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I really want to listen to this podcast, but the Jeff Spicoli guy is way too “rad”
Jason does a fantastic covering all things cross country state of the current sport, history, the Olympics, World Cup, introducing athletes and much much more...if you love the sport you need to listen to this pod cast
Jason's interview style is random and usually fails to flow with what the interviewee says. There are many examples where he has botched interviews with some pretty stellar guests, such as the one with Marit Bjorgen where Jason asked the offensive question of whether she's aware of any doping on the Norwegian team. Or the interview with Dr. Stephen Seiler where Jason cuts off Stephen at times and just doesn't seem to grasp the concepts of what Dr. Seiler was saying. For comparison on what a good podcast interview style consists of, listen to the VeloNews Fast Talk podcast interview with Dr. Seiler where the topic was discussed with Seiler over 3 different podcasts. I really want there to be a compelling podcast covering Nordic skiing but this one isn't it.
Jason does an excellent job showing the many nuanced aspects of the Nordic world, and the casual, yet informed style he brings to his interviews really encourages his guests to open up about their lives and their passion for the sport. I look forward to every episode!
Lowell is fascinating to listen to. The interview is best when there is follow-up questions from the interviewer. Sometimes the interviews on this podcast feel slightly disjointed - a little awkward. E.g. they switch to new topics without a smooth transition and the interviews often end abruptly. But I enjoy listening to most of them and hope they continue. Thank you for the efforts...