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Dr. Greger, host of the Nutrition Facts podcast, highlights all aspects of health, wellness and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
These are awesome! Unbiased, evidence-based information. Saves me lots of time trying to read and understand all those studies. I made several changes based on this podcast and bought the book which is also really good.
Dr. Greger was inspired to start his non-profit “” because his grandmother was saved with evidence-based nutrition. He DOES NOT ACCEPT corporate donations so he can maintain integrity. His mission is to review nutrition research and provide a summary to the public. Most doctors only get a few hours of ‘nutrition education’ in medical school and it’s NOT focused on the last 50+ years of research showing that plants are literally as powerful as pills. There is a huge disconnect between the ‘research world’ and the ‘physician education world’ – Dr Greger is helping to close that gap in my opinion. Love this podcast. Easy snippets to digest.
I have never left a comment on a podcast before. Amazing. Seriously. This podcast is such a gem. Thanks for the easily accessible resource.
These episodes are great. Can you do one on collagen peptides?
While I wasn’t able to go completely plant based right away, these episode inspire me to eat a lot more vegetables and fruits, think a lot more about fiber, and without feeling deprived, started losing weight and feeling better...


By Kii b
Amazing tidbits of food based info for Health Thank you
Very useful information. The recording volume seems very low compared to other podcasts. I have to crank up my iPad’s volume and even then I can barely hear some episodes. Not sure what’s going on there but the info is worth the effort.
I so appreciate Dr Greger's research and information. I feel duped by the dairy industry, sugar and meat industry. Our kids are paying the price with poor health at an earlier age.
Very knowledgeable information! I love how Dr. Greger keeps it real! I also love his sarcasm at times!! Love this podcast!
I love that Dr. Greger makes all his knowledge so reachable!! I love how much he knows and the fact that he shares everything in a way that is so easy to understand! I’m loving the podcast!
Thanks for making this podcast.
Can you do one on poly cystic ovarian syndrome?


By 2369jeg
Thankful for this research based and practical information to educate myself on plant based nutrition. Recently diagnosed with cancer and Lynch Syndrome, I’m sifting through the mass of information that exists about the connection between diet and cancer, especially colorectal and gastro. I have made Dr Greger’s book my foundation for the next season of managing my wellness. The information is presented in a manageable and sensible academic fashion, without the pseudo science hype that many sources I have read seem to base their message upon.
Looking for a lifestyle backed by a large body of research which is growing every day? You’ve found it! Dr. Greger cleverly and carefully disseminates the latest in nutrition research in this fantastic podcast. At an average length of 20 minutes, you can listen on your way to work, when you do chores, during exercise, or whatever you do throughout the day. Dr. Greger and his many videos, articles, and podcasts (as well as his book and cookbook) give you new reasons (and ways!) to try the plant-based lifestyle. Eat plants clean, don’t be mean, love beans and eat more greens. ¡Salud!
Dr G is the best, he makes being healthy and eating right so easy and he is funny too!
This podcast should be required listening for everyone. So much great information for your health in a podcast. Only one flaw. The audio volume is lower than I would like by default. NYC subway noise means you will need noise canceling or noise blocking headphones to listen to this underground.
I am so excited to see Dr. Gregor and Nutrition Facts podcast. Dr. Gregor is my medical hero. I love his honest, easy to follow and practical breakdowns on these studies. I was diagnosed with diabetes and thought I was doomed to experience what other family members had. But when I found Dr. Gregor and plant-based diet, I found hope. Thank you Dr. Gregor!❤️
One word elite, Dr. Greger is very convincing and informative.
Such helpful info. All free. Who else does the research for us and then gives it away. Love Dr Greger and his podcasts. Share them with family and friends all the time.
Dr. Greger is saving lives, including myself and my Boomer folks!!!
Love this podcast, it’s definitely my favorite nutrition/health podcast. It is so thorough in its explanations and background research on every fact it gives! Just researching diet info online is so confusing and so much contradicting info; he makes everything so simple and clear. I just ordered “how not to die” and the coinciding cookbook, I can’t wait to read them!
I love that the podcast addresses important and misleading area of nutrition. He uses multiple studies and does a great job of making sure the studies aren’t misleading! Recommend to any one trying to eat better or live better. All health care providers should listen to this podcast is they are trying to advice their patient’s on improving their health with “lifestyles modifications”.
We have learned so much from Dr Greger over the years. He delivers truth, and fact in an easy to understand and slightly humorous way. We love you and appreciate you delivering us the real truth.
Wonderful and informative scientific research about whole food plant based vegan lifestyle.
This Podcast is a an absolute gem! I listen to it constantly because I am always able to learn and grow from it. I get something new and different every time that has practical immediate application. Not only do I deeply appreciate the motivation I get to stick what I know is the healthiest foods, but one top of that I get to learn more about studies, and how to think and understand the science. I just want to say THANK YOU Dr. Greger for your work. This podcast is indispensable to me and has been from its beginning.
Great podcast.
I am a subscriber and really appreciate the excellent information but find getting an answer to my question “is it safe to use vitamin k-mk7 when I have stents “ impossible, information is a 5 but when I put it to the test I can’t find an answer.
I love this podcast. I’ve been fallowing the videos on YouTube but I like this way more. Thank you so much Dr. Gregor for all the good work and the help you provide us.
Dr. Greger just plain makes sense. Thank you for letting us know how to eat right, Dr. Greger! You are so knowledgeable and helpful!
Grateful for these small sound bites (pun?) of life-changing nutrition information. Dr. G is a helpful guide on the road to better and more informed health! Always sharing new episodes with friends and family!
This is the best information out there using science based evidence. Dr Greger presents the actual studies and research backing up everything he talks about. And he’s pretty entertaining while he’s doing it too! Questions about nutrition and what’s best for your health? It’s here - nutrition facts.
With all the fake news out there thank you for citing all of your research. You are AMAZING!!!, and you app is wonderful. Stay silly you are so fun to watch and listen to.
Love Dr Greger, his topics and videos on YouTube. The only constructive criticism would be to say that the way he speaks makes me a little mental. I wish he could speak normally, like a doctor would.... but oh well... that’s his persona I guess. Lol. Keep up the good work!
His information is so inspirational. He provides sources so you can see where he gets his information. If you are curious, you need to check it out.
My #1 source for up-to-date, evidence-based nutrition information! I have learned so much from this podcast - its informative and entertaining! But don't stop there! Dr. Gregers book, How Not To Die, is an amazing resource too which goes in-depth about the best diet for overall health and longevity. Listen to learn some amazing tips and strategies that will help you feel amazing!
Awesome information!
This is an excellent podcast he’s is also great in documentaries as well
The doctor always drops knowledge!! And the he has the best jokes!! 💯💯😂😂
I absolutely love Dr.Greger’s work! I am currently a whole food, plant based vegan for 10 days now and thanks to his advice am now feeling better than I’ve felt in years. I highly recommend this podcast and his YouTube channel for all who need advice in health and nutrition.
Dr Greger’s book How Not To Die is life changing. So much incredible information that’s so important for everyday life as well as preventative disease knowledge. So excited he’s now doing this podcast too.
Great info and now information I can trust to live the life I want!
... for humans!
The number one, absolutely best thing about Dr. Greger, his podcasts, presentations & book (I listened to the audiobook over & over is...drum roll....his delivery! He has an eclectic, fun, lilting voice that never gets boring. When you hear his voice, the content of the information just STICKS with you. AMAZING!!!
Dr. Greger quickly delivers the facts with integrity. That's what I want.
I enjoy the true science that is not misguided by special interest or ulterior motives. And its delivered in an unusually entertaining and spunky manner by Dr. Gregor- Thank you!!!!
I already know his podcast is going to be amazing.