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This is a great podcast, even without the live audiences. Only problem is that the ads are much louder than the podcast itself which is irritating. I generally won’t listen to it if I am planning to be handsfree.
This show used to be so funny and it was such a nice break from the misery of the Trump presidency, but in the past year the jokes have stopped, and we’re only talking about how awful everyone and everything is. No thanks. I get enough of that on the news all day.
I absolutely love this podcast! I love that it gives me a break from my usual news heavy podcasts, and allows me to laugh and forget about the state of world for at least an hour. The hosts are always absolutely hilarious, and I’m so glad they take their podcast seriously while also fully letting loose.
This is one of those rare shows where even if I haven’t watched the movie, I still listen to the episode.
Thank you so much for doing this podcast
Listening to this podcast has helped me understand intersectionality better and also made me laugh out loud. 10/10 recommend if you’re looking to laugh while learning something as well.
I listen to Bechdel Cast episodes the day the drop. Caitlin & Jamie have the best, funniest, and most thoughtful takes on movies I've ever heard. The guests are great. The criticism is on point. Can't get enough of this show!!
The inception episode is one of my favorite podcasts episodes ever.
I love this podcast! It’s fun, funny, refreshing, and draws my attention to things I miss constantly in film and in media. It makes me a more thoughtful person with the added bonus of making me laugh all the time! Currently listening to some of these episodes again!


By katscan
Great podcast, very funny and smart!
Have enjoyed listening to this podcasts and has opened my eyes to understanding the lack of strong characters in a film that doesn’t involve falling in love or being obsessed with falling in love and being “rescued” in the end!
Love this podcast.
I actually replay old episodes sometimes when I’m doing chores around the house!
Fun movie, great cast, engaging dialogue. Would watch again 🌚
I like thinking about movies but try and avoid ~film theory~ because at best it’s stupid and at worst it excuses bad behavior, so the author can continue liking something uncool without needing to think critically about themselves. This podcast doesn’t do that, and besides, it’s funny, the hosts have good chemistry, and they have some of the most diverse pool of guests of any podcast I’ve ever listened to, though honestly I think my favorites are the ones where it’s just the hosts. Anyway this is a good podcast and I recommend it for people who are not really uptight and boring about movies. ✌️✌️✌️✌️
I feel I’m their target demographic and yet this show often misses the mark for me. I love the concept, but often the insights offered fall flat. I crave deeper and more nuanced analysis than the hosts usually deliver and I find their reviews and takes on films to be predictable and smug. Lots of potential here though, and I do appreciate the lens of the bechdel test.
I listen to many movie podcasts and this one is absolutely my favorite. I love the picks and I relate to Caitlyn and Jamie so much, plus I’ve learned about many other great podcasts from the guests they have on. My only note is that sometimes the conversation digresses into what the movie could be, instead of critiquing a film for what it is. Still, highly recommend. ✨
This is one of my favorite podcasts of all time, and I listen to a lot of podcasts. Hilarious hosts Caitlin and Jamie and a guest review popular movies from a feminist perspective. They are both super smart (well, Caitlin does have a master's degree in screenwriting) and I enjoy their discussion even if I haven't seen the movie. And Jamie and I have similarly bizarre taste in men (shout out to Jafar). This is an amazing show and if you're missing it you're missing out!
Had to ding you in the rating the same way you dinged Lupita for an offensive comment outside the movie. Wouldn’t have if you did the same for white actresses. How ironic of you for this movie, and for your supposed new direction...
Caitlin and Jamie are the best and they and the show continue to learn and grow and its amazing
This has fundamentally shaped the way I think about film and tv. The discussion is regularly hilarious too. I’m now convinced that a certain actor must have it in their contracts that they must appear fully clothed whenever they’re in the water.
I love the content and guest of this podcast but there is a very consistent issue with the shows editing that causes a loop in content. I hope this makes sense, the conversation will cut off in a place and pick up earlier in the conversation so you end up hearing the same segment of conversation two maybe three times and then it often jumps again. Also, there’s inconsistency with the volume. Some ads will be really really loud while the shows audio is super soft. Want to give the show 5 stars but these issues are really dragging the exerience
my FAVORITE podcast!! team dry scab till i die
What a great show and awesome insight into films that have shaped our current culture. So many movies I would think pass and do not. Just finished 10TIHAY and would love to hear them cover O(thello) with Julia Stiles, Cider House Rules (first inclination is no pass...) WITH MICHAEL CAINE and Heartbreakers with Jennifer Love Hewitt (I want to believe it will pass, but bot sure).
This show got me thinking about movies and writing in a different way, looking at them through a feminist lense and through a screenwriting lense. For that I’ll always be grateful to them! The hosts are intelligent, funny and they always find something positive about a movie so the show is never a drag to listen to.
Jamie is great! The guests are great! But, my god, Caitlin is such a wet blanket. I wonder if she’s ever actually enjoyed a movie or experienced joy, even momentarily.
This show is informative, thoughtful, challenging, and very funny. The hosts are great at acknowledging their own gaps in knowledge and bringing in relevant people to speak on topics as needed. I should note that some of the discussion can get vulgar and they do not shy away from difficult subjects. For me, this is a positive, but I can see how it would be a negative for others. This show is not suitable for children.
Love women, love feminism, love movies. It’s 5 stars from me
Always entertaining.
If you’re done with JGL I’m done with this podcast. Also it’s sort of a downer.
I really love the hosts who are funny and insightful and have very good chemistry. The podcast itself has revealed itself to be pretty myopic. The vast majority of movies they review are from white, male directors. Movies made before the 1980s essentially don’t exist. Movies made in other countries essentially don’t exist. Women filmmakers and filmmakers of color fair as well on the podcast as they do in the industry itself. There’s only been a minuscule number of queer films discussed. They obsessively cover D-Coms but as far as I can tell have discussed exactly one film from the 1970s, a kind of fertile time for movies, out of 200 . And oddly, though they regularly claim that the Bechdel test is rarely passed, nearly 3/4ths of the movies they’ve done have passed the Bechdel Test which undermines one of the premises of the podcast. I think basically they are two people who don’t like movies that much or at least have very narrow interests in movies who’ve made a movie podcast. So the material they are drawn to—mainstream, white, straight, popcorn movies made from the 1990s onward—is too shallow to remain interesting as the podcast ages. It is a nice case study in biases. They seem to be sensitive, good-hearted people who’ve still made a years and years long podcast that’s reinforced a white patriarchal standard and even that they’ve done just for nostalgic millennials who don’t like movies unless they play on a minimum of six screens at a multiplex.
Always funny, always interesting, always informative, always relevant. Amazing guests, hilarious bits/callbacks/inside jokes. It's, uh, maybe a little much to admit that I have, within the last 8 months, listened to the entire run of this podcast, including the matreon episodes. And it has been an amazing ride. It also may be a little much to admit this but my personal journey towards being a better man, partner, feminist, ally, human (to the extent that I am decent at being any of those things in general) has been substantially aided by the hosts, guests, and content of this podcast. As a fan of film (I hate to mention this but I AM one language credit away from a film degree and have been for over a decade) and a SJW killjoy, this podcast really hits all my interests. Please keep up the amazing work, y'all! And thank you for all the hard work! Hoping those in charge are paying attention and that us film enjoyers keep demanding better. Seriously, thank you.
Love this show, love the hosts, but it repeats segments over and skips a lot. Very buggy. I listen to it on my iPhone, and only have problems with iheart podcasts.🙄


I love the premise for the podcast: analyzing film through a lens of representation. But the execution is pretty sloppy and has a constant feeling of being under-researched. Each episode being interesting really hinges on whether or not the hosts enjoyed the movie. If they did then there is a constructive analysis. If they didn’t then it’s an almost unbearable hour of bad jokes. Hit or miss. Mostly miss.
Ok, this isn’t fair to your podcast because I’ve literally been thinking about writing a review based on one podcast (the Fight Club podcast) and that ain’t exactly right, but... I’ve got to the point where you say David Fincher made a movie about Mark Zuckerberg being cool and I just feel like I must just write the review at this point (once again unfair). You guys are funny as all get out, even jokes about Fight Club that I don’t agree with the point you’re making about Fight Club are funny. I’m sorry that’s pretty much all the positive I have to say, but as I said, I’ve only listened to maybe a third of a single podcast of yours about a movie I like. I just heard your idea about David Fincher and The Social Network and had to say something (probably could’ve tweeted you guys or something instead of leaving a review, but, idk what would get read best). From your idea that The Social Network is a film about how Mark Zuckerberg is cool, I believe I can diagnose the problem with how you read into Fight Club (personal opinion brought to bring you down!!! 😄). It seems, based on one podcast, that you’re reading into what goes on in these movies on a level that doesn’t account for everything going on in the film. It’s possible you’re taking the the legitimate perspective of feminism (idk how else to say that, but ik it must sound demeaning in a way and I don’t mean that) and using that to read into acts that happen and things said without taking into account what, in regard to Fight Club, is some of the subtext. To me, none of what the fight club in Fight Club does should be read as some positive thing going on first and foremost. I think that becomes especially clear when you become aware that the fight club is organized by a disturbed individual (being mentally ill myself, I want to be clear the difference between mentally ill and disturbed). The problem, which can come from the side of reading into the film the way you did in a very different way, is mainly those men that can’t or don’t want to read into the film in the way it should be read and glorify what is going on. I can definitely see the argument that Fight Club should make this more easily recognizable to audiences, but to disregard what the film is saying about the actions taken in it entirely when talking about it doesn’t feel right to me. Also, I can’t help but say it befuddles me that anyone can watch The Social Network and think it holds Mark Zuckerberg in high regard (which at this point in my listen to the podcast is only said by one person). -Unfair review from someone previously a film student.
I really go back and forth on if I want to keep listening to TBC. I love detailed analyses of media through a social lens, but after a few episodes you start to notice that that’s only happening some of the time. When it does happen, this show is often GREAT. But mostly your enjoyment hinges on agreeing with Caitlin and Jamie because their discussion of a movie often relies less on its representation of women and more on if they like the movie they’re talking about; feminism and social justice issues are mostly just used as props to show why they’re right. They make a great point on their episode for The Witch about how confused the metaphor gets by having witches be real, but also mark it down for pretty random reasons with a really base-level reading (and really, “vi-vitch” jokes were tired in 2015, and that movie didn’t even get a wide release until 2016). Conversely, Now and Then (which, I agree, is a classic!) gets points for representation that didn’t even make it past the development stages and is actually contradicted in the finished film. It’s mostly a mixed bag because their discussion of film through a feminist lens is very basic and often shoddy. The hosts can be fun to listen to if you’re willing to just turn your brain off and have fun...the problem is that that’s exactly what they’re telling you not to do with media!
Surprised not to see this one ripped apart
The hosts are the perfect blend of smart commentary and silly jokes. I love that they make serious points without taking themselves too seriously. This podcast always makes me laugh, has introduced me to so many worthwhile movies, and makes me think harder about what media I consume and how. Thanks!
I’m so impressed by Caitlin and Jamie. The concept of using the Bechdel Test to jumpstart a more nuanced conversation is brilliant, and they have a diverse array of guests so it’s not always just a straight white viewpoint. I like their commitment to be more conscious of showcasing filmmakers of color. They really take intersectional feminism to heart and practice what they preach.
I really want to like this podcast. I keep trying. I like Jamie and the guest stars most of the time. Caitlin is always so negative though. I understand that once you train yourself to see the flaws, that’s all you see but come on! They have no nuance to their views. The world is not all black and white, I wish they would have more intelligent discussion about the shades of gray instead of just lambasting everything as wrong. This coming from a queer feminist WOC.
Once upon a time I too got a master’s degree (hate to bring it up) and wrote my thesis about Disney’s ~Frozen~ and although I’m no longer in the field, this pod absolutely satisfies my itch to discuss trivial topics in tireless depth! I look forward to every episode, even about movies I have never seen, and often re-listen as media comfort food in anxious times. Thanks for keeping the content coming, for being eager to learn and improve, and for helping me seem very smart during arguments about movies. Love the pod forever. 💘
In the early days of the covid-19 lockdown, my anxiety shot through the roof and I couldn’t stand listening to my usual daily news podcasts reporting increasingly catastrophic case numbers anymore. TBC gave me the escapist content I needed to help maintain my sanity during those early months. It’s also been interesting to hear their process, and I’m glad that they noticed how white their backlog of movies were and vowed a change. Since Jamie mentioned she reads all the reviews, I want to offer these recommendations: Better Luck Tomorrow, Saving Face, The Last Airbender, Fantasia (lol that would be a fun recap), Searching. Also can we get TV pilot episodes, maybe during pilot season??