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I'm actually friends with both of the hosts and I wasn't sure I'd like this. I have a unique cultural identity in which I'm Latina and American but also resent people pushing me too far into either of those camps, and usually I end up hating media made for latinxs because it creates a monolith that doesn't apply to me. To my delight and surprise this show did the exact opposite for me -- because they have guests from all over who all have pretty nuanced cultural identities, they actually explore that topic (of being bicultural) in a way that is really representative of how different each latinx culture subsection is from the others. Like a mosaic. Some episodes won't resonate with me at all and the guest will say something I find problematic, and then the next week the guest will be like perfect and amazing and so eloquently explaining my experience. In both cases it's really thought provoking and intellectually interesting. Each guest brings a new loaded topic to the table and Stephen and Erica are pretty good at helping them explore those things. They also both have perfect podcast voices and a fun playful dynamic between them, and it's nice to hear and practice my native language in a way that is private and for myself and untainted by people pointing out my accent or my flubs -- I just get to sit back and enjoy my mind being tugged around and naturally grasping how to talk about complex topics in Spanish. Even if you're just looking for audio that interests you in order to practice the language or surround yourself with that familiarity, it's great. Can't wait to see what you guys keep coming up with. Xoxo gis
Love it!!! O mejor dicho me encanta!
Love the premise and energy of this podcast!