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The Bleeding Edge provides users a great show in which the GearLive Staff shows off cool new gadgets that will come out, or how-to's such as how to replace an iPhone battery the non-apple way :). I can guarentee that whoever loves to learn about new stuff to come out will absolutely admire this show. Also, you don't have to wait like 2 weeks for the show, I usually find that it's updated every 2-3 days which is very conveniet for those who like to watch new episodes all the time. 5 STARS!!!!
I always find your Podcast informative and fun to watch. Thanks guys, now I think i can install more ram into my Mac Book Pro! Now I just have to get that philips head screwdriver, you said it was a number......
Thanks for giving us the inside scoop. Gearlive #1!!!
I think Andru has a interesting way of exposing technology. Looking forward to watching more episodes.
Love the Bleeding Edge shows - esp the powerbeam excerpt. Keep up the great work! (and keep on bringing all the newest technology to us!)
It provides a variety of gadgets every other week I'll say and Andru is pretty darn good at it. You won't be able to keep you're eye of the gadget in view. I recommend you to try it out. I worked for me.
Gear Live presents this podcast in a way that keeps you up to speed with the blazing fast pace of todays jam-packed tech world. The content is always fresh and the filming is superb. Subscribe if you want to be in the know on everything that is going on -- I guarantee you will have fun along the way!
Greatest podcast ever! Keeps me up to date.


By jess1ca
A nice and easy podcast for the people who need some information about technology and gadgets.
Your subscription to this channel will not be one you will regret! The videos/podcasts in here are extremely useful if you think you are even just a little bit interested in technology!
Nice in-depth review of Parallels with Ben Rudolph! I switch between two windows pc's and a MacBook. This makes me want to get Parallels. SmartStep is even better than running a windows application under Citrix on windows. Using Citrix you can have a window app run on your mac but from across a network and they can't access the local drive. With SmartStep a windows app can access the local mac drive!
I love the podcast, especially the high res-version and the attention to detail. It was great to hear about the improved usb support in parallels. keep up the great work!
Liked the show, thought it gave really good information, and it got right down to the point, very good well done!
There is a reason this show won the Vloggie for Best Technology Video Show...
Just stick to watching Digg... though I found the Tivo Ser. 3 live interview to be informative, the rest is just plane boring. This podcast is just stale and is NOT worth your time or Bandwidth.