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This started as Steven H. Wilson’s Theater troupe that performed audio plays at various conventions. He began doing original work called the Arbiter Chronicles. A demand for the work arose so he began podcasting the performances. Later he stated writing novels set in his world and that led to his own publishing house Firebringer Press. Now Prometheus Radio Theater includes work from other Authors from that publishing house. Arbiter Chronicles is a decent Space Opera and Heroic Park is about a world were all the Super Heroes have retired from heroics. Both are the current offerings from the site. They alternate every other week. It is great listening.
You guys are awesome! I wish i lived near enough to see the live shows! I just spent over a week going through all the podcasts! Now near the beginning it kept me going and i was amazed that listening to such a cast would keep me going. I am sorry to say that near the end i gave up. The final to season two was well disappointing. I can only say the reason for that was it was so short, compared to all that was going on!! I wanted to know so much more, but being new to radio theatre i never gave it a thought of how much more time you guys put into these shows then what we hear! So for what i am able to listen to, i hope you come out with more, even the Super human times! Love the witches! Only bad note that i can interject is the reading stories. Sorry but i love hearing all the cast, and Steve well i'd rather hear the women =) Keep it up and i hope to hear more from you and one day see you all doing the show live!
I feel like I was listening to a totally different podcast. The concept is a great idea of the live theater and what I could listen to I liked...but I listen to audiobooks / podcast 8-10 hours a day on an average of 4 days a week. I find that the broadcasts at the beginning and end of each section of this podcast to be really irritating. When you are trying to exercise or work, etc. and have a 14 minute section that has 7 minutes of actual story line before you have to stop and start the next section of the podacast to be really irritating and a waste of time. I don't mind a short reminder of who's story it is etc. but long commercials are for the fast forward button. I quit listening not because I didn't like the story but because of the time I was wasting trying to get to the "meat" of the podcast! It would also be helpful if people who did the podcast remembered that we usally have headphones on and the music that is so much louder than the story is really hurtful to the ears!
Been listening to the arbiter chronicles since taking liberty and just love it. I just finish Contents Under Pressure and it's just the best i heard and looking forward for more.
I got sucked in by Taken Liberty, and throughly enjoy the Arbiter Chronicles. They put alot of effort into their production, and it does the well written stories justice. Keep up the great work gents and ladies - your work is well appreciated by this long-time science fiction fan.
In the course of a month I have listened to all the stories put on by Prometheus. I am amazed and astounded at the character development and interaction. I am only 32 but to hear the old radio style presentation is great, the voice work is second to none. It reminds me of the old War of the Worlds and Star Wars radio shows. I have listened to this podcast at every opportunity and I have nothing but praise. Being involved in the arts as a music director my time is short with rehearsals and teaching but I made time to listen and follow. I love the Arbiters and the Superhuman Times you have a dedicated fan on the West Coast, are you guys scheduled to come over anytime?
Prometheus is always an exciting listen. It's characters will definitely pull you in, and its storylines always prove interesting. The story Contents Under Pressure is by far the best radio program I have ever listened to. This entire podcast is overall very enjoyable. I can not recomend it enough!
I've been listing to Prometheus Radio Theatre for about as long as I have been listening to podcasts. On the Bajio in Mexico, across the Bay in San Francisco, and today while I clean the house. This group brings passion, humor, pathos, style and not a little commentary on the human condition to their take on science fiction and space. I love it. The quirky characters, the production values, and the cast are all part of a great package. If you can't stick your tongue firmly in your cheek from time to time, if you can't imagine that people won't repeat cultural errors in the future, or if you think every moment in the military should be seen as a high minded professional pursuit - this might not be for you. Otherwise, I highly recommend it!
Steven Wilson (and the others who occasionally write material for this podcast) produces work of consistently professional quality. The characters find that balance between believable and interesting, between human and fantastic, that is the mark of a great speculative fiction author. The actors who play the roles of these characters are also of professional caliber. They may not be making money on their art in this particular case, but there isn't a one of them who doesn't have the skill to do so. The audio quality is perfect. In all of the episodes I've listened to, I've never once heard a hum or creak or buzz that wasn't intended, nor have I ever heard a flub that slipped past the editor. The music and sound effects are subtle when they need to be and blatant when not, and never take over the story. This creates a very absorbing experience. If you're a fan of radio drama, you will enjoy this podcast.
The characters will pull you in, and the engaging stories will keep you listening. I highly recommend this podcast!
Stories are not bad but Steven has clearly never outgrown his juvenile fantasies. He would do better ro focus on plot development.
There was no show for 2 weeks and I suffered from withdrawl