AmerIndian 2192

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I skipped over this book several times before I downloaded it, I regret not hearing it sooner. Amerindian 2192 portrays the Native americans pushed off their land, (now the entire earth); hunted by "white Earth" in the year 2192. Proud, cunning, passionate warriors as guardians of nature, fight to maintain their existance, and all of earth's animals. It's high tech, fast action, and may even tug a lump in your throat with the tragedies of combat.
If you have the best story in the world, a bad voice actor will kill it- EVERY TIME. The voice acting is horrible, uninteresting, and bored. Get feedback before you release your voice to the world. I don't know if this story was good or not, I just couldn't listen to the 'bored lady' any longer. No, everyone is not suited to narrate a story. Hope this gets re-released sometime with better voice acting.
At first I had a hard time staying interested, but the cultural descriptions of the tribes and the cute little plot connections ( not twists) kept me interested. But what happens? Are love and lost ones found? Will home be worth the effort? DoH!
With a title like this I thot for sure this would be worth a shot,but the narration comes across almost dronelike.It's almost like she hates reading the story. With a better reader it may have held my interest, but i couldn't get past the first episode. Very boring.
i am not mouch of a reader and since i have been on the podiobooks site o have listened to a lot of books and yours is one of the best the only problem i had is there is no ending for it your wife i am asuming was grate at reeding it and i felt like i was in the story thank you for a grate exparnce i give 4 stars only for the lack of an ending
Took the first two episodes to get hooked but once I did I was very glad I kept listening. If you have respect and appreciation for Native American culture and enjoy science fiction then you should listen to this podcast. Not all podcasts are created equal, especially if you are a fan of Sigler or Hutchins. I go through a lot of snoozers to find something I like, this is definately worth the time. Thanks for the story Garibay.