The BroKast Podcast

Reviews For The BroKast Podcast

Stumbled across this show last week and it’s a gem!! Great quality and knowledgeable host! It’s an excellent escape from everything that’s going on in the world!
This is a must listen podcast I have my own podcast King of Wrestling Podcast but I really enjoy these guys. So if you havnt subscribed what are you waiting for.
This is a must subscribe! Must listen to! Must everything! It’s got everything wrestling fans want and more. I don’t know a better duo in podcasting!
If you're looking for a fun, high energy podcast about wrestling, look no further than The BroKast Podcast! Hit download already! - #ODPH
Nostalgia, nostalgia, nostalgia. I love it!
So much fun! These guys are hilarious, have a great back and forth, know their wrestling, and give the audience a great time. Hit that subscribe button after you hit play, because you're going to want to listen to it ALL!!
Love it! Great take on the sport! Definitely worth a listen if you enjoy the world of pro wrestling!
These guys are Siskel and Ebert mixed with Ross and Lawler.
These guys are the best when it comes to wrestling podcasts. Enthusiastic, passionate and wonderful camaraderie that makes each episode fun. Even non-wrestling fans will enjoy this one because of how much fun the hosts are.
I LOVE old school wrestling as it was all I was into when I was growing up. These guys kicked up all my feelings of nostalgia and are charming as hell to boot. Give them a listen, you deserve it!
Hit. The. Subscribe. Button. These guys are hilarious and honestly turned us into wrestling fans! Tune in and ENJOY!
If your a fan of wrestling, give these guys a listen! The hosts really know there stuff! Do yourself a favor and hit the subscribe button!
As a one time serious wrestling fan, these bros bring back the excitement we had in the 90's when my friends and I set up folding tables outside the second floor balcony for sick drops. Thanks guys! sorry to the family that will get ignored a bit.
One of the best segments ever in a podcast: The Wonderful World We Live In. You’ll be cringing and laughing. Sometimes, you won’t even have words to describe the insane stories the Bros find. Just remember it’s all part of the wonderful world we live in.
The hosts really know their stuff. We are new to wrestling but getting to know the lingo and pertinent info from this podcast! Not only is the info smart, the content is fun!
These guys are awesome and love to engage with their audience and get feedback on whats going on with the show!! If you enjoy films, comics which i love or even prowrestling which I dont, but somehow i find myself wanting to know more as they talk about wrasslin!!! all in all great show hit that subscribe button you will not be disappointed!!!
Remember when you were a kid and you woke up early on Saturday to watch cartoons? This podcast is better than: Josie and the Pussycats, The Archies, The Jetsons and Speed Racer combined. Highly recommend.