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Matt needs his own show. He is way to smart for these callers. He gets Way too triggered when they don’t answer his questions immediately…… changed for about 4 episodes, now he’s right back at it…. He’s like the atheist version of Darth Dawkins …. Darth Dillahunty
This is my favorite podcast and listen every week. I always learn so much and I wish I would have come across this podcast when I was still a pastor. It would have sped along my deconversion a bit. It is so honest and straight forward. I absolutely love it! I highly recommend. Matt is amazing and incredibly intelligent.
Matt has to keep people on topic over and over again. He can’t spend the entire time talking to the same person. I’m with him, get a pastor to call in and prove god exists. After all, they’re the experts. Matt would do to them what he does to all the ill informed. Listen to his debates if you want proof.
Matt is like my father. Willing to teach, but doesn’t tolerate shenanigans. I love listening to him and the whole team every week. Thanks!


Listened to one episode. The hosts kept assuming atheism to deny theism. Then they followed up by muting their caller, and refusing to let him talk or form an argument. The whole display was very childish. Just came here to hear good opposition, and two-sides arguments. Instead got an earful of cancerous nonsense and bullying. Audio quality is good, so that’s something, I guess.
This is my first time listening and I’m completely and totally in love!!! ❤️❤️
I myself question the religion complex of the world and I thought that this podcast would be a place where two opposites would have a reasonable debate on the topic.... that is no longer the case. The hosts of the show usually reject all religious claims and don’t really give the religious callers time to articulate and explain themselves without being rudely interrupted repeatedly. While the host are intelligent, I simply believe they do not have the patience nor ability to hold a reasonable debate without interruption of the caller and just ignoring much of what they say and writing it off. The worst part is that they believe they are having fair, reasonable debates. This is a good podcast for those that have a strong distain for the religious. I have unsubscribed because I can no longer listen to out of sync, suppressed, one sided debates.
I came to listen to intelligent debate and insight. Wrong podcast I guess. After only a few episodes, I’m out. I don’t have time to listen to a host and guests repeatedly over talk the callers. Matt reminds me of the abhorrent Bill O’reilly. Unlistenable.
Highlight of my Sunday! Keep it up
Ironically, the biggest issue this show has is that it's barely tolerable, amid the incessant virtue signalling and intolerant social justice warring. I get that the atheist community shares some similarities with other marginalized groups, but it doesn't mean all of those other groups' concerns are also directly relevant to theism and theistic edutainment. It's why the rich diversity of thought, personality, and talent abandoned the show in a 2019 mass exodus. It's why other shows like the once enjoyable Talk Heathen became unlistenable sjw tripe. Their varied hosts were the envy of every online show and reason behind the success of Axp. Now, we're left with a dollar and change of hosts; Matt being the full dollar, and the myriad others (to be generous) mere amateur Matt imitators adding their two cents each. Sadly, even the admittedly brilliant Matt is too omnipresent, and often seems to equivocate his many peripheral social views with the same irrefutable, immovable grounding of his theistic stances, to the point that should any caller step on (or even near) one those many sjw landmines and deviate from Matt's own views, the caller is immediately disqualified from participating in a discussion of theism; written off as some mentally unfit or ignorant fool incapable of or at least absent any reason. That, or callers are quickly dismissed because Matt already has a Patreon video on the topic somewhere else on the internet; again a one way conversation. Nearing my limit of tolerating the intolerance. What made this show great was diversity of host and guest. What once helped me was solid, consistent teaching of reason, not trendy identity politics or theatrical histrionics.
Used to love it, now not so much. I just find that I have a very low tolerance for virtue signaling type behavior, and I feel that the show used to teach people how to think. But now, they tell people what they’re allowed and not allowed to think, under the guise of “we’re teaching you how to think”. I think logic should be applied to all circumstances. And the world is grey. But I find that too much of what the ACA supports/speaks about now is just “accepting” things if they sound social justice-y. And I believe a lot of the things they claim are “scientific” or supported by evidence they’re going to find out later, is false.
If you’re new to the program and a Theist, I would suggest only listening to shows that do not feature Matt. He’s a childish, blowhard. He’s no better than any average Atheist sitting on their own couch spouting their opinion. Why people think he’s hot stuff is beyond me. Other then that, the rest of the hosts can sometimes be worth listening to. However, I would never suggest this show to any Theist who might be looking to delve deeper into Atheism. The show is elementary at best. This is my Atheist opinion.
More of a show about how to think and not what to think.
I found them on YouTube and can’t get enough. In a world lacking logic and reason, this is a huge breath of fresh air. Thank you for all you do.
This show used be great, but it seems like Matt has become increasingly unhinged lately. Gone are the days when Matt calmly and systematically dismantled fallacious arguments using philosophy, logic, reason and wit. Now, callers can hardly get a word in without being interrupted and yelled at. Don’t get me wrong, some people need to be hung up on - but Matt no longer has any patience for his callers. Maybe Covid has forced him to isolate himself for so long that he’s losing his mind, but the show is getting really hard to listen to.
The country has a lot to thank you all for, as well as thanks to the ACA.
Hard to listen to Matt. He’s so angry and disrespectful. If you like hearing conversation and not angry rants try David Smalley.
I love this podcast most of the time I listen. The hosts are highly effective in applying critical thinking and skepticism to the claims of various religious doctrines. It’s not just entertaining; it’s thought provoking and educational. My one reservation, and the reason for 4 stars, is that the hosts come off as pedantic in some of the calls, to the extent that they end up hacking down the outer edges of a premise, missing an opportunity to criticize the bigger and more interesting point that never makes it out of the callers mouth. This approach dismisses callers more for their plodding argumentative technique than the core failure of their reasoning. It seems like excessive rage over minutiae that could be easily corrected by restating the proposed argument with better wording or clarity, getting confirmation, and continuing forward.
I would love to see more hosts from all over the world if possible but best podcast ever.
Great conversations. Enlightening. Empathetic. Excellent demonstrations of critical thinking. Matt is especially good at using the calls to educate the audience but each of the other hosts also bring significant talents. Deserves a far wider audience.
Jenna not ready for prime time.
I’m sad to say that after 13 years of listening to TAE, I’ve finally unsubscribed. In recent years Matt has becoming increasingly inpatient with his guests and resorts to yelling at them within about 2 minutes. This has always been the case to some extent, but has really seemed to worsen lately. The show is still a good primer to atheist thought, but the movement could use a much more measured leader than Matt.
If you’re a theist or a atheist the is a show for you.
This podcast is essential to teaching me epistemology as I deconvert. Thank you to all the hosts and crew. Love you guys.
Don’t go out in the world until you have absorbed some of the sage wisdom in this show!
In order for the Big Bang to occur there had to have been a conscious entity to observe it. Proof to me there isn’t a good. Your thinking is very narrow minded and shallow.
Matt, proud you’re giving up a bad habit. But man, get some Chantix or Xanex! 😂 Stay home stay safe and stay healthy brother!
Truly - One of the best thinkers of our times. Together with Richard dockings, Sam Harris, Steven Pinker, DAniel Denner and many others The Atheist Experience is an IMPORTANT show which is badly needed in the world today! PS Bring back Tracie Harris!!
While the show has always been thought-provoking, it has suffered considerably from the loss of Tracy and Jen. It’s very hard to listen to Jenna, one of the new hosts, because she is simply terrible. Rather than asking intelligent questions and offering reasoned answers, she just gets loud and tries to emulate Matt, but she does not have the intellectual grounding to do this effectively. She has dumbed down the show and has little to offer. Tracy, Jen, and Matt were by far the best hosts. Please get Jenna off this show and find a host with a solid intellectual basis.
Theists just can’t seem to prove the existence of God despite thousands of attempts. Very entertaining!
Fun discussions
I see many negative reviews about the newest cohost, Jenna, but please give her credit. She is learning the the logical way to dissect people's fallacious arguments. She is most effective with Matt Dillahnuty hosting. She is kind and clever and will improve. Matt can tear apart illogical arguments quickly, and doesn't give people the opportunity to proselytize. I love Don's failures. I would like to see him tear people's arguments apart a little more. I love some of the guest cohosts that come one. Keep up the excellent work, everyone. Jenna, I appreciate you.
I used to LOVE this show, but I can’t listen anymore. Jenna needs to go!!!! All she does is talk over everyone then hangs up on them. I will be trying to listen to what the caller says, but she screams over them with stupid questions and the caller can never even say what they called about because she starts going down a different path then hangs up on them. Maybe when she’s gone I’ll listen again.
Jenna doesn’t listen. She waits to tell about herself. I have been listening for 15 years, but I am not interested in her turning every caller into her story. Matt knows his Bible. That was interesting. She makes it all about her. Jenna is not interesting to me. I am losing interest in this podcast.
No offense intended it’s just that every person on this show is not exceptionally smart or insightful, and the same can be said for me as well. I don’t listen to other people give advise if they are equally or less insightful than I am. Why would I since I can talk to myself anytime. I only listen to Matt’s Episodes (I have listened to every one multiple times) because he has knowledge, insight, wisdom and self control like I have not found elsewhere. This isn’t meant to insult anyone just wanted to let you know why the non-Matt episodes have less listeners.
Matt is the leading unabashed atheist voice of this podcast. He’s foul mouthed when need be, rude when necessary, but always informative and fair. The entire crew over at ACA is some of the nicest and most fun loving people I’ve ever heard. Maybe one day I’ll get to meet them. In the mean time, I’ll keep listening, and gaining wisdom to better fight and destroy theists out here in Hardin County, TN. If you are an atheist, and are in my area… find the FB group I admin… Hardin County TN Atheists. We are small but growing.
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Someone called on a recent show asking Matt if he would ever consider being on the Joe Rogan experience. I listen to both “The Atheist Experience” and also “The Joe Rogan Experience” and I can’t stress enough what a FANTASTIC idea that is!!! Please!! I beg of you to do that! It would be a great interview!! Make it happen!!! Love the show! Been a die hard fan for about 8 years now😊
For the past 15 years, the Atheist Community of Ausin (ACA) has hosted a call-in program on public access. This is the show in podcast format. Atheist and theist callers alike call in to the show to pose questions and comments and the hosts challenge superstitious thinking head-on with sharp-witted reason and the best scientific evidence to date. Now, if only they could get Ontangelo (sp?) to stop hogging up the show with his seemingly weekly call-in of really sad apologetics, superstitious thinking and pseudointellectualism… Awesome show!
I love this podcast one of the first atheist podcast I came across. I’m just jealous I can’t be part of the show or have my own podcast.
Matt is a true leader. His passion and knowledge is unparalleled.
These people are out on the front lines, defending against the yoke of theocracy.
I just don’t understand why you would invite guests onto your show just to talk over them and belittle them.
Transphobes in an old boys club. Don’t forget this is their business.
All the hosts and volunteers who supported the trans community have been run off. See EssenceofThought on YouTube for details.
Why do you believe what you believe?
The conversations are sometimes intellectually stimulating to me and sometimes not. Sometimes I learn something and sometimes the hosts miss arguments or facts that I would have used. One surprise for me is how often callers modify or reverse their positions and I believe the program is worthwhile for at least this reason. It is depressing to hear how many people have been indoctrinated to the point of not being able to reason or accept plain language meanings of words.