Reviews For Christianity vs. Other Worldviews: Talk Radio Debates


If these guys faced any decent atheist they would get destroyed. All of there arguments for god are that of someone who has grown up with parents who were extremely indoctrinated. They only know one thing...blind faith. The only definition of faith is belief without evidence.
What a dud... I listened to one podcast, and you were antagonistic towards your guest in your line of questioning, and your bias and view are evident in your questions. The show I'm referring to was the pastor turned secular humanist. You kept interrupting him. I'm interested in your guest and the subject, not you bone head. If your playing to your audience, fine. But your audience will remain a niche if you keep badgering your guests that have different points of view than you. The flow of your show was thrown off with your insistence that there HAD to be a world view to start the conversation. You kept insisting he answer this? Why don't you just let him talk and stop interrupting him first place and he might just answer it. Gosh! I'm reluctant to listen to anymore of your show, even if you had some interesting topics... It came off that your f*ing ego gets in the way of your own show.
I do enjoy the Donald's banter but not his religiosity. The show with Matt Furguson is a must listen. Frankly, I'm surprised he chose to air it. Matt is the first guest to throughly spank Don. That said I will keep listening because the debate format is always entertaining albeit convoluted from Don's debate tack.


Don is a little dense. He likes likes to dance around arguments and keep it to his broad claims of worldview. I really don't think he understands the simplicity of the meaning of an atheist and that since he is making one of the many god claims, the burden of proof is on him.
This podcast has potential but has some flaws that prevent it from being great. First of all, the host talks over the guests, often times not allowing them to finish one sentence when he tries to ask them a question, derailing them and getting them to talk about something other than their original idea which was never allowed to be fully fleshed out. Apart from that, in some episodes, the host cuts out the audio and just gives a biased summary of what the guest said. The problem is this often times happens in the most important parts! For example, in the interview with the Mormon, I was listening primarily to hear the Mormon's answer to DNA evidence criticism... instead we hear the host annunce "we discussed that, it was boring, I cut it out." It feels like he's being dishonest and editing the audio to remove what he doesnt want us to hear.
I've been listening to Don & Brandon for a while now. Really enjoyed the dialogues between them and atheists. But I just listened to the last discussion they had with Farhan & I was pretty dismayed, from a Christian perspective, about their understanding of soteriology. There are other serious theological problems he has but I wont get into that. Don believes that those who dont know of the bible or Jesus, or are trying to live as best they can but don't believe in Jesus can still go to heaven(which is work based salvation) even though Jesus says "Unless u believe in me, ye shall likewise perish". If this is true then we should STOP telling others about Jesus cause we are damning them! Never really hear Don use scripture & he evaluates God more philosophically. There r some great arguments he uses against atheism but as far as his theological beliefs on some essentials, they are unfortunately pretty heretical. For this I must say if you are a biblically based orthodox Christian, I do not recommend this show. Faith in Jesus Christ is the ONLY WAY to the Father!
Excellent Podcasts!!!
The fatal flaw I heard here is that the host believes there is some ACTUAL Christianity out there but that atheists and agnostics are always trying to refute Calvinism and in so doing they miss the truth. NOPE, guy. Ther general ideas behind Christianity are what most a/a are refuting. They don't care whether we realize that it's the atonement that lets Jesus replace the first Adam as the second...... Blah. It's issues like why god would create a world where people even wanted to be alone in what this host calls hell, which most people in Christianity would disagree is what he'll is by the way, etc etc
After listening to eight or nine of these interviews I feel I finally understand what the people of Athens were thinking when they decided to put Socrates to death. The constant questioning and rhetorical questions from the host, Don, get grating after while and you have to feel sorry for the guests who submit themselves to this. All the same, I enjoy hearing Don go over roughly the same points episode after episode and comparing them to a variety of opposing viewpoints. The guests often have fairly well considered opinions, though it is a stark contrast to Don's well-prepared positions that he has obviously considered and researched long and hard. As much as I dislike the Socratic interview method, Don is respectful and polite, talking over a guest at times, but generally giving them a fair chance to speak. I doubt there will ever be a guest that completely confounds Don, though the Rober Price interviews are…well, priceless.


This is such an awesome show! The boys, Don and Brandon, Talk about some current issues and apply the truth of Christianity to them. They have great responses and are courteous except when they have to be less than that but are never hateful, impatient or unkind. Subscribe and download this amazing and thought-provoking show. Peace
I am a gnostic atheist. There for I know I don't believe in god I am agnostic when it comes to is there a god because I can't know without significant evidence. The burden of proof rest on you to prove god exist not for me to prove god doesn't.
Let me sum up every episode: "You don't know how the brain works therefore Jesus is real. He is real and he needs money, which you can give to us for now."
This is a great show I've listened to a few episodes and they present strong logical arguments. Comments that say otherwise are obviously not trying to find answers and are not listening. Pay attention and follow the arguments. Don't just stay stuck on the fact that you already don't agree with him before he even starts talking. Great show and recommend it to all!
This guy just makes up stuff about his guests' postitions and gives them little time to defend them. His habit of making statements rather than asking questions reveals his attutude towards finding the 'truth'.
Mr Johnson keeps the main thing the main thing. None if this fussing back and forth about things that have nothing to do with the arguement. Love this show.
This podcast is just plain horrible. Mr. Johnson claims to be seeking the truth, yet comes to the conclusion that ghosts exist, there is certainly a god, resurrection is real! He makes more fallacies than I've ever heard ANYONE make, and coats them in claims that he's seeking the truth, and accusations that his guests have never taken a course in logic. I don't know what kind of logic course Mr. Johnson has taken, but it wasn't the sort of logic that anyone in academia is aware of. Mr. Johnson shouts over his guests, makes claims about other worldviews that are incorrect, but passes them off as fact, thereby making those who hold such worldviews look like fools without being able to refute the claim. He makes the same argument over and over again in exactly the same way until his guest just gives up. He sets up straw men wherever he possibly can, shoots them down, and claims his worldview is the only one standing. This show is just plain crap! Mr. Johnson is not attempting to discover the truth wherever it leads him, as he claims, but is rather a Christian apologist trying to assert his view is true no matter the evidence he must confront. Not only is he a Christian apologist, he's a BAD one at that! Enjoy the podcast, and see for yourself.
I commend Don Johnson for his show. The debates are usually lively and smart. Apart from the not-so-slick subject changes or awkward jokes when Don gets cornered, it is very open and he mostly gives his guests time to respond to his querries. My one big problem is that he seems to get guest that are not of the highest caliber. For instance, if he wants to debate an atheist why not call TOM FLYNN, editor of Free Inquiry magazine? Or perhaps a secular humanist like EDWARD TABASH? Maybe he just doesn't have the guts to take on a real opponent. I would love for him to prove me wrong. I will be listening, Mr. Johnson.
I don't agree with Don's world view, but I love a good solid reasonable and respectful debate on the subject. He shows his guests a lot of respect and challenges them vigerously. Some of them put up a good fight and some of them merely state their opinion, but in all cases they are thought provoking discussions.
while this podcast can be entertaining at times it is has several flaws. mr johnson frequently interupts his "guests" before they can give a complete answer to his questions or turns their mic off when he feels as though the point he wants to make is more important. it also seems as though if a guest makes a point that corners mr johnson he will simply try to switch subjects or completely ignore whatever point was made. mr johnson cites the bible as a "historical" document as if it is a 2000 year old newspaper but dismisses other religious texts as invalid because followers of other religions cannot prove their authenticity. when asked for his own proof of the bible's accuracy he often refers to passages in the bible such as 500 people affirming that jesus was revealed to paul. that is a circular argument at best and self delusional at worst. you cannot use the bible to prove that the bible is true. he also backs this up with "many biblical scholars agree", " serious biblical scholars (how subjective is 'serious'?) "the church has existed for so long" as his basis for christianity being true and and other religions being false. mr johnson is quick to point out when one of his guest uses a complete non sequitur to tie their religious beliefs to some event in today's world but doesn't see how he is guilty of the same thing. the empty tomb is not proof of anything except that it is empty. the empty shoe box is proof that at one time there may have been a pair of shoes in it but since it is now empty who knows if there was anything ever in there from the beginning. all and all it is amazing to see mr johnson and his guests try to convince each other of the validity of their own religion but falling short because neither can let go of their dogma long enough to truly listen to each other.
This is an excellent series were competing world views are respectfully debated. More open, honest and sound discussions like these are needed to help people be informed. Thank you to Don Johnson for this rare and wonderful podcast.
He stands up for the truth.
From Mormons and atheists to agnostics and Scientologists, this program covers a wide spectrum of beliefs where Don constantly tries to get his guests to answer the question: "Why do you believe what you believe?" In that sense, it reminds me of content you might see at The Truth Project website. Compelling subjects and a good way to get informed on a variety of belief systems that counter a Christian worldview.
I like this podcast but would give it a five star if Don would show some manners and respect for his guests and let them finish their sentences!!!!! He butts in,is arrogant,and thinks his way is the only way and if his guests starts to show him up he'll cut them off......sad.
Don needs to study more, he misses answering many questions that any Apologetist worth his weight would know.
This is a great debate show because it's very fair and balanced. Both sides can say what they like while the audience can choose what they agree or disagree with. I wish there were more in studio guests because it's a little hard to hear the call-in guests. Christianity still shines as the most reasonable, ultimately true belief in my opinion.
Mr. Johnson mistakenly assumes that the debate on intelligent design is a scientific dispute. It is not. It is primarily a theological dispute, primarily within christianity. The arguments regarding probability and thermodynamics reflect the typical miss-understandings present not among scientists and mathematicians, but in the general public at large. The "Laws of Thermodynamics" serve the same role in Physics that Euclid's axioms serve in Geometry. Closed Systems in Thermodynamics do not exist! They are merely a framework which underlies the logical foundations of the subject. The energy that propels Life on this Earth largely comes from the Sun, and there is no violation of the laws of Thermodynamics, because there are no "closed" thermodynamic systems in Nature. The arguments of Intelligent Design are philosophical and religious rather than scientific. In the Dover ID legal case, Michael Dehe suggested that the to include ID in science, the definition of science would have to changed to also include astrology in science. The Judge ruled that Intelligent Design is religion and philosophy, and does not belong in public school science classes. I first learned about Evolution in the Catholic School System. I doubt that that Mr. Johnson would do very well if he debated Ken Miller, one of the principal witnesses for the Evolution side in the Dover Trial.