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I thank you so much for your work. I have followed Dr Joe since the secret. The podcasts are so informative. I also enjoy the interviews Dr Joe has done on BTR talk radio. I just heard the Dr on the BTR show "Its all about you" The things Dr Joe says has helped me attract more money in my life.
Thank you Joe for all your stories and your books. I love Ho Oponopono.. Mark
He has some quality material here although some of his interviewers can be a bit flaky. Overall a good podcast site.
Keep up the great work.
Joe Vitale is a snake oil salesman. His books are a joke and his podcast is no funnier.
Whether it is in a movie ( The Secret )...or one of his books ( The Attractor Factor )...or in person....Joe Vitale is a Great man and Teacher. I have learned many things from Joe that has made me much money and help me bring things into my life i couldnt even imagine years ago. Each Podcast is full of information that others have charged a lot of money for...and Joe Gives it to you...for FREE....what a deal!!! I wonder how many other people give so much !