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New Hosts. New Format. This is a fresh new podcast with the benefit of years of podcasting experience. What's better than to hearing about Drupal from one of the best Drupal development shops in the business.
I've been enjoying these informative podcasts for a while now, but am extremely saddened to see that hey have all disappeared since your recent(May 2010) site update. Right now iTunes says that you have entries and I want to get those most recent DrupalVoices that I know have been posted.
Well produced and engaging to listen to...
Fabulous podcast for learning drupal tips-n-tricks, hearing where drupal is headed and just generally staying informed about all things drupal. Thanks Lullabots!!!
I've been listening to this bunch for a long time and there have been certain episodes that totally changed my views and methods when using certain aspects of drupal. They also have great article on their sit eo accompany the podcast information. They will do their best to keep you informed about the lastest great things going on in drupal. Since they cover so many areas of drupal, I don't expect every episode to be relevant for me, but as I said, a great podcast with some real gems.
This podcast is one of the better ways to get news about drupal developments for those not involved with core on a day to day basis. But there's an awful lot of advertising of lullabot events to wade through to get to that news. There's also an apparently lack of familiarity with what's going on around the rest of the web -- often new developments in drupal are heralded as revolutionary when they're taken for granted in other development environments, or abuses of HTTP are suggested as positive benefits. Occasionally there'll be a useful technique or an interesting interview, but it's not enough to make it worth wading through the rest.
Jeff and the Team at Lullabot do this podcast completely in their spare time. These guys are some of the only people evangelizing Drupal this adamantly: they really love the platform, they all commit additions and bug fixes to the project, and they do large professional Drupal work all the time, as Lullabot itself is a business. If you are curious about the capabilities of Drupal (especially soon-to-be-released features), essential modules and configurations, best practices, and community news, this podcast is for you. The videocasts so far only cover the most basic of subjects: I hope they do more soon. Don't expect a great deal of professional radio-style commentary. These people are just passionate developers, not radio/tv broadcasters with 30 years of experience. Leo Laporte has really raised the bar on expectations for geek podcasts, and Jeff Robbins and company, while knowledgeable, are no TWiT. A for Effort
This is a great podcast for anyone involved with Drupal. What I really like is the interviews with top Drupal developers about where Drupal is headed. I develop for Drupal part-time so this podcast helps me keep up-to-date with what's going on. There are also introductions to Drupal and Drupal terminology that should be great for beginners, though you'll get the most out of this podcast if you're already familiar with Drupal.