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God answered my prayers by showing me Jon Coursons material. Pastor Jon; Thank you for loving Jesus out loud & teaching me to learn to love Him, too!! Ps. I can only access back to Chapter 6; is there a way to get all chapters from the book of Revelation?
Pastor Jon Courson is a solid Bible teacher. I’ve enjoyed listening to him over the years. He has a great, easy to listen to style.
Been listening to Jon Courson for years now. Slowly making my way through the Bible. This guy is easy to listen to. Praise God for his words shared by Jon!


By t2 star
As Jon notified in one of his teachings, he brings us a spiritual “meat buffet” in each lesson. So grateful for God to provide this teaching through Jon.
I love the teachings! I wish I could somehow get more.. I work and if I could listen to other teachings it would be great..
Your teaching is great thank you for your service and your wisdom to help us understand better the Bible God bless you and your family thank you I love listening to your teaching
Been listening for 20 years. Jon always leads us back to Jesus. Thankful I do not hear legalistic theology.
I have been listening to Pastor Jon Courson since 2012. He has a teaching style that is most entertaining, with helping you to understand the Bible. In my beginnings in learning the Bible I would listen to Pastor Jon and then I would go back and read what he had just taught and I would be able to understand better what I was reading!! I would move to Oregon just to attend Pastor Courson’s Church!!!! Thank you Pastor Jon for the great teachings you provide! 🙌🥰🌹
I love Pastors teaching. So easy to understand and I look forward to each lesson.
I am everlastingly thankful for being led to this ministry! What an amazing teacher of The Word!
I love how Pastor Jon takes hard theological ideas and makes it simple enough for a child to understand. Also, the constant back and forth between the Old and New Testament correlations ties the overall message together so neatly. Highly recommend!


By C-C's
Love the Lord in this man. Always excellent teachings!
Jon’s expository teaching of the Bible is exactly what I had been looking for for years as I wasn’t getting good Bible teaching at my church. I started in Genesis 5 years ago and have been going through the Bible with him ever since. My understanding of the Bible through his teaching is deeper than I ever imagined it could be. If you choose to study the Bible with Jon as your teacher you will not be disappointed!
Jon Courson’s ministry has blessed me for more than 25 years. The richness of his teaches refresh’s my soul. Thank you for sharing you trials and tribulations it has helped me through mine own


This is my FAVORITE podcast EVER! I live in California and every morning I start the day with Jon Courson because his messages are uplifting, informative and most importantly...he speaks the truth! This podcast is a game changer. If you want to live a life more Christ centered, Jon Courson will lead you there.
Speaks the truth of the word of the Lord
Been wanting to listen to you for the longest time! Thankful you finally have a podcast :)
Insightful teachings through the Bible! Pastor Jon is the best. I’ve learned a lot from his teachings. Purchased one of his devotionals, also very good.
I have never heard the Word verse by verse is such simple way. Ever since i began listening to your teachings I’ve learned so much it has boosted my faith and increased my hunger for God’s knowledge. May he continue to use you as you disciple others to continue teaching this way. Thank you!
It’s evident in Jon’s teaching that he loves God and he loves people, and has a passion to share God’s Word with others. I hardly miss a day of teaching. What a blessing!
Pastor Jon makes the Word of God applicable and allows for a deeper understanding of Jesus. I LOVE how he shows me the typology of Jesus in the Old Testament. I’ve listened to Pastor Jon for 25 years and never get tired. Praise You Lord for sending this dedicated servant into ministry!!!
I’ve been listening to Pastor Jon since the late 80s...early 90s...something like that. Searchlight is still my favorite, guiding me through thick and thin, showing me how to be strong in the grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Thank you!
I am grateful for this podcast. I had the amazing privilege to be at Applegate Christian Fellowship on a few occasions. Pastor Jon has genuinely helped me to see and hear God’s word, and my heart has been healed by the grace of God, I am a new creation in Christ, and God is continually helping me to grow and be shaped, challenged, and changed by this collection of sermons. Thank you to Jon and all of the believers (brothers and sisters) at Applegate. Praying that you are blessed, thank you for being such a blessing. Christ in you is the hope of glory!
Fantastic insights from Jon. Will challenge you, encourage you, and fascinate you!
Pastor Jon's teachings are always relevant! His testimony on YouTube titled "5 reasons Christians go through trials" is what led me back to God a few years ago.
One of the best Bible teachers out there. I love the exposition and application from Pastor Jon. Especially like his commentaries of the Old and New Testaments. Thanks
I listen on my way to work, it's very helpful as I read through the Bible chronologically. I keep learning and learning more. I'm ? years (just old) now and soooo excited about my time with Jesus, and taking the pressure off my poor husband. Thank you for sharing your knowledge on Searchlight.


Love your work Jon. Keep it up :)
This is a wonderful way to study the Bible, chapter by chapter, book by book. I love to read the devotional "Jesus Calling" by Sarah Young and then go to the Searchlight podcast to listen to what Jon taught on the passage. Praise the Lord for the work He does through the word. Thanks Jon!


John Courson knows his stuff and is an easy enough listen. I just wish he'd stop with the puns (they're NOT funny or clever) plus his jokes are so un-funny my face hurts from the many facepalms. Despite that, it's tolerable enough to listen to.
I want to thank pastor Jon for listening to God when he called. Thank you Father in heaven for giving us someone who will tell us the truth even when we don't want to hear it sometime. I love listening to Pastor Jon it keeps my thoughts on God where they are suppose to be.
Pastor Jon gives amazing insight into God's Word. It seems so simple & easy to understand, yet he gives views & details of chapters & verses in ways I've never heard before. This, has enabled me to see & understand scripture even more clearly. Thank you Pastor Jon!
This podcast is a dream come through for me. I always wanted to listen to pastor Jon in this kind of format. Jon is an excellent teacher and a true man of faith.
The teaching of Jon Courson is so deep yet easy to understand. God has truly given him a gift in explaining his word to Christians on every level. He is my favorite! Thank you God for showing Jon the details of your word in such a manner than he can explain it to us, so that we might understand all the wonderful mysteries of your word.
The teachings from Rev 2 and 3 have been such a blessing to me! I wouldn't have guessed that they are from '96. Amazing how Gods truth never changes.
I have just found the podcast and download Revelation I have been listening to this series and am just loving the teaching thank you pastor Jon for your faithfulness to the Lord And His Word God Bless
If you're reading this, chances are that you know how wonderful Pastor Jon Courson's messages are. Powerful & potent. Coming soon for the app to play all his SearchLight/Applegate teachings! Look for it in the app store. A great addition to the serious Bible student.
Love this!! I'm so happy he has a podcast. His sermons are available on his website and now I can listen to them on my iPhone :)


By rhisun
One of the few left who reads the same version I do. We must have been raised in the same kind of bible believing church. No itchy ears here. You get the word and best of all with love and not legalism.
Listen now.
Listen if you need the whole teaching of the word of God.
Thanks for all your teachings and keeping Jesus always a part of my life everyday god bless you
Since 1994 , Pastor Jon's teaching have guided me in a very powerful way. Thank you!
Thank you Lord for Pastor Jon and these podcasts. These teachings are a drink of water and a morsel of bread in a dry place. Praying for Pastor Jon, his family and Applegate Fellowship, my brethren that I haven't seen face to face but will someday! Rejoice, The Lord comes quickly!
these are simple down to earth bible based teaching. thank the Lord for use a man like Jon
Amazing practical insight.
Gods Word taught flawlessly.
This is awesome it helps my walk daily by listening and it helps my faith in the Lord Jesus.
When I listen to Jon's teachings i can see a gifted mind communicating and understanding God's word so deeply, I feel his preachings are great practical works of art with his illustrations and stories he uses the bible to inspire and transform others to love God and and embrace his mercy and grace. Ever since i found the podcast i have learned sooo much.