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I have enjoyed watching for along time. They must really god brewers because I have never seen them brew a beer that they didn’t like;-)
This is proof that serious beer nerds can have fun and enjoy Home and Craft beer without being snobbish.
I've always been a big fan, and continue to refer new home brewers to BBR as a reference. Great hosts, information and production.
Awesome info for beginner and advance brewers alike.
Great info on brewing, from a couple of guys who seem to have a lot of fun doing it. Some creative experiments as well, pushing the boundaries of brewing knowledge.
You guys are such a blast to watch! I've learned so much from both this and the audio podcast. You've got a subscriber in it for the long haul. Thank you so much for putting this podcast out there!!
Basic Brewing is simply the best podcast audio & video that exists. Start listening or watching anywhere in their time line and you will be hooked. There is no filler here, it is great for learning, entertainment and improving your skills from any level. I have been listening for about 3 years now and I have watched and listened to every podcast available and I learn something from each and everyone. Thanks to James and BB crew!
This video series is great! I'm an extract brewer and they don't make me feel like an idiot when they explain all grain brewing and I love the tasting notes. Definitely a must for brewers of all types!
I just started making my own mead and I've been researching sources all over the web. I've watched the older mead videos on here and really want to try the ancho chile pepper mead now. Really glad there is a quality podcast to watch. Great work guys!
Basic brewing across all their media is the most useful source of brewing info. I was unsure of myself when I considered brewing but the concise information and laid back feel of the friendship between the host reassred me and I am now brewing my heart out. Thank Guys.
I am new to the homebrewing experience, and have found Basic Brewing Video (and Basic Brewing Radio, for that matter) to be highly valuable in helping me to become better at crafting tasty beers from home. I listen to other brewing podcasts too, and they’re good, but this is my favorite – the hosts are extremely knowledgeable, likeable, regular guys that you WANT to listen to, and they are not overindulgent or condescending. Their adventurous attitudes towards brewing and brewers, and their good-natured banter with each other, make this podcast a joy to be a part of. Also, James has taken the time out of his busy schedule to assist me with a couple of “newbie” questions I posed to him via email, which in my opinion is going above and beyond the call of duty on his part. Overall, Basic Brewing Radio is a great resource if this is a hobby you’re interested in. Check it out!
great job itunes this show is the greatest.
James Spencer and Jim Wilkes have a good chemistry and put on a very professional product. The do some very interesting small-batch brewing experiiments (with beer and mead) where they look at the effects of different malts, hops, adjuncts and techniques. Jim Wilkes brings in great recipies and food that involves beer in the ingredients or paring. The brewery tours show breweries across the country but the nature of the podcast does not really lend itself into interviews about their techniques. Their coverage of the NHC and GABF are very entertaining. A great video podcast with great information.
What more can I say. The shows are very entertaining and at the same time very informative. They make you want to go out and brew, and head over and eat. Great job guys!
Of all the podcasts out there, this is the only one I have found worth watching every episode. I particularly like the brewery tours. Sometimes I hesitate to watch an episode, but after I hit play I am immediately drawn in and end up watchiing the entire episode. This podcast adds a lot of clarity to the brewing process and experiments in brewing. I am also motivated to brew more using some of the techniques and knowledge from these guys. Once again.. GREAT SHOW!
All the shows are great. The newer shows are pretty big too and almost fill my screen natively.
I have enjoyed every one of the episodes. Thanks for the in depth instruction, opinions, and variety.
Thank you guys..I really enjoy the show....Very instructional and funny...Keep up the great work.. Peace, Joe Karecky
I am ready to get back to brewing. Great podcast. These guys have put together a professional show with great conversation, tips, video, editing. It comes together so well i can taste the beer!!!
I enjoy the "new" video podcasts very much. The show has a cordial and informal hospitality that makes you feel as though you are learning the basics of brewing with an unpretentious neighbor. Pace of the show is a little too slow at times, but that also contributes to the sense that you are visiting someone's home and not the slick environment of a TV studio. I have learned a lot from the show, and appreciate the work that goes into each episode.
I've been brewing for some time, so it's good to see shows like this out there. Have to get the newbies out there interested in brewing. That last episode with the gumbo is something I need to try. Show more food pairings with beers, and I think that'd make it even better. Thanks guys!
James Spencer and crew deliver one of the most professional podcasts out there. Thoroughly enjoyable and informative. Their passion for homebrewing has got me brewing again and I love it.

By ozark
A dead-on mix of instruction, humor and beer. Worthy of your time

I'm a big fan of Basic Brewing, and the Videos are a great compliment to the show. It's nice to see the action firsthand. I hope to see many more of these in the future!


By Dagwood
Informative and fun. It is great being able to see what you're doing while brewing up a batch.
I just finished watching your videocast. Great Job , kept it simple and informitive. Im looking forward to more ! The more people see and understand just how easy it is to make their own ,They will get a better understanding of what real beer should taste like.