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Thank you Dr. Peterson for these awesome podcasts. Sol Kraiem
Out of everyone I’ve heard on podcasts Jordan seems to be the most well thought out smart guy. Well spoken and thoughtful. NOT a hate monger, alt-right Nazi. Just a brilliant man with a thought out point of view.
Life changing podcast. If you’re ready
What rank and utter garbage. Recycled ideas from a discredited heritage of right wing ideology. Give this one a pass.
I am a 17 year old about to take my first steps into the new world of college life next year and recently i stumbled across Dr. Peterson’s lectures on youtube and now the podcast, but never in my life have I felt more intrigued by the pure linguistic ability and personal insight into life from a prospective I never even thought was fathomably possible to perceive that i was able to soak in episode after episode. Hearing, internalizing and applying these concepts to help me grow as an individual has truly helped me flourish as a person even at such an early stage in my life. In school I hold a leadership position where I am able to lead retreats and speak to underclassmen about their future and how to look at the positives in life, and now more than ever i always catch myself referring to a life lesson i learned from hearing the podcasts. This is my first time writing a review and I wanted to write this so that others may give this podcast a shot, and ultimately to thank Dr. Peterson for truly being a beacon of light and truth in my life at a time when i most needed it. Thank you for all the lessons and future lessons to come.
Dr. Jordan Peterson is one of the most important people alive today. His positive message of improving the world by first improving yourself is exactly what is needed today. His lessons have helped me tremendously.
I love the way he delivers the information. So smart!!
Data driven and logical
Intellectual stimulation
Some of the most intellectually stimulating talks I’ve heard in a long time.
Seriously, thank you. What an amazing skill to be able to break down these eternal truths into digestible material to personally think about and apply to life. Wishing you all the best Dr. Peterson!
Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love you, Jordan B. Peterson!
Jordan Peterson is one of the greatest minds of our time. Thank you for your amazing contribution to today’s society.
Worth the time spent
Jordan Peterson is a modern genius
Amazing, insightful, thought provoking podcasts. I love all of his work, his podcasts, videos and lectures. Never a dull moment with this man. Not only is he very intelligent but also really funny too. Which he himself has said he had to learn over time, the man never stops learning. Please give him a try if you haven’t before! It’ll change your life for the better!!
I can’t thank you enough. I never had a father figure in my life until now.


By C$b
This is a lifeline of truth amidst an ocean of lies.
JP is intellectually stimulating. Loved his book as well. Wanted to see him when he came to Austin, but tickets were over $200, which I almost paid, but can’t afford at the moment.
Wouldn’t begin to attempt describe what is a psychological and mythological tour de force of thinking and experience. I never review things but this was too much content to avoid a review.
My life was hard, and I didn’t think I could continue. Professor Peterson isn’t just a gift from God, it is God himself.
Dr. Jordan Peterson highlights brilliantly the necessity of promoting and protecting open dialogue between ideologies. He combats the reigning perspectives in the cultural sphere with pragmatism and expertise.
Lie changing!
I’ve learned so much from Dr. Jordan Peterson, and his teachings will change your life.
I listen to a lot of podcasts. Too many, I suppose. But this podcast fosters consideration of deep, potentially life-changing ideas. It is unrivaled in the podosphere!
A voice of reason and intelligence keep it up JP.
The Biblical Series has revealed inherent truths about myself as an individual and about humankind. These podcasts are incredibly insightful, interesting and applicable to your life.
I’ve been listening to a lot of Peterson’s lectures and interviews, just purchased his book and am now listening (from the beginning) through his podcasts. I always find myself wanting to share what he has said, and it is very much needed today. Do yourself a huge favor and start listening NOW!
Has the same degree of intellect as the lobsters he so lovingly and frequently speaks of in his tirades. (But I probably just wrote that because I'm a cultural Marxist.)
I know I would have been a better parent had I had this information, or been ready to absorb this information as a young parent. Dr. Peterson presents these are common sense ideas in a way that can be absorbed at any education level. Dr. Peterson really listens to those asking questions, he answers with respect. I can listen and then listen again to the same episode and each time is like drinking from a fire hose of common sense and the understanding of human nature.


By emasse
Guy’s promoting some pretty archaic ideology.
Dr Peterson is one of the greatest minds of the day.
Combatting moral relativism
Smart dude. I just wish he helped me understand religion, religious experience and religious people instead of his opinion and beliefs
I’m sure I will probably never be able to meet you, but I just wanted too say i am one of the people you talk about being born into the world with every support wall people need just crumble at the very begging. Your lectures and your way of conveying your thoughts in your head with words has too a point saved my life or less cliche saying has been very important, thank you, thank you so much! Jordan B Peterson wish I could shake your hand
Love the lectures. Feels good, man.


I hope J.B. Peterson benefits directly from this podcast and this review.
I hope to meet him one day, just to say “thank you” to him personally.
Jordan Peterson yanked me out of my Cain-like existence and pathological victim complex. As a woman in my mid 20s, I think listening to hours of JBP and reading his book recommendations has made me a better wife, mother and friend. He has quite literally changed my world view completely. Do yourself a favour and listen!
My ability to confront my fears and challenges has increased substantially as I’ve listened to his podcasts. Thank goodness for his commitment to finding purpose and meaning in the face of a nihilistic culture!
Can’t get enough of this guy.
Seeing this in my app has caused snakes to manifest in my house physically
I’m so happy that such a bright mind with such an insight and sense or reality and truth is available on podcast, YouTube and Twitter, I’m really honored to listen to him, thank you professor!
50 years ago. I think my life would have been better. Not that it's bad, but I could have avoided quite a few wrong turns.
Jordan always makes you think, and I always walk away wanting to be just a little bit better - and that’s no Joke! :)
Thanks for all your hard work and the passion you bring to life. Thanks for expanding these difficult ideas into something anyone can understand. Thanks for changing my life. For ever grateful 🙏🏽
I love this podcast, I always feel a bit smarter after each one.
Great perspectives from a university professor who has read some of the most difficult text in psychology. He offers some very inciteful ideas on hierachy, order, and society, and he includeds God which most intellectuals usually brush over. Must add, and you might want to listen to the same podcast a few times so you can ponder what he is discussing.
Exploring ideas and telling stories, offering revealing insights into the things that drive us every day. I love how I can relate to something in the podcast episode and then learn something brand new the following moment. Dr Peterson is unafraid to speak the truth and he is brilliant!