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As an Aussie (living in the US) - I enjoyed going home to Australia in the recent episode on the long overlooked aboriginal culture in regards to their accomplishments in the wine world. Lauren brings incredibly interesting guests and topics related to the wine world. 10/5
I thought this podcast was about wine? Not race! We get enough information about race to not hear it here also.
It was inté until the swearing. Totally not needed.
So many great wines out there. Helps focus on the great ones. Example in recent podcast the recommended Holdredge Russian River. This is an outstanding wine for those that can’t afford Kosta Browne but want to drink a great Pinot.
Love the content podcasts. However, I am very frustrated with the lack of written listing of the wines in the podcasts (unless I simply can’t find it). For example, I would like to try the red discusses at the end of the podcast. It is spoken at the end but my guesses at the spelling is completely off & I can’t find it. Also, some of the sound varies drastically. The Austrian wine podcast is the most recent one I listened to that had this issue. The man’s voice was perfect. The women’s voice was so quiet I had to increase the volume drastically & then was blasted away when the man spoke. I couldn’t find a way to contact Wine Enthusiast directly
This podcast came out of nowhere for me. But once I began listening, I have learned a lot. The hosts, the topics, even the theme music engages you like a nice lunch or dinner date with someone extra special. Captivating and definitely subscribed! My only gripe is the new introduction for season three. The previous introduction was far better.
I like the Wine Enthusiast podcasts overall. Well produced and offering a wide variety of subjects.
I am a big fan of Wine Enthusiast magazine. I follow them on Twitter. This podcast is well produced and can be entertaining. However I find it to be very stuffy, and stuck up. If the goal is to get your average person to start drinking wine and appreciate it this is not for them by any means. Talking about renting homes in the south of France is not going to appeal to a guy from Georgia or North Carolina or even California. It has a lot of potential but the pretense needs to go.
Expert beer drinker; novice wine imbiber. A new listener with a handful of episodes under my belt. I am really liking the formatting and I'm excited to learn more about wine.
An unpretentious and fun take on educating people on wine.
Thanks Wine E for coming up with a podcast finally! A fun, informative podcast that entertains, is sleek and well done. Wine coolers?! Ha, had forgotten about those?! Fun to hear people's stories of how they hot into drinking wine to begin with. Nice music transitions, nice energy on the part of those being interviewed. I will be back 😊! Hey, my partner used to work at the Waldorf Astoria and purchased the wines brought in by distributors to The Bull and Bear. The current GM might be a good interview as to how they choose their wines n why? Just a thought 😉 Go you - ! Love to hear some about the differences in Pinot Gris - I cant tell a $6 bottle apart from a $50 bottle, honestly. How do we choose a great one?
I've listened to a ton of food and wine podcasts and so far this one is my absolute favorite. It's thoughtful and engaging without getting too deep into the nitty gritty nerdy deets and putting me to sleep. Cheers!
A huge food enthusiast, I am, admittedly, not interested in the intricacies of wine...which is why I was surprised to be instantly smitten with this podcast! They managed to take a sometimes snobby subject and make it relatable and fun. With good storytelling any subject can be palatable, and that's exactly what's happening here. Listening to their stories, I found myself reminiscing on my own first brushes with alcohol/wine coolers/wine and wanting to jump in on the conversation. I'm glad to see a new take on wine in media, as opposed to the predictable and tired, "I recommend this wine" and "This wine tastes good with fish," which has officially bored me and has me skipping the "wine" section in food magazines. Looking forward to whatever creative content is to come!
My boyfriend works at a vineyard, and was excited when this podcast came out, so I figured I'd give it a try. I really like it! It manages to stay interesting, even though I know very little about wine. Super excited for wine coolers to come back!
A friend passed this along as something I'd enjoy. Its really as much a 'coming of age' and 'discoveries' story as a story about wine. Certainly a different perspective.
The wine world can be kind of off-putting and frankly boring so I was very happy to find the Wine Enthusiast podcast. Some of the editor’s stories reminded me a lot of my early wine misadventures in Sonoma back in the day. Any podcast that makes me want to have a glass of wine is okay with me. Looking forward to hearing more from these guys.
It's trying very hard to introduce the editorial board of the magazine as not snobby. The first 15 minutes is basically an advertorial for the magazine saying "look! We're relatable! We've had a wine cooler before!" There's a lot of potential with such a knowledgeable team, so hopefully they figure out how to make a good podcast with a story and good editing. Right now, they really need an editor and someone who has done at least a little work with audio before. It's amazing how far a little investment in a good producer could go.