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where did you go Rob? we need more USKER mixes
well, i've never really listened to bread being sliced, but whatever heavy usker plays, it sounds good. he has an amazing ear for everything... jazz, dub, reggae, dance music, latin, world. he gets at the root of what is good in every possible genre of music. subscribe. you'll be hooked.
Yo, these tunes Radio Madrid pump are nice, great variety, funky stuff, it hits it right on the spot, for what i've been looking for to listen to, it's great , I need more podcasts from this guy
This is a fantastic program that is now a daily listening choice for me and my friends who have been able to get it via the web i-pod hookup. This is fantastic programing that has brought me and others so much joy! I hope this continues to grow! (smile) Ron, Chicago, USA
Nice to hear some true and hard to find Afro-funk,Latin jazz, and instrumental Hip-Hop