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I’ve never left a review for a podcast before but I wanted to for this! I love you guys even if I enter all your fun contests and never win(although one time on the podcast I believe you said my name as a winner but maybe I didn’t it’s all good you guys still have me a bday shout out!) but this podcast makes my day or week. I miss vanderpump rules mostly because I miss having a podcast from Sarah and hollie every week and sadly the lack of content makes the schedule off. You guys always make me laugh and smile and have good insights and have been able to get some extra content like interviews and going to places like the restaurants and even Kentucky! Amazing!
Omg, the coughing every 30 seconds sounded so gross and is unprofessional. Respect your listeners! As a subscriber, I liked this podcast because you often had good, inside info to share. But the coughing — and not taking time to edit it out, or to reschedule your recording — combined with too many episodes where you’re just slagging on the cast like two mean girls, has really changed my desire to listen.
Love & depend on the pod💕thanks for keeping it together ladies! Appreciate all you do!
Too long too boring! I tried so many times and it’s just unbearable. They talk off topic a lot Also the contestant coughing is extremely annoying


By DelFaro
These two putting down a baby’s name! Get a life! Done listening to both of you. Why even have a podcast about Vanderpump Rules!? You both are haters and annoying Trolls.
Was so excited a podcast was out but the constant coughing, sucking, breathing made it impossible to listen too!!!!! Arrrggghh!!!!! Holly get a new co-host!!!!!!!
Best VPR podcast out there. They tell it like it is without insults.


By kgrgs
Is Sarah ok? She was coughing every 5-8 seconds. Hope all is well.
Terrible to record this while you coughed through the ENTIRE EPISODE!!!! So unprofessional!!! Don’t record if you literally can’t speak!!!! I’ve never heard another podcast where the host is recording like this!!!
Holly has an amazing voice for this! I would love to hear more from her. Sarah needs to please stop drinking and podcasting. It’s actually sad.. as someone in recovery, it makes me cringe. It could be a really great podcast, without the overindulging. Sarah Slurring is happening more and more lately! I love the content when I can understand it!! ADDING:: LET HOLLY SPEAK.. too much Sarah taking over, and rambles on about nothing! Ugh.. sorry holly.. I’d love to hear more from you. Sarah , take your own advise about Randall’s voice, and listen to your own !! Step back from the mic please! It’s getting too hard to listen Sarah such a HATER, I’m embarrassed by her comments. Who are you to say what the cast or prior cast “should/shouldn’t do”? Negative Karen!
What is in that woman’s mouth
I love listening to this pod and so very happy that it’s still going and better than ever. Love the recaps of other shows and I LIVE for their hot tea. You ladies give the best commentary and are experts in this arena. I am forever grateful for the work you put in out in the field. Keep it up, I will always listen to every ep.
Yet you choose to live in white areas Is it privilege when 13% of the population commits half the violent crimes in our country? Sincerely a minority you’d use to make a point
When I first started this podcast, I fell in love. Now after listening for a few months I am over it! You can hear Sara’s lips smacking in between each word, she is always coughing, and repeating herself. Not to mention when they do sponsors it’s like a 5 min commercial. Keep it to the basics ladies. And the podcast isn’t edited at all. This didn’t bother me in the beginning and now it drives me crazy- they have long pauses, go off on personal rants about people we don’t know, and it’s just a lot of wasted time.
One lady on this podcast sounds as sour as a spoiled gallon of milk. Who gave this woman a platform??
Girls..please listen to the podcast and your sound/quality. The last pod was so hard to listen to.. the nasal wheezing the entire podcast from one of you was awful..I want to like you girls..but it’s just hard to listen to you.
I’m sorry but Holly needs a better host than Sarah. Sarah is always cutting holly off, always slurring, a broken record, seemingly always drunk, sailor mouthed, and brings up the worst and most boring points. Sarah - 1.5 Holly - 4.7


I cannot handle Sarah’s voice. You guys are pick ok everyone .


They talk so negative about the cast for a podcast named after the show. Sarah talks in circles..
Sarah is drunk AGAIN. She mentioned during the show that she doesn’t listen to their podcast because she doesn’t like the sound of her own voice but she REALLY needs to listen to see how bad she sounds, slurring her words. I feel embarrassed for her. It is really hard to listen too. Holly, you deserve a sober co-host. Someone needs to do an intervention on Sarah and get her help. It is really sad. EDIT: Came back to give a listen again and Sarah is drunk again. Slurring her words, cutting Holly off, rambling, repeating the same thing she just said and saying the f word every minute or so. So bad and unlistenable. :(
5 stars for Holly. Sorry Sara interrupts you. This latest pod, was BAD. Sara sounds like she has MAJOR coke stutter. Thanks holly from saving her. The repeating the entire podcast I have to forward any time she speaks. It's too bad, cuz y'all could really be good.
Sarah needs to stop swearing!
So I really want to like your podcast-and for the most part I do. However, Sarah NEEDS to back up away from the microphone or whatever she’s talking into. I hear her whistle when she talks and you can hear her breathing between words and I can hear the saliva in her mouth! I know this sounds friggin crazy but I can’t listen anymore until this changes. Listen to it back-with an open mind I mean. I don’t hear any of these things from Hollie. Take it or leave it. I’ll check back and see if it’s better. JUST MOVE AWAY FROM DEVICE🤗
Her boyfriend has kids in Australia that he hasn’t seen in over a year. Evolution is working with Stasshi. I’m deleting your podcast.
Don’t wanna miss this one! These girls dig deep and get all the scoop we live and need!
Stop saying Sarah needs to stop drinking and podding . Lol talking I’m cursive is G R E A T LOL
Edited: Don’t believe Sarah when she says she considers constructive criticism/feedback ONLY if it’s DM’d to her- to prove we’re “real” and not a “troll”. Lol. “Listeners/fans” HAVE DM’d her and she immaturely responds passive aggressively, deflects, tries to say we “made her feel bad”, AND THEN, she insults you by stalking your own page and makes fun of your pics. Not a smart business, branding, move because people have the receipts to prove it. People write the review because that’ll stay there for other potential listeners to see. And if she chooses to ignore written reviews where everyone is saying the same thing, Drunk Sarah- then maybe you should open your eyes and lay off the liquor/pills (?)for just 1 hour- every 7 days? Can you?? Guess what? Real people don’t want to listen to an offensive, belligerent, sloppy, slurring drunk, every week. Not just “trolls”. Any extra exposure the podcast gets, leave it to her to deliberately run it to the ground. Her imitations are the absolute worst and cringy.
Probably won’t continue listening. All they do is talk negatively about the cast members of Vanderpump Rules and rudely make fun of them all. Not exactly a fun or enjoyable “Vanderpump Party” lol.


By Ddubs2
I found myself fast forwarding a lot to get to good content that never came. Very annoying to listen to and took half the episode to get to what the episode was supposed to be about.
Big VPR fan listening for the first time expecting fun facts behind the scenes and being excited for all the new babies.. To say Katie and Tom aren’t having kids because they aren’t trying hard enough or because they smoke is terrible too. Also, you’re so sensitive to Stassi’s actions but you dish the same mean energy you claim she has back out. The negativity and judgement you project is worse than what you’re judging the cast members for doing honestly. Let people make mistakes and move on. Just because you are more sensitive to their actions doesn’t mean they deserve the hate. Also, People don’t have to be invited to everything! That doesn’t make someone a bad person because they choose to have their honest close friends and not people who are getting paid to appear friends with them. It’s clear who the favorites are here and who triggers you for your own personal reasons.
These are two people who take a show way too seriously and criticize every single thing the cast members do. They clearly have an unhealthy Obsession with the show and it’s embarrassing to listen to them ramble about every wrong move the Vanderpump cast makes. Very cringy to listen to! They need to get a life in my opinion...
This podcast is very in-depth, and I listen weekly. Wish the ladies didn’t favor some of the cast because it gets old to hear them like anything some of the cast does and hate on other cast members regularly. Despite that, I like the attention to detail and the ladies’ breath of knowledge about the show and cast members.
Holly & Sarah are like hanging out with friends saying the things were all thinking! Love how they keep going off season to. They are honest without being mean or inappropriate. Keep going ladies please!


As a New listeners i must say that i love these ladies. Good show!
Great show! I reallly enjoyed. But I think Sarah should needs to let Hollie talk more. I will be happy. A must listen show.
New listener here, I never write reviews but this podcast deserves one. I’m an east coaster that loves quick witted, sarcasm and these women bring it. After reading previous reviews I was skeptical but now realize they obviously don’t understand humor. Thank you ladies for a refreshing, down to Earth podcast! You’ve gained a forever follower.


By sur3j4n
Helping to negate the bad reviews you don’t deserve because you did nothing wrong to Kristin and Stassi. I value this podcast more now for not being afraid to tell the uncomfortable truth. EDIT: some of these reviews are truly disturbing. Y’all know this is a podcast that you paid nothing for that you can just not listen to if you dislike one of the hosts that much? People really need to grow up and realize they can just turn something they don’t like off, there’s no reason to rip anyone giving you free content apart.


I love their enthusiasm for reality tv. I identify!
Used to love. This podcast has progressively plunged downhill at warp speed since the stalker hosts got a cool welcome after crashing a wedding & making fun of every detail. Then they got their inflated egos hurt. Shocking... Take this as a moment to look inside yourself and see that, if everyone says you’re dead, it’s time to lie down...and keep drinking...
OMG! In bed listening to the Podcast when Sarah breaks into one of her impersonations of Peter’s voice. So spot on as usual but on this episode you continue in character for a couple of minutes using his verbiage! I could not stop laughing. And then Hollie chimes in with some remarks that coincide with the conversation that bring it to an all new level of humor! You ladies are incredible the way you play off of each other! Thanks for all the laughs! 😂😂😂
I really have enjoyed this podcast in the past. I tried so hard to put out of my mind Sara obviously feeling no pain from her liquor store stop. Too bad when she seen the homeless guy she should have gave him the money she was buying the alcohol with. I usually luv to hear her comments but OMG when she is drinking she goes on and on about the same old stuff. I also understand they are very passionate about the latest VPR news with Stassi, Kristin, Faith and others. I am sorry, but maybe because they discuss it over and over again they are coming across like they have never made a mistake or said a wrong thing in their life. I mean come on. Max’s family excepted him after his horrible comments FROM 10 YEARS AGO. His family is biracial for christs sake! Yet you two and Bravo think he committed a major crime!! None of these people are out burning our buildings and shooting innocent people and children like some of these so called (NOT) peaceful protestors. I am all for peaceful and I am all for giving people a second chance. Hell, Stassi cannot even be happy to be pregnant. What will make you girls happy in relation to what has happened with these four??? I can go on and on but from what I have read you won’t read this or care. I gave 5 stars in hopes you girls re-focus because I really have enjoyed this podcast for so long.
I’ve been listening for years and it remains a favorite!
I’m new to this podcast in the last few months. I’ve really enjoyed it and love your take on all thing Vanderpump related.
Well Sarah C’s foul mouthed drunk rant has finally put me over the edge. Holly B get’s continually interrupted to incoherent rants. Holly B is obviously increasingly embarrassed. This is one boring irrelevant podcast. Unsubscribing. This podcast does not even deserve 1 star.
This last episode has become unbearable to listen to . You guys are such haters and the nit picking is embarrassing to listen to. Picking apart Beau for how excited he is? “You can be excited but bring it down a knot” ! who are you to tell someone how excited they can be for a child. If you don’t like it than unfollow him. And unfollow Stassi and you should get rid of your show all together. You obviously have no reason to podcast anymore if you hate everyone. So thanks deleting you guys. Good luck.
I love the content and the gossip these girls have but I could not get through the last episode. It’s really hard to listen when Sara is super drunk and won’t let Hollie talk. I was really looking forward to the latest episode but was disappointed right away because Sara was slurring her speech right from the beginning. It’s hard to enjoy the podcast when you’re worried about Sara’s drinking.
I LOVE this podcast (and you girls!) but I can’t stand the drunk version, couldn’t finish listening to this one! Please rethink podcasting with a buzz as it’s a real turnoff listening to you mumble and stumble over your words and hog the mic. Otherwise I love the content and I don’t want this podcast to end, therefore I’m still giving 5 stars. Hopefully you will listen to the feedback?
Sarah please let Holly finish her thoughts and sentences!!! You are constantly interrupting her and waiting for her to take a two second breath so you can jump in and start talking and derail the point Holly was trying to make. And please stop going off on irrelevant tangents, repeating your points over and over, and please stop drinking and slurring. Holly we need to hear more of!
It is almost unbearable to listen and I so want to continue listening but it’s excruciating to hear the obvious impairment. Do you not even preview the episodes before release? The non drinker HAS to know what is happening. Please, for all of us—STOP DRINKING BEFORE RECORDING!