Internet Marketing Unleashed

Reviews For Internet Marketing Unleashed

Thanks for sharing your knowledge! I really enjoyed this podcast.
Scott Paton is an extraordinary host. He asked me on his podcast and then proceeded to ask insightful questions that really got me to reveal my exact strategies for making money on my podcast and in my digital publishishing business. If you want to grow your business this is a definite "subscribe"
I think your podcasts are awesome. Can you do one on Pay Per Call Marketing?
This Podcast is horrible to listen to. There might be some okay info about internet marketing in it but due to the horrible sound quality I just can't get myself to listen to it. Seriously for someone that wants to call himself an "expert" on podcasting, you shouldn't be using a microphone that you got from Toys'R'Us. It just sounds horrible. I think if you want to keep doing podcasts and you think you have good information that people will want, at least invest a little money in a good quality mic so it sounds good. As your Podcasts are now the sound quality is so bad that I won't listen to it.
Having met both Scott & Derek personally, I can tell you that the know their stuff. Educationa and entertaining!