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It’s really good but they need to have more episodes
I wish they make more episodes
Their last show was back in August, and before that June. It is now the middle of December, and still no new episode. I really like this podcast, but with the inconsistency of updates it isn’t worth it to subscribe anymore.
As inconsistent as this podcast is, why bother?
Reviewers don't know what a plot hole is and generally sound inept.
Great discussions regarding the latest movie and movie news!
I love the opinion-based content on the latest movie news and the in-depth spoiler-casts are amazing
Thank you Jesus!
I've missed the podcast's presence for the several months. It's wonderful to hear your voices again!
Very smart podcast!
Thought you guys were coming back in January
Great personalities and great content. I appreciate the Nintendo love in the other podcasts as well.
I mostly listen to assembled for comics and techfetish for the Fresca, but I do love all these podcasts. Great content to be had from all.
Cant get enough
For the most part, the episodes on movies and TV are usually Very good. Although if you NOT a fan of hearing the word "LIKE" for every other word, avoid Techfetish at all costs. It'll drive you insane. I Like can't like stand it like when like people can't like speak without like using like the same word like all the time like". YES it is that bad some times. Also the guys ON Digigods are big fans of indie movies and not so much the big blockbuster special effects movies. So it is like listening to real cridics (which they are). They are good but tend to hate any blockbuster that doesn't have good character development , great acting, etc. Keepin' it reel and Channel surfing are by far my favorites. I also like Digigods a lot but have to listen to them hate on MOST of the new releases that I LIKE. And talk extensively about 50 year old movies that I have no interest in.
I've been listening to Channel Surfing since episode 1, and I've come to realize in retrospect how big of an impact it's had on my life. It introduced me to most of my (now) favorite shows and opened up an entire type of serious television criticism I didn't know existed, spanning many other great websites and critics. I'm not exaggerating when I say the snowball of film and tv this podcast started rolling for me played a huge part in my decision to try to become a filmmaker myself. Oh...and the other podcasts are good too.
Finally! So excited to see this. Great discussions and good inside info. Welcome back!
Love the comics smash podcast. Don't really listen to the others and wish IGN would separate them instead if aggregating all of them together. Anyway, Rich and the Dans do a great job with going through comic news, reviews, and comic book movies. The mailbag editions are usually hilarious, especially when you hear Dan ring the bell and update us with (fake) Zack Effron news. Pure comedy gold. Keep up the great work guys!
IGN Comic Smash is the most entertaining podcast from IGN. They should have their own IGN Category. Keeping it Reel is a great podcast as well but the guys from Comic Smash put that podcast at the top for me.
Both are highly entertaining and informational podcasts! Two of the best on the web!


Best comic podcast in the universe!
The only podcast that is about movies for nerds where the people involved actually know what they are talking about. LEGIT


By Flux83
Number 25
I love 90% of these pod casts sometimes enjoy a few... but Digigods is just uder crap some people might like them but I would love to get this feed without them
I read ign a lot and all the podcast are awesome. Channel surfing is my favorite.
I love the comics, tech, show,... really I love all these podcast. Great people, incredibly knowledgable, and really entertaining. My only complaint is that they do not do enough of these shows as I would like. But really, that is a good thing.


These guys have some really great podcasts. It's a shame however that the only on that comes out with regularity is the digigods. Those dudes blow! they are the only reason that this isn't a 5 star podcast in my eyes! All the other ones are very witty and insightful. I look forward to them everytime they release one.
The TV, movies, and comics podcasts are podcast gold. Starz kicks @ss too.
Want to be good at trivial pursuit. These guys are pop-culture kings, and fun to listen to. I love the TV podcast and and the Movie Podcast the best. enjoi.
This is a very good show, these guys really know what they are talking about.
I look forward to IGN's Keeping It Reel podcast every week. It's a great rundown of what's going on in film news, especially for genre films.
If you are a comic book fan and you are not listening to this podcast you are missing out. Reviews, previews, and insight into the newest comics makes Comics Smash one of the most timely and fun places to go for current comic books.
I love Keepin it Reel, Channel Surking, and Comics Smash. The only complaint I can make is that they all need to be every week!!!
Love the voice chat, podcast beyond, and gamescoop.
The good ones are great, the bad ones are really bad. I really enjoy all the IGN podcasts, but digigods is pretty stupid--it feels so detatched from everything else and the two guys aren't fun to listen to. The Stars podcast is horrible though, Phil Perrello sounds like a dweeby tool.
I love how they've combined all the game podcasts and entertainment podcasts in to two subscriptions. It's not that much extra work to subsribe to each of them separately but this convenience is much appreciated.
These are some of the smartest people around when it comes to music,comics,tv or film. I would download all of them if I were you.
I listen to the comics and music podcasts and both are great. They are def 2 of my favs.
These are the best podcasts as far as entertainment is concered. The hosts are always knowledgeable and funny.
I'm a fan of IGN and the podcasts tend to be pretty darn funny. The hosts all have good relationships with each other and keep things moving while covering TV, movies, tech, and more. I'm glad these are all gathered together in one stream. Thanks, guys!