Reviews For Dr. Phil SUCKS! and much more comedy

This is a waste of time. Do not bother listening and never getting those minutes of your life back. These people sounds drunk or high.
All you need to do is look at is the cover art and you have everything you need to know about this “podcast”
This guy is a tug it is a good podcast
I listened for a minister and a half and I already lost 100 brain cells it’s terrible
My brain cells have left me Just horrible Jeff out
This show hurts my brain cells and it is obvious he had no script
I came to this because I thought it might be as good as Phil My Heart, but it’s NOT! Phil My Heart is way better and funnier.
Listened for less than 10 minutes and I swear I lost brain cells just listening to how stupid this is.
Ya! Fire this guy
Listened to less than one minute to figure out this is stupid!


By sqwire
This is the dumbest thing ever. Obviously someone with a low iq and no social intelligence.




By ck 224
Very stupid
Well it's nice to know just anyone can make a podcast even if your 5 years old
People like the one on this podcast are what is wrong with our society.
I like dr. Philllll
1. immature 2. stupid 3. pointless 4. some bored 8 year old on daddys computer 5. boring 6. sooooo not funny. dude, if you are a comic, I'd never hire you.
This is just some teenage kid with a microphone who mimics people like Dr. Phil and steretypical homosexuals - badly. He rambles on and on doing his impersonations. He has nothing to say and is not funny at all. But I can't be too hard on him because this sounds like something I would have done if I had had a computer and the Internet when I was his age. Like this Grant Quigley kid, I too am an idiot when I have a microphone.
I thought it was pretty sounds like something that my friends and I would do when we are bored!


not funny at all....
I find this show EXTREMELY funny! Of course, I do have an incredibly twisted sense of humor. I recommend this show for anyone who likes Anchorman, Scary Movie, Family Guy, and all those other twisted (in a good way) shows! Nice work grant!