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This podcast is so smart and entertaining and downright delightful. I never miss it and get fabulous ideas for new reads. A must have for all readers and listeners of literature!
Great show. The hosts sound like two guys having coffee who happen to talk about books. That is not to say they are not erudite--they are. It's just that no matter what book they are talking about they approach the subject with wit,humility,and (dare I say it) a dose of Nebraska plainspeak.
I am so sorry to hear about Otis Young's death. I feel like I know you both after listening to you for a couple of years. Your podcast has given me many wonderful books to read. I am sure that you and Otis' family have a heavy heart at this time. Know that he enriched lives with his book discussions.
A great show about books. The hosts do an excellent job of describing the books and laying out what was good and bad in a brief review. I'm am enjoying going through all of the older podcasts.
Otis and Charles are a delight! They offer a variety of books for our consideration, and 9 times out of 10 it is something I am interested to read. They aren't looking to offer deep analyzation of the books--it's a quick and easy review of books that are generally easy and entertaining reads. This is a must-have podcast for all book lovers!