Woodcreek Church

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Love me some Woodcreek Church.


I help in kidcreek at woodcreek church on Sundays, so I sadly cannot attend the services with my family, so these podcasts really help me stay spiritually fed throughout my week. I love them so much!
Even when I've heard them in church, I like to listen again as a review.
Extremely inspiring! This church is blessed with, outstanding pastors who convey the Word
I am very excited to get these podcasts. Altarcast is awesome. This is cutting edge and very helpful. Thanks!!
Yeah RBFC podcast is the best ever!
I found this podcast and I think its one of my favorite christian podcasts. Cool videos too.


By wappleb
I was very inspired by your group teaching, it was very helpful for my growth in Jesus Christ. I wait every week for your new podcast. Great Job!