WOW! As a nurse I love the research based knowledge! I pre ordered the book and can’t wait to receive it , but this episode has me on 🔥 to dive deeper into it !
I look extra forward to waking up when I know a new episode is going to be released! This podcast is priceless. I tell everyone about it. Eds interviewing skills are second to none. Not to mention, the people Ed chooses to interview are original in their thinking. Some days I can’t believe it’s free to listen to this podcast. Thanks Ed for all the light you bring into the world!
Learned no matter what - whatever the location, state of mind, thoughts, or actions undertaking - be grateful. Brian Dawkins set an hourly alarm as a reminder. Will apply this same method to think of one thing to be grateful for each hour while awake daily.
One of many great episodes and messages Ed gives to us! Ed provides so many keys and information to unlock your mind! This podcast and Ed and what he stands for is truly a blessing! -Lucas Tollini
I think this show is amazing. Listening to Ed has changed my life and have me a lot of helpful tips with life! Thanks Andy Friesella for talking about Ed!
Ed so sorry to hear about your father, keep your head up!! your father will have the best seat in the world listening and watching you help others. Just wanted to say thank you since I know you give, give , give and wanted to say I was thinking about you and your father. Keep doing what your doing and never second guess yourself. Thank you!!!
Ed will send you fired up to the office, make you want to go to church, and motivate you to get to the gym. He will send you into the world with the most humble and forgiving perspective, and remind you how little you really know. God is good, and he speaks through genuinely good people like this man.
Best interviewer ever! Genuine amazing human being that cares! Top podcast in the world 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 highly recommend
The Ed Mylett podcast is incredible! The guests he has are so knowledgeable and diverse. I feel like I am always learning something new, and of course, Ed is a powerhouse and huge inspiration!!
Always thought provoking! Love you Ed! Max out!
I have been listening to a variety of podcasts in the self-improvement category for years now and can say without thought this is the most impactful and actionable for me. That’s saying a lot as a 26 year old female with many female-hosted podcasts I listen to as well. Ed can truly connect with anyone. His guest selection is on point and his interviewing makes the content digestible and engaging. His humility is appreciated.
Every guest brings real value, real experience, and real humility. Ed isn’t just a host either. His content is just as good if not better than the guests he has on.
It’s been a year since I was introduced to Ed’s content. Ed provides access into his own success formula and strategies as well as introduces you to his network of thought leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, spiritual insights and more. The personal growth that one can derive from absorbing and acting on the information shared is unparalleled. Making this content open to anyone globally is a remarkable gift.
Found Ed’s show and listened to Emotional Agility- AMAZING guest, enriching concepts and insightful conversation. LOVE IT!!!!
Ed Mylett cares and is genuine. The value he provides is truly here to help and support. Thanks for giving back to all of us so we may Max Out our life! 🙏🏼💕
Ed Mylett is one of my favorite people to listen too! You will always get something very valuable on any interview he does! Recommend highly!
I fell in love with a horse and I listened to this podcast I knew I could do it
That was hands down your best interview amazing. Thank you for sharing.
Wow! The Les Brown episode is phenomenal! It stirred so much emotion in me. He has a way of reaching into you and firing you up! He is another level and a real treasure! So thankful you had him on the podcast. Great stuff Ed. As always, keep at it brother, please!!
Fallon taylor’s interview was phenomenal i love your podcast you ask the perfect questions to help us thank you!
I love the Ed Mylett show. I listen to it every morning on my walk, great insight and inspiration. MAX OUT
I was really enjoying your podcast then you threw a 10 minute add in the middle of a story, why?? Save it for the end. I get it you need to make money but such a bad place to put it.
God brought me right to this particular episode today after months of not listening to podcasts. This absolutely just confirmed exactly where I am and what I’m doing in my next step of life. Undeniably grateful for both you Ed and Jay!!
Ed is a multi-millionaire with connections & relationships to the highest-performing individuals, athletes & intellects in the world. He created this platform to provide us FREE access to that knowledge & insight. Why wouldn’t you listen??! Through this podcast, I’ve been introduced to philosophers like Ryan Holiday and neuroscientists like Dr. Andrew Hubermann. Every episode brings tangible value into my life.
Great Interview.
I have not listened to Ed Mylett before but a friend recommended it and so I listened and it was one of the best 1 hours I have spent in a long time. Thank you Ed for asking great questions and now I know more about Andrew Yang, who I found very articulate and genuine. Can’t wait for the next podcast.
I learn so much about politics, business, leadership, amazing peoples lives. Would love if there were no commercials as I just sit there and skip over anyways. Really disrupts the flow of the conversation. 🖤
This podcast has many insights that are just invaluable. Ed is an incredible interviewer and keeps you fully engaged in every discussion and topic on hand.
This is the most helpful podcast if you want to improve yourself and do more. Be more. It's hard to believe this is free. Me and my husband listen as well as out two teenage children. Ed is very easy to listen to. He is entertaining and you can feel his energy and goodness through these podcasts. Thank you for giving of yourself 🤍
One of the smartest men I’ve listened to, stays true to himself and breaks things down in a way that all individuals could understand in order to improve their lives
Hi Ed, You asked some tough questions and I love it!!! I’m looking forward to the next interview. #Maxout
I love this podcast! I have so much respect for Ed. But the interview with Donald Trump Jr disappointed me. The way he went after Donald Trump and barley highlighted any of the good he has done. Felt like he was hard balling Donald Trump jr the whole time. I hope Ed does the same to Andrew Yang and act skeptical to everything he says as well.
Donald Trump Jr was spot on! Thank you for sharing an unfiltered podcast! ”Our media aren’t journalist anymore They’re activist”
Thank you Ed for interviewing members of both parties!! This election is very polarizing and people are at each other’s throats...honestly it takes guts to say you’ll even consider interviewing both sides. The media is increasingly pushing us against each other and I think this is so important. I’ve always been able to trust your information in the past and I see this as no different. This helps so many people myself included so thank you again 🙏
Protect your purpose!? 🤯 Made me tear up listening to him explain this concept and tapping into what we already have vs chasing what we think we need. Made me realize how much I’ve been doing this. Made me realize where my stress is coming from. I’m doing it to myself. But, the beauty is that I can change it myself too. One of the best podcast episodes I have ever listened to. I just kept running until it ended. If you’re looking for a total mindset makeover, tune in. Too many incredible points to share. Can’t wait to go back and re-listen. Thank you @edmylett + @jayshetty for your wisdom. Week made.
Thank you Ed for bringing in inspiring guests from all over the world! I get motivated and inspired by all these people every time! I love your podcast and it has really made a difference in my life! Great advice and tips and guidance! Would recommend to anyone!
Ed Mylett is the best coach, thank you thank you thank you!!
Today’s episode with Jay Shetty was SO GOOD!
I have been meaning to do a review for this podcast for a while since I discovered it. Ed’s energy is outstanding! You can feel it in every podcast with the variety of guests and even the content he does for growth. I keep saving podcasts to refer back to for different things I may be going through at that moment or just to get some quality stuff going into my head. I just finished Jay Shetty’s interview and it was great. As with every episode, so many actionable things to work on to #MAXOUT your life.
I’ve been listening since the beginning. I just listened to the episode on Diversity that was just Ed. It was SO GOOD!!!! It’s exactly the message that the world needs right now! 👏👏👏
Mind blowing simple but straight advise, thanks Ryan Stewman for mentioning Ed as a good source of advise!
Ed is an amazing person and I listen to his podcast and always share it to others because it’s that impactful.
I’ve only listened to one episode so far and everything he says is inspirational and life changing!
I recommend this podcast to everyone! There’s something valuable in every episode. Thanks Ed Mylett for the incredible show!
Truly Life changing. Thank you Ed for all you do to help improve the world we live in.
Life changing listening! A sneak peak at the habits , characteristics, mindset of successful people! If you are searching you will find it here!
Ed is not only an inspirational person himself but he is a fantastic interviewer. You get exactly what you need to hear out of every single episode between Ed and his guests. I first discovered Ed on The Skinny Confidential Him & Her podcast at the beginning of 2020 and I’ve been a huge fan ever since. (Go listen to those episodes on TSC podcast- they are SO good!) Anywhoo, I find myself after listening to every episode wanting to share it on social media and my sister is constantly getting bombarded by me with new Max Out episodes I want her to listen to- she’s becoming quite the fan herself. Thank you, Ed for doing what you do. You truly have changed my life.