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These guys are freakin' amazing when it comes to LOST!!! If you are rewatching, reliving or even watching for the first time, this is the companion podcast to listen to because with LOST...it's pretty much a given that you WILL have ideas, questions, theories and straight up head scratching that the guys can help you through! They ROCK!
I could not be more excited that Jay and Jack are back for another round of The LOST Podcast! These guys are great. This podcast is the reason that I listen to podcasts today. The original podcast was an integral part of my LOST experience and I cannot wait to dive in with them again. My only regret is that I'm already a few weeks behind.
The dynamic between Jay and Jack is fun, engaging, even silly sometimes. But, they pay attention to detail, explore Lost in a thougtful manner, and provide unique content that in a way that not many Lost Podcasts do. Touche, gentlemen.
These guys were one of my favorite parts about my lost fandom, and now that Lindelof has a new show in The Leftovers, I am so pumped that they are back to hopefully do a weekly podcast about the show like they did for Lost. Honestly, I like that the first Leftovers pod seemed structurally the same as the old Lost podcasts, please keep it this way. The Lost podcast was podcast gold and I think The Leftovers will be gold for you again.
Not good enough to monetize and Jack needs to learn the difference between an analogue and alliteration
Jay and Jack are the best! I love hearing them (and even Dale) talk for hours and hours. Keep up the great work.
Love these guys
When are we getting the rest of season six?? Thanks
After enjoying J&J for years, I am giving up on their re-watch. Four episodes in a week is ridiculous.
Loving the rewatch! Thanks for keeping symptoms of LOST withdrawal at bay....
I love Jay and Jack. They are so entertaining and I'm loving the re-watch. Loved the interviews with J. Garcia and Lindelof. Great stuff!!!!
I recently wrote a negative review of this podcast, and itunes decided not to post it. It contained no obscenities. It only contained very pc critical review. apparently itunes was too threatened by this negative feedback. Way to go Itunes! It's incredible that you Fun Holes are able to maintain such an "objective" review system. How do you keep out the negative reviews?
Thanks for taking my call! Love the show!!
Every week I cant wait to here what you both have to say. Thanks for all the hard work. Keep up the great podcasting. I LOVE THIS PODCAST. What's up all of a sudden can't download the last rewatch epi are you guys working on it hope so. Thanks
I'm sure you know but still having problems downloading.
Unable to load on my iPhone all of a sudden
Most recent ep won't download
I found this podcast at the beginning of season 6. I hate that I watched 5 seasons and didn't follow. Jay and Jack perfectly complete lost, they add the perfect mix of humor and intrigue. The calls and emails are intelligent, and add insight to the mysteries of the show. The rewatch is going to be awesome, I can't wait.
I'm mad at myself for not listening earlier. Didn't start until middle of season 6. At least I have the rewatch to look forward to with you guys. Thanks for the great podcast!
These two somehow made watching lost some what enjoyable there sarcasm about how great the finale was is spectacular
This is the BEST lost podcast on the net Can't wait for complete blu ray set
I regret waiting so long to listen to this show! I've loved Lost from the outset, so this is a perfect outlet for speculation on one of the great shows of all time! I hope the show continues and they consider bringing on an expert in philosophy to speak about the variety of classical thoughts offered in the show. Locke? Bentham? Such fun to think about!
These guys were great while the Lost series was on but now it is very painful. Sorry guys, you had a great run but it is over. Accept it and move on, it is like sports hall of fame player that doesn't know when to retire. I unsubscribed today from the podcast.
I've listened to this podcast since the latter half of Lost's season 2, and I have to say, it's one of my favorite podcasts ever! The banter between Jay and Jack is priceless, and their discussions are wonderful. It's nice to hear the perspective of two people who are fans of the show, who truly enjoy it. They're totally awesome for keeping it up for 5 years now, and they're still going strong, despite the ending of the show. This podcast has become a staple in my week, and I truly believe there is nothing like it out there. I can't wait to go through the rewatch with the guys, and to see what other wonderful things will come from them in the future!
Lost is just a tv show...agreed it's intense, dramatic, and thought provoking. With that said, I love the fact that jay and Jack aren't too serious... I love their chemistry Great podcast. I love you guys.
I've enjoyed listening to Jay and Jack for several seasons now. They are both very funny and entertaining. I look forward to the rewatch podcasts.
Jay and Jack never dissappoint. From their theories to comedy to music and even debates. LOST wouldn't have been the same without this podcast. These guys have a serious future in broadcasting. Can't wait for the rewatch!


By crono3
Thanks for the ride these past few years... LOST weeks were never complete without your podcast! I'll keep listening too as I'm planning to rewatch the series myself 
Great Podcast for a great TV show. i have listened to these guys for the last two years and they have helped us fans try to figure out what was happening each week on Lost. Although there will never be a TV show quite like this one, I will continue to listen to you guys. Let's hope FlashForward is saved from the scrap heat, since I enjoy that Podcast as well. EXCELLENT! Thanks, JC
So sad to see Lost end.


By susan99
Jay and Jack are fabulous. For years the LOST experience was watching the Lost episode and afterwards listening to the podcast of Jay and Jack. What a delight. So sorry that Lost has come to (a VERY emotional) end - but look forward to listen to Jay and Jack in the future. Thanks to you two for all the hard work - longtime listener - first time reviewer :-)
LOST by far was the best show on tv the past 6 years. Jay & Jack only made the LOST experience better with their wit and personality during the podcast!!
Jay and Jack are by far the most prepared and humorous LOST podcasters around! My LOST experience has been enhanced so much by having them around twice a week! I am very sad this chapter of LOST has come to an end but I look forward to the LOST rewatch with Jay and Jack! Hands down this is the best LOST podcast!
Jay and Jack are funny, insightful and very entertaining! I would feel like I had been missing out on a part of Lost if I had not been listening to this podcast in parallel the whole time!
These two actually have something that so many other podcasts lack: personality. Lost was a community because of podcasters like this. Jay and Jack, quit V and flashforward. Going through Lost again would be 100 times better with you guys than to try and rehash those lame shows.
Funny, entertaining and enlightening. A great complement to the show.
Man, the best LOST podcast on iTunes! I also love The Transmission, but I love the humor, the theories, the songs, the personality, EVERYTHING. I wait patiently each week to download the new episodes, 2 a week ain't bad. Keep it up, couldn't watch the show without you.
Jay and Jack, my heartfelt thanks for all your time and effort you had put into creating this show and keeping it going for so long, ending it with the highest quality entertainment podcast I've ever encountered. You have made so many people happy for so long for free, and raised so much for charity, that you deserve all the best in your current and sideways futures. :) Thanks again for the ride - LOST wouldn't have been the same without you. Namaste, brothers.
Even though were at the end here I just wanted to give Jay and Jack the much due props they deserve. Thanks Guys
Thanks for being there for all of us and for laughing at my Club Foot joke!
Jay & Jack have such a great show. They have so much fun and so does their audience. Every Lost fan should be listening to Jay & Jack!
If you are a casual LOST fan, then you should be happy with Jay & Jack. After all, there's nothing to get offended about, there's no real in depth disscussion if you don't want to get geeky, and the humor is simple enough to appeal to your lowest common denominator. To put it simply, this podcast is a corporate bore. There are far greater LOST-related podcasts out there, so go listen to them.
This father/son team puts on the best podcast on iTunes. Always knowledgeable fun and entertaining. I will miss their lost podcast when it's all over!
I started to listen to LOST podcasts in this past year, I've heard most of them and listen to about 5 on a weekly basis. Needless to say, Jay and Jack in my opinion are the Kings!!! They are funny, keep you entertained, and do not take themselves or the show too seriously. They do a good job in rcapping, reviewing, threorizing, and providing listener feedback. I do look forward to both podcasts each week and it helps me get through the week. Best parts, Jack crackpot theories and Jay's songs. Can't get them out of my head!!!! And the fact they are father and son!!!!
Great podcast!
Funny when Jack made fun of the donkey review that said that they "force" laugh all of the time. Ha, great podcast. If you don't like this podcast you are out of touch with reality... or fat.
Jay and Jack are devoted and thoughtful fans of ABC's LOST. Each week they create a funny, insightful, and entertaining discussion on the show.