Reviews For The Strategy Hour Podcast: Systems and Marketing for Service Based Businesses with Boss Project

Love your podcast, you both bring so much value to your listeners. Thank you!
It is so practical. Love it. John and Kelly
I’ve listened to A LOT (too many) podcast about entrepreneurship, marketing, and growing a business, and this is by far my favorite. Abagail and Emylee have the best chemistry and they make me laugh every time I listen and I love their candor. Not only is their show super entertaining, it is packed FULL of amazing content and learnings that I have tried with success. PLUS their authentic and real interactions in instagram DMs really proved to me that they truly care and are here to help and support in this noisy world of people hustling to get your attention. I can’t recommend this show enough, excellent work ladies!
These ladies are 💯!
You are talking to me…..I feel like specifically! I just came across THE STRATEGY HOUR this week and it came at the best time! I just started my business and everything that Emily and Abigail talk about in the episodes I have listened to thus far is geared directly towards me! Thanks ladies for all that you are doing and the awesome community you have built, I am here for it 😊
Whether you’re well established as an entrepreneur, or just getting started carving out a profitable niche that’s ready to grow - this is a must-listen podcast for you! Abagail and Emylee do an incredible job leading conversations that cover a huge breath of topics related to the ins and outs of building a thriving business - and life you can be proud of - with leaders who’ve actually experienced success themselves. Highly recommend listening and subscribing!
Invaluable information on starting a business, building a brand, etc. They are relatable and easy to listen too. There’s no useless fluff or bragging, just full to the brim with good info. Listen to be inspired!
I like it
As a perfectionist who always “shoulds” on myself, I want to THANK YOU for the practical business advice and for keeping it real! After listening to an episode, I feel ready to tackle the next step... instead of feeling completely overwhelmed. Thank you both for your honesty. It helps me set better goals, reflect more truthfully, and actually get stuff done!
Hey ladies! I love love love your content but please don’t put WIX down as a website host/builder! If you know SEO it ranks extremely high on google (outruns any other “do It yourself” platforms with code too!). I’ve built 2 six figure businesses using my knowledge of SEO combined with WIX amazing features! It’s not all about appearance and branding especially if you have local Businesses like don’t have to pay for advertising if your SEO is on point. Hope You’ll rethink your opinions. xoxo
When I am feeling frustrated or down about my small business, I just listen to a podcast. Abagail and Emylee get me so inspired. Ideas just start flowing. Their approach to business is refreshing as well as solid. I often feel like I am having a conversation with 2 good friends.
Honestly this podcast is what opened my eyes to the entrepreneurial world 2 years ago and I’ve since listened to every single episode these ladies have put out. It truly has transformed my life; inspired me, motivated me; and shown me how to do things that have made starting & running a business easier & more fun! This is still my #1 fav podcast 2 years later! Can’t recommend enough.
I had quit my full-time, well-paying job and was determined to create a more meaningful life by launching my own company. Not only did listening to The Strategy Hour help the 22-hour drive as I relocated cross-country fly by, it also gave me all of the inspiration and practical advice I needed to get started once I landed. I used Trello to organize my notes and ideas while listening and took down episode numbers to remind myself to go back and relisten when I got to certain stages. I love this podcast so much and am so grateful that Abigail and Emlyee for sharing their wealth of expertise!
Emylee and Abagail rock my world. They are incredible business women that give so much. A lot of times I listen to it again to be certain that I didn't miss anything. You go girls😎🐶🎉
I just listened to the Holiday planning podcast and the timing couldn’t have been better! I was able to plan Q4 rough draft with my team. Next I’ll figure January.
Abagail and Emylee keep it real. I love their focus on helping creative entrepreneurs to build a soul-fulfilling and profitable business. We don’t get that kind of guidance in university or from our parents (at least, I didn’t!) and it’s invaluable. The conversations these two hosting about empowering women and shifting the conversation in the entrepreneur community are so important. Great guests, too.
Kudos! Looking forward to your upcoming shows!
Whether you’re new to the digital selling game or a pioneer, listen to this podcast. You’ll learn SO much from Abagail and Emylee, and will definitely find your confidence again, if it feels like you’ve lost it.
Abigail and Emylee give some of the best biz advice, and share their successes and “failures” in an open and real way. They ask great questions when they have guests— and have a great variety of guests!— but I also really l love the monthly breakdowns because they break down what works and what didn’t... and do it without $$ amounts so you don’t freeze from comparison to this successful biz. Love these gals!
Abagail and Emylee offer one of the most valuable business podcasts out there because they offer SO much valuable advice for free! Each episodes is a course unto itself! Make a list of your top 3 business challenges and then scan their episode archive for strategies for overcoming those challenges! you’ll start moving your biz forward even faster than you can imagine right now! Start listening!!
When I’m dragging my feet about listening in, taking time to learn, or implementing strategy into my business - all I have to do is remind myself to check in to the Strategy Hour Podcast and all is well again. I’m in. Abigail + Emylee are down to earth, funny, confident, strategic, and inviting in a way not often communicated through a podcast. I’ll tune in to hear legitimately anything they have to say. I’m so deeply invested in not only their current work, but their past stories, other businesses and family life - I feel like we’re best friends. Add in the genuine connection they give to students and followers, you’ll feel it, too. Their episodes are quick moving, hard hitting, relaxed, but full of intention and strategy... .if you can imagine that all packed in there! I’m a huge fan and recommend listening to anyone who needs a kick in the pants to get moving or who needs some friends to chat with them for some integral inspiration. Thank you BOTH for sharing your hearts + brains the way you do AND finding the perfect guests to push us all. My business wouldn’t be where it is without you. You da best.
So refreshing to find a podcast that gives you a the real deal ins and outs of what it takes to run a business that’s focused on profits and fulfillment. Thank you Abigail and Emylee ( and your guests) for solid business strategies that works!
Awesome podcast. Love the Talk Strategy to Me segments with really actionable advice. Oh and the profit/loss quarterly reports.
Really helpful advice for entrepreneurs and solopreneurs. I really liked the episode about why strangers actually support you more than friends and family, which is sad but true in most cases!
Just found this podcast and loving it! I have a personal service biz and often get frustrated w biz podcasts because they are so focused on online biz only, this podcast has a ton of helpful info that any business owner can learn from. The gals are also easy to listen to and seem like they are really cool irl ;). Can’t wait to go back and listen to all the eps!
These #girlbosses GET me! Their podcasts help me focus, and stay in my path on my business journey as a freelance writer.
Abigail and Emylee are simply delightful. I’ve just come across their brand and podcast, and I already have three pages full of super helpful notes that I can implement in my business immediately. Overall, incredibly insightful and feels like I’m just chatting with my friends over coffee. 🖤
Love how Abigail and Emily offer up real conversations without limitations (and thank you for your willingness to talk about money!) and provide actionable tips and strategies for business growth. I don’t just want to hear about other biz owner’s success stories…I want to know HOW they got those results…and this podcast delivers the goods.
Okay, so I just listened to the Side Hustle Epidemic episode and I can't thank you both enough for collecting this data!! I think you're totally right - the info out there is more focused on "the gig economy" rather than people starting a legit business that they want to become their full-time job - and I found the insights you shared FASCINATING! Great episode!!!!!
Just listened to the episode on contractors vs employees, which was so helpful considering my goal is to hire an employee in the new year. I love how transparent and real they were about the whole process and how they walked me thorugh step by step their decision making process.
I'm SO GLAD I found The Strategy Hour! This is the perfect podcast to plug into when I'm hiking or taking my pup for a walk. Abagail and Emylee are hilarious and so much fun to listen to, yet they also deliver so much actionable insight in both the entrepreneurial and personal development realms. I'm definitely going to stick around for this podcast!!
This use to be one of my favorite podcasts to listen to. Filled with great information! But it seems like lately they’ve been watering down their advice to new business owners. I’ve been in business full-time for nearly 3 years and the episode content for the past 3-6 months have been for novice business owners. I miss the old Think Creative Collective. But I’m assuming they switched their demographics when they rebranded. So sad!
I remember the first time I listened to Strategy Hour. I was about to go on an hour drive and needing a hit of biz inspiration. Stumbled onto this and well...I smiled the whole dang drive. At the time, I was growing and continually finding new hurdles & found the (insert buzzword ->) authentic conversations here SO dang refreshing & insightful. Still growing and business ever changing, nothing like a shot of Strategy Hour to refire up a Wednesday afternoon or Friday morning. Thanks yall THANK YOU.


By Yadi I.
It feels like these two are faking it all the way. I can’t take anything seriously. I can’t pin point what it is that makes me think this way. I’ve been listening for a while and it just feels like two clueless people throwing recycled advice at newbies who will believe anything. Time to stop listening.
Emylee and Abagail of Boss Project have THE best business podcast I’ve found....and believe me, I’ve found quite a few frogs before finding this prince....or in this case princesses! I love their chemistry, humor, and top notch business information. Not only is it entertaining, but they demystify many of the often overwhelming or confusing topics and details in building and scaling your creative business. I love how they end each episode with “talk strategy to me” so you leave with specific and clear next steps. Thank you for all the time, energy, expertise, and fun you put into each show!
This is one of my absolute all-time favorite podcasts! By now, there are so many episodes to binge to you can literally find every answer or topic in your business discussed by these two. Some of the tools, strategies, and books they have open me up to have really changed my own business game. This would probably be one of my top five podcasts of all time!
Total waste of time. Nothing of value from these two.
Great content and I love Emily! The jabs that Abby feels she must throw at Emily in almost EVERY episode? NOT SO MUCH!
I tried to listening to episode 296 but stopped when the two of you began making fun of a couple of the applicant's answers. It's unfortunate because I'm from KC and want to listen to the podcast but I think there's a fine line between "keeping it real" and just being insensitive.
I’ve been on the entrepreneur road for the last 8 months and I’ve found so much influence and substance from this podcast! Not to mention these ladies are pure comedy! Subscribe friends, you won’t be disappointed!
really appreciate Abagail and Emylee's insights into online biz. great interviews when they have them. and their breakdowns of specific tactics and strategies are great. Keep it up!
This podcast is amazing, entertaining and educational! It’s my favorite podcast! Abagail and Emylee keep it real and give you actionable and sustainable information for beginning and blossoming businesses.
Strategy Hour is my go-to for fun, inspiring and actionable biz advice! Love these girls, their good vibes and their brilliant minds!
WOW! There is so much amazing content to dive into in this podcast. It's overwhelming in the best way possible. I love how actionable the advice is and really appreciate how they've curated guests with such a diverse range of experiences. Loving binging on this new find!
I love this podcast because it’s very actionable and well worth the time spent. Lots of strategies are shared and I always feel more motivated to set bigger goals and do things more strategically!
All you have to do is listen to one episode and you're hooked. So informative, motivating, and keeping me productive!
These women are amazing! If you are looking for real SOLID business advice and conversations- you are in the right place.
These ladies do such a great job of providing succinct business knowledge in a funny way. Being a CPA, my favorite episodes are the ones that focus on the numbers. There is no fluff! Which I love! They do a great job of teaching by example. Thank you ladies! And Trello For Business is worth the money and has helped me organize my business!