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I loved listening to this show. The advice was top notch, the hosts had an easy going style, and they were likable. It would be awesome if one day I opened up iTunes and there was a brand new cast from Big Al and Mike. Not sure how evergreen the content is, since recording technology is always changing, but their advice on recording is timeless.
Great show. Too bad they burned out.
Hey PSN hosts, i thought your podcast was great. You just fell off the radar/map though. Maybe 2009 will be a good year to start up again. I hope so, there's probably alot of fans who would love to see it!
The content is ok, but the presentation is mechanical and stiff - these guys are clearly reading off a script and they are trying to make it sound like they're not, and as a result, they sound like really bad actors. The flow of their speech is robotic and unnatural. I've tried, but I just can't get over it. It's fine to read off a news story, but pre-writing your "impromptu" reactions and reading them back (and sometimes you trip over your own words while you read) while sounding like a B-movie actor is seriously un-professional. Please take some serious lessons from Leo Laporte.
Mike & Al both have experience with project studios and that shows in the quality of the information. They also have the contacts to get great guests. If you are an audio do-it-yourselfer this is a podcast you must hear.


By skootz
This is by FAR the best podcast on the subject. Great reviews, interviews, learning segments. And most importantly, THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT!!! Subscribe...and learn.
I've enjoyed this show since Episode 1. Great source of latest news for product releases and updates, plus great features like mic shootouts, product reviews and more. Great information all around!
Love the show! I find myself constantly hitting refresh on Mondays anticipating the latest edition. :)
Big Al and Mike serve up the crème de la crème with a tasty offering of recording tips, gear reviews, expert advice, celebrity interviews and intriguing trivia. They inform and entertain, and are great company for long trips. Download all the back episodes, you'll find useful info in each. And you'll love the Stupid Button!
This is the best podcast on recording in the project studio. These guys not only talk the talk, but the audio quality of this podcast is by far the best on the net!! I highly recommend this podcast to other Project Studio owners!!
Big Al and Big Honey do a great weekly show that is full of USEFUL tips and information that will help you record better music (and make you smarter about the music business in general). They also review new gear and provide lots of great links to free plug-ins and other great stuff. Not to mention that I've laughed out loud on a number of occasions, and I'm sure this has concerned my neighbors (I'm usually doing yard work when I listen). This podcast is highly recommended.
Listen here for for good laughs and great info.
It's great hearing two seasoned member of the music business talking about today's technology, very dense, but informative podcast.
This is a great show if you're interested in the music and recording business, or just making music at home. I can't wait for my weekly fix!