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If you can't make it on sunday the next best thing.................
It's great to be able to podcast Dr. Munro's sermons! I can listen to them whenever I need to be inspired, motivated, or reminded of God's Grace.
I say, pastor Munro should come back and visit Calvary in Kalamazoo sometime very soon. :]
I recently relocated to Charlotte, NC from Pittsburgh, PA and started comming to Calvary Church before Pastor Munro became Senior Pastor. Since Pastor Munro has taken over it has gone from a good church to a great church, he is a wonderfull teacher and leader. I am looking foward to seeing the full potential of this church. If you are looking a bible teaching church that preaches and teaches the word of Jesus Christ this is it! This church is full of great people, great leaders, great music, and is growing week by week come visit us!


By jsnead
Pastor Munro used to be Pastor at our church in Michigan. I am so excited that I still get to hear his sermons through the internet. Your messages are always wonderful! Keep them coming :)