Tom Corven

Reviews For Tom Corven

Tom Corven is a great "read." The author/reader's accent adds to the story and it's placement in Scottland. The story is great, and completely unpredictable! I look forward to "reading" more in the "Tom Corven" series!
Paul Story you have done an amazing job with the writing, recording, and editing of this great story. I loved listening to the Scottish accent which made the story even more real for me. I am holding my breath until Dreamwords comes out! Thank you for sharing this excellent work with us!
I kept trying to figure out what is going on!!! I love the voice and accent. The character's struggle became my struggle as he fought to figure out who he was and what he was doing there. The villain was brilliant. One of those stories that as you listen you don't realize you are so hooked until you aren't listening and all you can do it think about it.
Wonderful story from begening to end. Can't wait for Dreamword to come out.
The eerie descriptions and the Scottish accent give you the impression of sitting around a campfire and listening to a ghostly tale. I loved it and I think you will too.
This was an enjoyable listen, in fact I went through all 29 chapters in less than a week. Thank you, Paul Story, for a compelling novel. I'm glad that there is more to come!