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Great show but how come some episodes do not download. Angry video game nerd should have a podcast too.
It sooooooooooooooo awesome 
Well, retro gaming is awesome, and so is this podcast!!! these guys put the fun in funny!! you don't want to miss a single episode of this podcast!! they will keep you laughing for hours!!! if you don't watch these, its your loss!!
I love their show it is soo awesome!
Now this show is AWESOME like the tiltle says but they need to post all their episodes on itunes!!!!!!!!!!!!! These guys even have a new show !! They need to share the AWESOME with all the itunes users of the world!! These guys have made one of the best wait............THE BEST videogame show on the web or even of all time! :)
It's very worth watching! I think these dudes are awesome and nes is totally sweet. They need to put up the rest of the episodes!!!


stupid , dont waste your time
Worst. Podcast. Ever. Childish, stupid, just terrible.
Takes me back to the days of "extreme" video game shows like Video Power and Club Nintendo
Hey I am not so young to not appreciate this I have been with these systems my whole life, This is sooo funny on so many levels! It reminds of my Dad or Mom trying to play the N64, Geez it was like learning a foreign language. I love love and apreciate this show!
this podcast is AWESOME
Definetly a funny series. I would advise anyone who is a fan of retro games(or even games in general) to at least give this a shot.
This show is excellent and I can't get enough, keep the episodes coming...Do the R.O.B.
They have really great stuff and I would simply advise everyone to check them out!
good 4 a retro gamer but im sticken 2 orange lounge radio
I love this podcast. It is about two brothers, Ace and Chet, and their love for video games. However, they play their "new" Nintendo Entertainment System. Watch and laugh as Ace and Chet play their favorite games!
... that it might just be the most hilarious podcast out there. Like someone said before, perfect for retro gamers with a sense of humor. It's surprisingly well produced, with a cool intro and nifty editing. These guys need some shorts on G4 or somewhere else. And as previously stated, it's downright hilarious (in that stupid guilty pleasure of "WOAH! EXTREME!" humor). Keep up the great work!
Dude, this is AWESOME. The humor in this is just so good. And playing the NES as if it were next gen. lol, keep up the great work
As the intro started I couldn't help but raise my eyebrows in concern and wariness. But once the hosts appeared I understood the whole thing. Great work. I loved it and plan to share it with my friends back home (at college). The excitement and humor in this podcast is wonderful. My only problem is that there were only two episodes. How am I supposed to get past the goomba without the wise knowledge of Chet and Ace? But seriously, please make more episodes. [Yes, it's kinda dumb, but that's why it's funny. Some people are just too uptight.]
Their indisputable detachment from reality makes this the funniest game-fanatics podcast on the planet. These guys have a misdirected passion for vintage games, which makes the show an immediate hit with retro gamers. (You can't help but encourage someone to root for neglected classics, such as Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt.) The music and camera work makes me feel like I'm watching MTV... Enormous energy - sometimes the hosts seem exhausted from shouting "Wooo!" after every sentence. The music alone is enough to make you dig up your old Nintendo box. A carefree fun podcast that gets four stars from moi.
Awesome Video Games! Video Games are Awesome! Do do dooo do do! This is great, though if you are photosensitive, please do not view.
luv it
This is halarious! Great for any retro gamer.