulger jokes and video games and combines them i couldnt find a better podcast, i would like to know if they have ever tried or do play guild wars thats my mmo of choice but still greatest podcast out
i was trippin when i gave this a one star. th e boys are back and i think they may be at their finest. Show is much more interesting when they are happy and playin games together. keep Ryan right where hes at!
I listen to about 10 podcasts a week, and this is my favorite by far. This one is not just for MMOs, as they reference all types of games. These guys are smart and have a great sense of humor. Their banter is funny and Ryan's rants are nothing short of hilarious. Check them out.


By Zzeo
massively online gamer is original on a whole new level. Gary Gannon and Ryan Verniere team up to make some of the most random and hilarious podcast episodes I've ever listened to. with many inside jokes for loyal listeners and always ridiculous storeys, every episode is memorable. do yourself a favor and just hit the subscribe button now and prepare yourself for some amazing pee verses pee!


Like hanging with old friends. Old, drunk, angry friends.
A couple of guys talk about games and ocasonally mmos
Gary and Ryan always have tons of energy. Even when they're off topic, they're way fun to listen to. On topic, they have lots of insight and enthusiasm for the MMO genre. If you like to talk about MMOs with your friends, try this podcast out.
Hey Gary and Ryan, I'm a long time listener first time reviewer! I love yalls podcast, its great fun and really informative! Keep up the good work and i'm really looking forward to the 24 hour show!
I really like the straight forward talk about whatever Ryan and Gary want to talk about. Now that I am caught up to present with the podcasts, I am now chomping at the bit for the next one to come out. I am also heading over to GAXONLINE to sign up. Great Job!


officially full of win, almost completely void of fail... ...most of the time...
Ok, as the title says, great podcast. Love the jokes, hate the misfacts often quoted. Thankfully they are far and few between.
Best podcast ever I only wiss they would spend more time on mmos and have their show more often.
Short bit to note, I probably am subscribed to over 30 gaming podcasts by now, listening to them all the time, and usually go back listening to to previous ones. That is not different with this show, I picked it up recently, and I almost fell in love with it right off the start even after partaking in so many other podcasts. Song choices for beginning and end are just real good to start with. Gary and Ryan also seems to just have this real good connection you can sense, sometimes even beyond most other podcast duos. Their wit and humor is just great, I love their stories, which are always hilarious. The show always presents an interesting take on mmorpgs and games in general. The two of them both feel more like real people, that is to say in the sense that they aren't trying to be over-done professionals like most people try to be. I strongly enjoy the different games they discuss, even the ones I haven't played because I want to hear about them even if I don't have an itnerest in playing them. The discussions on things like Eve and Age of Conan for example have really given me an example what it is like playing these. My only really complaint is the burping, I'm sure they enjoy this, and maybe there is other people, but i just don't, but it can be overlooked easily. Most of all, they really do discuss these games, most podcasts, spend so little time on a topic. These two guys, Ryan and Gary, are epic in their design. BTW: Strongest duet singing in gaming podcasts! (others ones are just singles)
I've been listening to podcasts for years now, and MOG is one of 4 podcasts that I still listen to (I recently pruned some podcasts that I've lost intrest in... used to have 19 subscriptions). This podcast is not for the weak. The gritty, in your face, no holds barred, tell it like it is attitude is what makes this podcast great. Ryan and Gary are doing everything right, so keep up the good work. Can't wait for episode 100!
This was the first podcasts I ever listened to and it still is a show I listen to and savor every time it comes out. I actually make a point to listen to Ryan and Gary only when I have time to really enjoy their show. So many podcasts are good for listening to in the car as "blah blah" background, but these two guys are so funny, intelligent and informative that I always get something out of every show. Oh, and I love it when you talk about things other than games. Your movie or other discussions are cool and make for a good show. Keep up the good work and I can't wait until episode 100!!!! You guys rock. Don't give up the good work! (I've been a listener since the first show.) Holzer
Gary and Ryan put on one hell of a show! They are two smart funny mofos and I can't get enough of their shows. Seriously, they are hilarious AND they know what they are talking about, the only thing better than that is Ryan's crazy rants. Give em a listen, you won't be disapointed
These guys are funny, sometimes not on topic, but who cares? They're just so fun to listen to!
Hopefully episode 100 will be as good as the rest, if Ryan doesn't drown himself in donkey spermm first...
Very funny guys, that cover not only games but all kinds of subjects.
Gary and Ryan put together an awesome show every single time. They have me laughing out loud constantly. As a gamer I can fully appreciate their candid talks about gaming and its culture. I also thoroughly enjoy the pop culture references outside of gaming. These guys bring all their knowledge together to create a show that I always enjoy start to finish. I recommend this podcast to all my friends. Thank you Gary and Ryan!!!
Okay, as far as covering information, this podcast seems to do a decent job. However, there were enough negatives to prompt me to give them this low score. First off, and this may be simply due to the limited sample of 3-5 podcasts I listened to, they only really covered MMO games once, and that was for the release of Age of Conan, which the spent a decent amount of time on. All to often they went on tangents about random topics. I appreciate them relating information about their personal lives, but I didn't subscribe to listen to an audioblog. Second, the extreme amount of profanity in each podcast quickly began to grate on me. Colorful language is one thing, but if you're swearing multiple times in each sentence, it's a bit rediculous. By no means do I think this is a bad podcast, but as a podcast relating to massively online gaming that is enjoyable for me to listen to, it does not slake my thirst.
The most inconsistent, obnoxious, and AMAZING cast out there.
The genius never stops These guys are not VIRGINS Now way no how. They truely understand the mmo WORLD they are not sell outs like some other podcast out there. Keep up the awesome work. =D
Excellent. Great Podcast Great Video game Talk Show!!! *****Go To Gax****** The Gamers Social Network
It is LITERALLY (Pun intended) my favorite Podcast. I look forward to hearing the next one, and when I see that I've gotten a new podcast, I jump for joy. A MUST for any MMO player or just any casual gamer. No BS with these guys.
...together, talkin bout games. its good
I listen to many, many podcasts on videogames as well as other things. This is my favorite, bar none.