Reviews For Calm Pills - Soothing Space Ambient and Piano Music for Relaxing, Peaceful Sleep, Reading or Mindful Meditation

If your having sleep troubles I would not hesitate to recommend this to you I often have troubles sleeping and if / when I do I just turn on this and I fall right to sleep. Also if you have anxiety as someone who is anxious a lot this is very relaxing and I cannot recommend it enough
Music puts my mind to ease. I can let it wonder without bringing it back. When I’m listening to other pod casts at night I stay engaged to what their talking about no matter how boring. This way I can turn it down, change the speed to 1/2 and relax!!
This is just what I needed—a calming station like this to turn on when I wake up in the morning.
Just what I need for when the world gets too busy and everything is a mess. The sound effects are very soothing and tranquil. Enjoy your time and relax. 💗
Thank you so much for this calming music in a time of global upheavals. Fascinating how the pulsing of the music affects our brain. Especially fond of Beacon, Lullaby for grownups, etc etc. 5 stars from this senior!
Your pieces are extremely talented, relaxing, thought provoking. Keep up the exquisite work!! Do not doubt your abilities!
There’s a lot of songs I like in this podcast. You have a great assortment of space music. I never get bored.
The recent " Stasis " is a winner ! " 4 Years " is most intriguing ! Love the sound effects in " Slow Drifter " as I can visualize being there . Keep 'em coming , please .
4 Years starts very weird and confusing. I don’t suggest.
Ples I request u too make a much more calmer music then this. I am not happy with how u make this👎🏻
Thank you for putting this together
I am playing episodes often during this quarantine. The music eases me into the day and calms me at night. Thank you. I appreciate your time and talent.
Life’s been a hard thing for me lately but thanks to this I’ve been able to relax and find peace with myself, I can’t thank this enough
Really good awesome great best relaxing music
I like listening this when I go to bed and it claims my done for the next day to go to school. Thanks for the claim day I have at school bc I had a good night sleep.
I use this to sleep or when I’m having a panic attack. I’ll plug in earbuds, grab a mug of tea, maybe light a candle if I can; and just listen with my eyes closed. It never fails to relax me if I’m panicking or if I can’t sleep at night.
I was glad to find this when I was having a bit of anxiety. It really helped keep me calm.


By 50 M&Ms
These sounds helped me be in the present. I was able to let go of my fears and anxieties. I’m excited to see what .other sounds they have for us!