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Reviews For Driving Sports TV

I love these guys. They don't pander to the car-guy persona with obnoxious personalities, they're just a couple guys who like cars and know how to communicate that to other car guys. The video clips are short but professionally put together and they're always going new places and trying new techniques.
Rally and tuner coverage you won't find anywhere else!
If this show wants to hit the mainstream, they should get a host that appeals to more than the geeky crowd. The balding, nerdy host that doesn't seem to drive very well, isn't easy to watch or listen to. Why not get someone with personality?
I enjoy watching, it just needs to be refined a little bit more. Some the video has some dead space moments.
Good intro to what Driving Sports is all about, and a much more in-depth interview with Stephanie than the magazine allowed. Great!
Some of the episodes have great photography. Cool action stuff! I epecially like the Pike's Peak segment. This pocast really shines when it takes a close look at specific cars. The studio stuff feels like filler though.
Good car reviews from a sporting point of view, and great rally videos.