Reviews For Popcasting

I stumbled upon Jaime's podcast while looking for music and news from Spain. Instead, I found the most perfect American pop show I've ever heard, as could be conceived, created and narrated only by a smooth-voiced Spanish fellow from across the sea. Good, solid pop songs by singers you've never heard of, ones you've forgotten, and ones you've been listening to since your parents threw on the record when you were five years old and you danced in your underwear. Songs you caught once on the radio, then hummed snippets of in the car on the way to work, forgetting the words but loving the rhythm. Old country tunes for driving on dirt roads, disco for dancing, and sad indie songs (about a girl from your prayer group dying of leukemia, for example) to cry to. Every time I hear a new episode, I imagine that Popcasting is a radio show recorded just for me. But you can listen too, if you want.