Reviews For Texchris Davesaw Massacre - A Horror Movie Podcast

You guys are amazing! Thanks for the podcast, helps me through my 8 hours of data entry! Keep it up! (That’s what she said?)
There is a lot of amazing horror movies that I recognized and loved!! This podcast got me into horror movies and know I love them! I really hope I can see these guys in person and talk horror.
I don't even remember how I found this podcast, but I'm thankful that I did. I look forward to each new episode and have even revisited a few. The guys are funny and relatable with pleasing voices. If you want a podcast that feels like the hosts could fit into your circle of friends pretty easily, here it is. Pick an episode with a movie that you recognize and go from there. They won't disappoint you!
I have been following this podcast for a few months so I thought I'd give them a review. I love the concept of the show that they follow the major franchises, older and newer films. It is fun to hear them check out older films that are classics and experience for the first time. Highly enjoyable and recommend to others. They interact with horror fans which is great too.