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While not every podscast has been of interest to me, many that seemed like they wouldn't be turned out to be of great interest. I wish I was closer to the Pritzker so I could attend some of these events in person.
This channel used to be the best military history choice on iTunes. it has gotten very very poor of late and is completely unlistenable. RIP.
This is far and away the best military history podcast in the world. I feel that I’m at your museum with you during your lectures. The Medal of Honor recipients are always interesting. I cried with the nurse who remembered Vietnam. I laughed with Jack Lucas, the Iwo Jima veteran who saw the lighter side of life. Don’t change the way you do anything. Keep up the good work.
I generally enjoy the podcasts: the subject matter is interesting, the speakers entertaining, and the audio quality makes it easy to listen to - all key factors in a podcast for me. I do have a quibble with Mr Weintraub whose talk was podcasted recently. He is a WWII Historian yet in the Q&A session at the end someone asked him his opinion about Japanese Internment in America in WWII and i found his answers shockingly uninformed. He stated that there was never a case of Japanese Americans assisting the Japanese War effort - that the whole thing was about grabbing farm land in California - read any book on the MAGIC intercepts or the Niihau incident clearly the US government had legitimate concerns. He also said the Supreme Court overturned the Order which of course is also not factually accurate. look up Korematsu V United States - the Court sided with the Government. When i hear opinions like these expressed by a WWII Historian it causes me to doubt everything else i heard. I think the Pritzker can do better than that.
Moving history from a personal perspective, but really innovative collaboration with Chicago Shakespeare!
love the work Thank you
The American public as well as policymakers who send our men and women into harm's way need to catch up on two centuries of hard-learned history before they fully realize the gravity of their decisions. What a great resource for educators as well as families of servicemen.
Thank you for providing the most informative, relavent and intersting podcast concerning Americas miltary men and women. Its a FIVE STARS review becuase the staff at the library have preserved history and made it available to all of us. Job well done!
The Medal of Honor interviews are a great insight into a warrior and valor.
A must listen.


Someone told me about these, I have only listened to the Sammie Davis interview so far, it is fascinating
Great resource for historians and general public to learn what U.S. soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen did/do without the "Hollywood filter" of war. Our neighbors are who serve in our military. Here is one source where we can meet them, to better appreciate their gift to assure democracy.
Many will look back on this and be grateful.
We are fortunate that 1) groups like the Pritzker have this terrific program, and 2) they put them on iTunes where millions can access them. This is an excellent series and there are many parts of the stories that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Hearing directly from the amazing poeple who were in the middle of the action gives a real sense of everything that happened - emotionally, physically, mentally, etc. Because the interviews are not edited (and thus longish) you are able to get details that one otherwise does not learn. Hats off to the Pritzker and to the heroes who are the subjects of these fascinating interviews.
These are astounding examples of the exceptional that is possible from all of us. The Medal of Honor is awarded not earned as many of its recipients point out. It is a true privilege to hear these individuals from all walks of life and the incredible stories about their ability to rise beyond what most people would consider possible for their comrades and mission. It literally has made changes in my life as well as those with whom I have shared these incredible stories. A must for all.
These are excellent interviews. My favourites are Sammy L. Davis and Paul Bucha, but Paul Bucha's insight on finding the potential in everyone you meet (instead of just writing them off as a lost cause) has really impacted me and the way I relate to those who I work with. He stresses that we need to celebrate the potential in everyone, not just in Medal of Honor winners, because all of the men serving in his company that died had incredible potential that is now lost. These are all incredibly inspiring stories.
The US Military awards people the Medal Of Honor when someone performs heroic and selfless actions in combat. A great many of the people awarded the Medal of Honor have lost thier life fighting for the freedom we enjoy. Please don't disrespect the soldiers, sailors and airmen with meaningless and selfish reviews. The stories contained are excellent and a great reminder of what most of us take for granted everyday.
It is enjoyable to hear a Medal of Honor recipient describe the events in their own words. These recorded interviews are long, but contain gems. I know historians and archivists feel editing is sacriledge, but these interviews could use some editing and the questions could focus more on mining out more gems from the battle rather than career events before and after. All in all a good effort. Thanks for doing it.
I'm second...yeehah