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Please do something about your audio. During Some of your great interviews, the audio has been awful.
Been listening to this one for over a decade. Lets you see what people are researching before a press release has gone out.
I just finished listening to the December 2018 Pantomime, and it was, to use a good British term (I'm Texan), brilliant. Just goes to show PHD candidates and post-docs have way too much time on their hands. I didn't recognize all the voices, but with the size of the cast, you must have called in most of the jodcasters from the last five years, and a few under-grounds to boot. I'm very familiar with the original story, and am very impressed with how y'all jod-ized it so well. I've listened to every episode for going on ten years, and the Jodcast is without a doubt one of the best astronomy podcasts I've found. I struggle with the accents sometimes (you know us Americans), but the content is almost always very interesting. Keep up the great work.
Juvenile unfunny joking spoils what could be a really good source of information.
I love that it's no dumbed-down content for the masses. The nerdier the better!
Best podcast for staying up to date on the latest space news. Cast has a good variety of different expertise in astronomy and most don't take themselves too seriously. Great guests too! Thanks for putting out such an informative entertaining show, it's much appreciated!!
Love this fun and interesting podcast
It's been about eight years since I last reviewed the Jodcast. I haven't missed a single episode in that time. Here you will learn about the wonders of astronomy and astrophysics from folks working in the field. They'll bring you the latest astronomy news, in depth interviews with leading researchers, great explanations of audience questions (ask an astronomer). All along the way they do their best to help new comers get up to speed while delivering first class science in a fun and lively manner. Very high production quality without being over produced. You'll want to go to graduate school in astronomy with these folks. The best astronomy podcast available, and one of the best science podcasts out there.
Please stick to the science. Thr gabfests and political gbriping do nothing for me.
surprisingly strong mix of high production values and evidence based science
I really love this podcast but to be critical, it can make you feel very stupid.There is a lot of brain power packed into this program. It is a great show so please check it out.
I always wait for this podcast and the N.S. Astronomy podcast. I fill the time between shows with the 365 days of astronomy. I also listen to planetary radio while waiting for this one.
Every month I am enriched by this amazing team. They put together an inspirational, informative show that strikes a wonderful balance between the science of astronomy and the joy of observing the night sky. The commentaries on observing are top notch! Keep up the great work!
Grrrrr to iTunes for not spotlighting this excellent astronomy podcast in its science and technology section! Many more people should have the opportunity to enjoy this show. It's fascinating, easy to listen to and I hoard episodes because nothing makes me sadder than when I have no new Jodcasts to listen to. Please keep up the amazing work!
These folks do a nice job. Half hour for each part of the globe, northern, Southern Hemisphere. A nice description of special events. They use astronomer terminology, then explain it well in common sense terms.
Firstly it is in English, this is a great podcast on the monthly events in the night sky and then some. You certainly will not be disappointed. Rachel
I use to listen to this podcast, and I always thought it was a great podcast until it was no longer made available in English. Unfortunately it is available only in Spanish. To sum it up, for all you english speakers, I would NOT recommend downloading this podcast unless you are lucky enough to be fluent in Spanish. Apparently English speakers are no longer considered important enough to make this podcast available in English any longer. Such a shame because it was a great podcast.
I've listened to most of them since my job is Astronomy education and I have to say the Jodcast is the most informative, most in-depth and richest of them all. If you want really deep and exciting information on up to date research in astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology with a wonderful wit and humanity, the Jodcast is a must listen. Thanks to all the Jodcasters for an indispensible resource... Jod on, indeed!
Very informative, more on current events in astronomy. The guide to the night sky segment every month helps a lot. Lots of interview and very entertaining.


This is the main course of astronomy podcasts. Astronomy Cast is a satisfying appetizer, Star Stuff and the Slacker guys are great side dishes, and for dessert, 365 Days is delicious (if you still have room). The Jodcast is premium astronomy goodness. I almost failed out of school listening to every show they've put out, all in the last 3 months (was a delivery driver paying my way through school, so lots of time to listen). It was worth it! JOD ON!!! Sincerely, Donny in Texas ADDENDUM: The April 1 2010 ( or1990) issue of this show was pure, undeniable genius. They should all win Oscers or Emmys or Nobels. Brilliant!
This podcast is perfect! The astronamy news, the interveiws, and, my favorite, the night sky are all very informative and jam packed with interesting facts on physics, outer space, both close and far! Listening to the vareity of accents makes me pine for the good old days in Staplefeild, West Sussex. Never dull and always entertaining and informative! Keep up the great podcast!
I love the interviews the most. Insight into the beginnings of radio astronomy and Jodrell Bank are great. A very enjoyable series. Thanks.
The best astronomy podcast out there. These guys are a lot of fun to listen to. They obviously enjoy what they are doing.
I've been listening to The Jodcast and most other astronomy podcasts for some time now. The Jodcast is the most informative, interesting, cutting edge and entertaining of them all -- by far. The folks who put the show together are experts and professionals with a good sense of humor. They routinely interview theorists and researchers focused on fascinating and groundbreaking areas of astronomy. You won't find a lot of speculation, conjecture and opinion here. You will find the latest in news, experimental results and theory from across the astronomical spectrum, delivered in an accessible and cheerful manner. There's nothing else like it.
It's a very good show, with excelent 'guest' interviews.
Seriously, Thank You from a listener from San Francisco !!! Been listening for a long time, and after I found you cats I had to download all the past episodes and listen to them as well. Extremely informative, chatty, upbeat and intelligent, with lovely long fascinating interviews by Real Astronomers with Real Astronomers. Never over-produced, always terriffic. Did I mention long interviews? I love it that this is one podcast that one can be assured of conversations that always stimulate and satisfy, and always have the wonderful feature that, just when they are starting to get really interesting, you get more! All this and Megan Argo's wonderful voice every week with the news, and Nick, Stuart and Dave at their brightest and chattiest. Makes for great company at nights with my telescope. Thank you and please never, never, ever change the intro/outro music!
I recently downloaded all available Jodcasts and have now listened to most of them. I found their length, technical content, and program style combine well in this excellent astronomy podcast, well ahead of all other astronomy podcasts I've listened to. The interviews of professional astronomers and astrophysicists are especially enjoyable, revealing much about the nature of scientific research at the front lines and many unique aspects of research in astronomy and astrophysics. Highly recommended for anyone interested in astronomy, astrophysics, and amateur astronomy. Thanks to the Jodcast staff and the Jodrell Bank Observatory for creating this remarkable podcast.
Awesome show. It's fact filled yet witty. :D I listen to it while walking around campus.
The Jodcast is a great source for astronomical information and education. The only complaint I have is their attempt at a humor skit in the intro which makes it seem they are less than professional. Ignore this and keep listening.
I love this podcast. It seems to focus on the most interesting aspects of Astronomy. That is, the more cosmological topics that I find of great interest. This podcast is given for the comprehension of the layman, but it challenging and interesting for the professional scientest. Chris KQ6UP
The Jodcast is a show with great pacing and real information concerning astronomy and physics. Always interesting interviews. It comes through that the members enjoy getting this information out there without dumbing it down.
I just came across this podcast in my searching for intelligent audio content to listen to while plugging away at my day job. As an amateur astronomer and one who has been endlessly fascinated with all things stellar since the Mercury space flights, I find this podcast to be one of the most interesting. The guests are interesting and manage to present the topics in a way that is readily accessible. Given the vast intellectual wasteland that is much of the Internet, these are a much welcome oasis of relaxing scientific insight. Please keep them coming - for my sanity.
I just found "The Jodcast" a few months ago while browsing iTunes and I'm very happy I did. It's quickly become one of my Favorites. It has the perfect mix of news, interviews and other relevant goings on. The whimsical parts are wonderful as well. Thanks!
This Podcast (sorry Jodcast) is the most amazing thing I have ever heard. I am a Junior at University and got into astronomy by taking some of our astromony classes. As we all know astronomy is very wonderful, but the Jodcast makes it great because they provide alot of insite and combine it with humor, making it accesable to a wide audience. Keep up the great work.
This is my favorite astronomy podcast. It's witty, informative and long(in a good way).
A most excellent podCast, I'd give you 10*s if possible, otherwise you get 3.846 x 10^26 Cheers, Doug [astronomy grad student]
The Jodcast is an excellent mix of Astronomy topics, interviews, news, and entertainment. The production quality of the show is better then most radio and TV programs. Thank you for bringing me hours of enjoyment.
I love the way your show is put together. Fun and educational. I also like those interviews you do with some of those Big Time Astronomy and Astrophysics people. They really know their science. Keep up the good work you do. Thanks
I am a new listener, and followed a series of links from an excellent blog I read daily called "Bad Astronomy". I am glad I found the Jodcast because I can expand my knowledge about astronomy and this will help me to educate others. I plan on being a long time listener. Its educational!
The Jodcast is my favorite source of astronomy news. The interviews are always interesting. Love the theme music, please keep it!
As both a backyard astronomer and amateur radio buff I find the subject matter always interesting. Interviews of this depth are such a rarity. The production values are ever improving. More, please!
More cream floats to the top of podcasting! I'm so glad I found them and you will be too!!! They cover current events in Astronomy, have excellent interviews (really, top notch), and talk about astronomy in terms that are neither dumbed down or over your head. And they do it all in typical British Style =-)
Live in Kansas City in the U.S. and its great to hear these guys talk about my favorite subject which is astronomy and even better in their British accents!
One of the best podcast out there! Can you do a show about the should be coming on line soon.
My 1st Jodcast was a few weeks ago when I knew I was dealing with creative people. The introduction leading into the podcast was a James Bond skit. Timely astronomy from one of the first radio observatories in the world, with a creative British slant. Give it a listen!
The Jodcast broadcast is great. I've been loading them onto my ipod for the past year. I particularly enjoy the balanced coverage of amateur and professional topics. Many times I have listened to the broadcast from a dark sight just outside of town (one of the benefits of living in west texas), I get there about sunset, setup my telescope and then relax in my lafuma and listening to the show. By the time it's over it's dark enough to begin observing. Lubbock, Texas
A twice-monthly look at astronomy. Hilarious intro skits, timely astronomy news, in-depth interviews (loved the series of Sir Lovell's talks), and a friendly, lively tone. Keeps me coming back, and about to go back through the back episodes. One of only two astro-casts I keep around.
Great podcast. Great science. The material is not watered down or stupefied, making this an excellent resource for anyone who would be interested in maintaining a link to the ongoing developments in astronomy and cosmology. I would even go as far as saying that the jodcast has a few "leg's up" on even the NASA podcasts that one can find on itunes. NASA has good information but only in 5-10 minutes chunks, the jodcast is a 60-90 minute assault on your astronomical senses. For anyone who is American the British flavor of the jodcast can be a definite change to some of the ridiculous American pop-culture astronomy that the media peddles. In short if you don't want to sift through Astronomy textbooks for your information then listen to the jodcast. Don't forget your cup of tea.