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Highest Order!
The Biblical Lecture Series is one of the very most profound and useful bits of wisdom I’ve ever encountered. Thank you Dr. Peterson.
A very narrow and redundant series of talks with a lot of repetition of the same points. Peterson is a hard-right winger and Biblical neophyte who basically tries to sound smart and sermonizes under the guise of supposed academic neutrality/rationality. Peterson just doesn't get it ("it" being life).
Munk Debate is one of the best!
A humble request for higher quality mics and sound level equalizing. It can be difficult to understand some of what is said due to the volume fluctuations and poor audio quality. I still love it, but it will be much easier to become engrossed in the subject matter if raising and lowering the volume level is required as each speaker shares their point of view. It will also help reach a broader audience if production quality is improved as it’s somewhat of an expectation from the masses these days. Thanks for all you do and the people who support you.
Helps me to think more clearly and live a better life.
I feel like I’m getting a crash course on something new each time. I appreciate the fearless commitment to intellectual integrity.
I've never heard somebody use such beautiful language based in truth speak with such confidence. Your my hero. Trying to "clean my room" and pass on what I have learned.
Absolutely one of my favorite podcasts to listen to. Such a variety of interesting and thoroughly useful topics! As a business owner I have gained valuable insight from Dr. Peterson’s explanation of psychological ideas that have led to better people management, communication, advertising and much more. Not to mention radical transformation in my personal life! Thank you everyone involved!
Please allow somebody in your audience to be your producer and clean up your audio. Also please get a mic.
I don't agree with a lot of the things this man says, but I can stop listening to him speak. Virtually everything he says in absolutely facsinating. If you are looking to expand your mind with interesting ideas, this podcast is for you.
The podcast is great and delivers every time. The perspectives brought to the table are insightful and necessary to break down the issues of the day. The time dedicated to what is being discussed during each episode provides the listener a space to gain a reasonable covenant with the presenter that what they are hearing is the truth. Download this podcast today and your life will be all the better for it!
I don’t always follow every concept and topic being expressed due to my lack of higher education but you can generally still follow the thought path and get the concept of what is being discussed. Unfortunately, the critical thinking and deep inside being discussed will fly right over many heads. Other people have discussed these topics but Dr. Peterson Appears genuinely driven by his desire to help others and make the world a better place.
Life changing
Dr. Peterson brings the largely unspoken truths of Jungian thought forward in the modern era, battling fascism and collectivism alike. He is a proponent for individual responsibility and proper understanding evolutionary psychology. I cannot more highly recommend this podcast.
One of the greatest thinkers of our time. Unbelievable talent in developing thoughts and putting them forth to his audience
Dr Peterson has challenged my thought life, much of my beliefs are based on emotions and personal experience, and thats ok if your the only person on earth which I see is the problem. He has created a thirst in me for Truth and investigating my self and how I use truthful communication.
Jordan Peterson is a father of nations. He is a light that pierces the confusion and darkness of day to day life, and beckons you home.


Dr. Peterson, I’m a big fan. Except for one thing. Why don’t you identify Donald Trump as a dangerous, immoral fool? If anyone seems to be the kind of infantile male you so often talk about, it would be the current president of the United States. That you say you might have voted for him seems antithetical to almost everything you espouse. Please do yourself a favor and distance yourself from the most dangerous, pathologic liar in the western world. Sincerely, Rick Cleveland
It is hard to imagine a more profitable way to spend my alone driving time than to listen to Dr. Peterson. Thank you for the value you bring to us all.
I respected Dr. Peterson until the latest podcast episode. Ben Shapiro is not an academic, he right an alt right click bait troll. Don’t associate yourself with trash like that for downloads! You’re better than that!
Not only a great teacher and mentor to millions, but a motivation and inspiration to all of how to live a noble life.
Love Jordan’s content, however, episode 34’s guest microphone is in and out rendering the entire episode nearly impossible to listen to. Jordan’s mic works well. Are all the episodes like this? Perhaps the episode could be salvaged? I’d really like to hear it.
Intellectually stimulating conversation...I can’t get enough. Talking about what really matters to people-in a world full of shallow people and narrow mindedness, Dr. Peterson is a breath of fresh air! Thank you!
I’m learning so much and I’m so grateful to you Dr. Peterson! May god bless you and show you he’s true path...
Five star rating! He has enlightened my family in many ways. Would Iove to attend a lecture in person.
Dr. Peterson is awesome to listen to and provides great insight into the mind. Definitely give a listen.
It’s sad when someone makes their living being a bigot. Unfortunately, there are enough bigots to support him.
Life changing, there is nothing else to say!
I don’t have the vocabulary to truthfully express my gratitude for the burden you have chosen to pick up and carry. It has made an indescribable impact on my life and so many others, I suppose. Cheers
it is people like Jordan B.Peterson that gives hope for the future of society.
I’m a Catholic and so don’t share 100% of JP’s philosophy and theology, but my goodness does this guy have the ability to identify crucial truths, connect them to lived reality, and provide concrete methods to improve your life NOW. He comes to the same basic conclusions about the purpose of life as does orthodox Christianity, but from a largely secular approach. In doing so he shows that truth is truth and gives hope to a confused and troubled humanity. His admonition to stand up straight and take the challenges of life on with courage and confidence has helped me immensely in my professional and personal life.
A firehose of wisdom -- tough to drink from, but well worth the effort. This series of lectures has turned my unexamined cynical and dismissive view of the biblical stories on its head.
JBP will help you sort your stuff out. He truly wants to help and he does if you listen.
Learned (and continuing to learn) so much from Dr. Peterson. I would recommend this podcast to everyone-because we all have many dragons to slay!
Peterson’s lectures and interviews are very insightful and have been personally helpful and enriching. He embodies many of his ideas as on multiple levels in his speech, which makes the truths he speaks about so identifiable and easy to digest. To have a lecturer/teacher work on an archetypal level, speak in narratives, keep a practical/pragmatic approach and chose (though I do not have any authority to say) enlightening and important science to support his interpretation of being, is a very special thing in my estimation. Also, the quality of his voice is important to mention.
Jordan is a hero. I don’t agree with him on everything, but his courage is intoxicating and he is a wonderful man. Jordan, if you see this...KEEP MOVING FORWARD
If your intention is to be a sorry sack, living a miserable existence, avoiding improving in any way then listen at your own peril because you may actually find a purpose, orient yourself towards something better, and do something with your life after listening.


The only star that matters. This man saved my life with his stories
Always thoughtful and engaging. One of my favorite podcasters of all time! a world that has gone mad.
Jordan Peterson is such an inspirational speaker and has changed my life.
Very powerful stuff though his lectures are better than the interviews in my opinion. Thanks Dr. Peterson. Well done sir.
I could listen to Dr. Peterson for hours, and soak in the wisdom of this brilliant human being.Since I’ve been doing that everything around me it’s better, brighter and makes more sense.This is just another level of intelligence that it’s projected upon us by a brilliant mind, and I’m thankful for that.
I’m glad to see that a podcast is up. It is way easier to download the podcast than to mess with YouTube red
The thing I admire the most about Dr. Peterson is he is obviously thirsty for truth and honest about his reasoning and the conclusions he arrives at. In this day and age, I feel like we are heading for a 1984 like world without free thought. Dr. Peterson strikes a dagger in the heart of group think without agenda and without fear! Bravo!
Intellectual and moral integrity and vast challenge brought on by introspection are found here. Enjoyable and thought provoking if a student of life and its experiences...which you are.