Break From the Grind

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Although I met them through fantasy football and their determination for toys for tots I very much enjoyed knowing them more after being a guest on their show here. Very informative and enlightening as well as fun. Great guys to get to know and great podcast to listen to.
Jason and george have a great chemistry in talking about random topics. The 20 questions segments are the best. This is just as titled, break from the grind. Plus they do alot for toys for tots and thats always a winner in my book. @goodwrench12
Geo and The Dr, A great dynamic duo talking about anything from A-Z.You never know what your gonna get with this talented team of mind blowing brains that are put together into one show, with lots of excitement and hype they bring to the table. @wilson27
If you need a good laugh mixed in with a break from your daily/weekly grind, this is definitely the podcast for you. Enjoy the nonsense, enjoy the funny, enjoy your break from your grind!
Good info and stats to help you in fantasy. Nice info some of the bigger podcasts don’t seem to cover all the time. Entertaining too! Keep up the good work fellas
George and Jason always have me cracking up while I’m listening driving down the road. The guests are always very interesting with stories of their lives. This show has its own niche and I recommend downloading and subscribing.
This podcast quickly became one of my favorites and my guilty pleasure. The topics are timeless and worth going back to listen to older episodes. They have some of the most interesting guests. Most of the time you will find yourself laughing through the entire episode. Occasionally they hit on serious topics that will make anyone tear up. While there is a fantasy football theme, they are not a fantasy podcast. They touch on everything from how DIY project requires 5 trips to HomeDepot, to the struggles of addiction, and a long going debate if Die Hard is a Christmas flick or not.
Or 11.5, possibly.. not exactly sure where you guys landed on that.. I was on the live blitz Sunday with you guys and had a blast and just had to get more.. really like what you guys are doing here.. really funny and bringing your wives on was epic.. well done, lookin forward to 100! -DirtyJobs
These guys are hilarious, irreverent, and genuine. Love this podcast! It is weird to me though how @geo sounds like LeBatard and @drmil sounds like Randal from Clerks.
This is a great podcast. Fantasy football talk talk mixed with a ton of laughs.
Funniest podcast I've ever heard. If you want to sit back and laugh, you have to download this. Two notes: you should get on the Fantasy Life app and please, for the love of God, don't Google a Utah Standoff.
It's like the Clock Dodgers podcast, only listenable. A must for all FL app users, and definitely worth a spot in your pod rotation. Also, F*** Y** Cory! Never gets old 👍🏿
This is a great podcast to escape from the normal content I listen to daily. The guys talk about absolute nonsense and that is what makes it great! Jason drives the show and makes it worth listening to as George tries to drag it down. #MakeBTFGGreatAgain 😂🤣
I's not the worse thing out there. I haven't tried those yet but this has to be a few steps up from the bottom. #badatpodcasting #poormansclockdodgers keep up the piss poor work and I'll keep listening. Cheers from @2drinkminimum
Love this show. These guys make me laugh every time. They say a way to a girls heart is through laughter and cooking, well these guys make me laugh, now I need to know if they can cook.
This is by far one of my favorite podcast. Jason is hysterical and George is a superstar. They will talk about anything, from sports, to speak politics, to total nonsense and tomfoolery. You cannot listen to this podcast and not laugh. It is definitely worth taking a break from my grind to listen to.
Jason and George do an amazing job with their podcast. They are funny and not scared to talk about topics other podcasts may shy away from. This podcast only gets 5 stars because I couldn't give them more. Definitely worth taking a Break from my Grind to listen too.
Quality content and quality entertainment. Just the right mix of fantasy football, classic debate, and current events. This pod is truly a break from the daily grind and feels like a conversation that I would have with my friends. Do yourself a favor and subscribe won't be disappointed.
Like the title says this Pod is absolutely perfect for those looking for a "Break from the Grind". The guys are hysterical and you never know what topic is gonna come up next! 100% worth the listen every time a new episode comes out. My review also may or may not have been dependent on the answer the guys gave me to my question regarding me and Geo's matchup in the SHA league...
As the name states, this podcast is an excellent break from the grind! It's not your ordinary cookie cutter brand sports pod or news source. George and Jason bring their own unique blend of humor and witty banter that you can't help but laugh at and enjoy. Give it a listen, I promise you won't regret it ! -Cory
This podcast is fun and the two host do a great job of bringing entertaining yet thought provoking content to the show. A good podcast to add to your list of ear pleasuring sounds. Not to mention these are two A+ quality people so support this awesome show!