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Stop shilling for the Democrats. It’s so irritating how you mix in liberal politics constantly. Irritating.
My wife, while not a very big podcast fan like me, is an extremely staunch & proud atheist, so needless to say, she’s a HUGE fan of The Atheist Experience. She’s played a handful of episodes for me and even though I’m a weak atheist at best (I’m more anti-religious than anything), I’ve very much enjoyed all of the episodes that I’ve heard. Highly recommended for all atheists as well as open minded theists.
This is the show that helps and at the same time explains all their arguments. Matt, Jen, Tracie, Don, Jason, and guest host always explain and try to be patient and truthful!!!
I never miss an episode and have listened to many in the archives. Open dialogue and exchange of ideas is crucial to a better world, and you guys are awesome at it. Each host has a slightly different perspective which reflects atheism at large. I have been an atheist for 40+ years, but it was never OK to admit it in most circles. That is changing, in part, because of you all at the AXP!
Matt Dillahunty is one of the best speakers and debaters I’ve ever seen. A really nice, thought provoking show.
Shameless in there lack of creativity in there title. This podcast is a pathetic effort to try to attack the logically superior views of Atheists. Evangelicals are totally invested in in unsubstantiated clams about their religion. Weak minded suckers. Look at reality and logic for the truth. There is a better way.
It’s such a breath of fresh air to hear intelligent and logical freethinkers discussing the big questions in life. I enjoy all the hosts they each bring a different gift to the show. They all helped me further develop my own doubts and questions and most importantly be able to muster up the strength to verbalized out loud that I am an atheist.
The best podcast for atheists
I love this podcast and YouTube channel. Almost a month ago I became we maybe not an atheist Becuase I’m still new and skeptical and I’m free. I’m sure you’ve explained in all your videos about things, but if I was able to get a call from you all it would be amazing and I could get the help I feel like I need to help me. Thanks
It would be nice if the new co-hosts got more air time as some of the long term hosts seem to be burning out and their responses are too predictable.
This show is great for all humans, but especially cathartic for newly emerging atheists
I've been a listener for many years. Originally I sought out the show because I was having a child, and wanted to better understand my stance on religion in lieu of religious family members. This podcast helped me figure out how to think about and actively describe my views on such topics.
I am so impressed how quickly and accurately Matt can respond to callers opinions, comments, and points of view. He appears infinitely more patient than I could ever be when responding to your irrational and illogical assertions. I commend you on your invaluable message.


Just found you and appreciate humorous and accurate pod cast about reality! Atheists really need more avenues to connect, we have more influence and power as a group. The Christian push in America is trying to dominate schools, politics, and law, and this should be terrifying to everyone - and if we don’t stand together we shall be forced to kneel together!
I have listened to this podcast for many years. I really enjoy it, love all the host, each one has a unique take. Like most I really enjoy Tracie and Matt. I will have to say that Don's "Failures of Christianity" have gotten old, I wish they would end that segment. Overall I love the podcast and look forward to listening to it every week on my way to work.
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Thank you for putting on such an awesome podcast. It is great to listen to the calls and here the critical thinking and skepticism that you put forth. This show has greatly helped me with how I talk with theist and present arguments when they ask me why I do not believe.
This podcast will have you rethinking everything. You will not only look at religion differently, but everything that requires thought. I look forward to the newest episode every single week.
One of the best shows I’ve ever come across. The hosts are amazing and the topics are very interesting I really appreciate this podcast and highly recommend it
Thanks for putting this out there
I was really trying to find an aethiest podcast that was more humanistic. After listening to one episode, i was really excited because i am in line with the discussions against organized religion. but as i continued to listen to another episode i was turned off by the sarcasm and combative behavior towards guests and snickering behind the scenes. Hopefully you will except this as feedback because i would really like your show to evolve ,as it might appeal to more listeners.
Multiple hosts make each episode a land mine to maneuver by. Logic and skepticism are the knife and fork of each caller, topic and guest.
I have been listening for at least 7 years.
I’ve been listening to the Atheist Experience since 2010 and have listened to every show that was produced from 2005. This show is one of my top two, must listen to, weekly podcasts. The other being the Phil Ferguson Show.
This is an absolutely wonderful and thoughtful show that has played an integral role in my path to non belief. I was on the fence for years but as I educated myself my beliefs were put into question. I read the God Delusion by Richard Dawkins and the book changed my perspective, but it was the Atheist experience and it’s wonderful hosts that pushed me over the edge and forced me to deal with reality on reality’s terms and essentially changed my life for the better. Great show and keep up all the great work. Thank you so much for the show!
I really look forward to new releases of this podcast weekly, and also like having a variety of hosts. That way you get to hear slightly different viewpoints. Of course, the discussions with theists are the most entertaining calls, but sometimes atheist callers have interesting conversations as well. The intro music changeover to “Saved” was a stroke of brilliance. Please don’t ever change that! Immediately purchased the song once I heard it to support Shelley Segal.
This show can be really frustrating if Matt isn’t on because he has the most thorough arguments and is prepared to use them at all times. He doesn’t hold back from being direct, although sometimes he can be a d*ck...but he really cares about the ACA’s work and informing people about atheism. I still listen every week even when Matt isn’t on, almost always worth a listen especially for theists, and also a great way for newer atheists to learn more about the arguments. Love that a really popular atheist show is out my home state of Texas, of all places!
I've always believed in god as a default but this show showed me that the margin of proof is on the believer while making me feel comfortable in the process of loosing my religion. Thank you!
However, if you are trying to hide your head in the sand and refuse to look at your religion with a skeptical eye, then you'll most likely hate this podcase. If you cannot explain your reasons for your faith, then get ready for some honest, fair and tough questions. This is one of my favorite Sunday shows.
Matt is great, though often too dismissive of counter ideas. Many of the other hosts hold their own, but can come off as arrogant and two dimensional at times. I used to love this show, as well as a few other atheist podcasts, but I've found that even some of the most respected atheists, one's who sing the praises of skeptical thinking, are too often not skeptical of anything else outside of religion... Maybe keep the subject matter to religion and leave your medical and political nonsense out of the show!?


By GlennEm
The host of this show says "uhh" incessantly. For me, that makes the show unlistenable.
I just love this show because it's taught me to ask smart questions and think more critically. I discovered this podcast through my free-thinkers community group and I loved it instantly. I never watch it live and instead enjoy it later while I commute or do light exercise (walking/jogging) or even while I clean. Love Matt D although he can be harch by my standards sometimes - I always enjoy the hosts and what they have to say.
This show is so incredible and I never hear an episode that don't thoroughly enjoy. The conversations between Matt and friends with the theists who call in are so engaging and he treats them with as much respect as they deserve. If you're new to the community or questioning as a believer this is a great landing spot!
Each member on the show has an inhuman level of patience for the callers!
Great show.
Love the panel of weekly hosts. Keeps it fresh. The calls are mostly hilarious, but hopefully you are getting through to some of them. Keep it up.
I tried. I really did. I just started listening to podcasts about 6 months ago and first discovered and fell in love with shows like the Scathing Atheist and Cognitive Dissonance. While these shows are hilarious and often offer some insight, they are definitely not palatable to everyone and don't look at a lot of the issues in depth. The hosts of these and other shows frequently declare their intent to only appeal to atheists, and point to shows like the Atheist Experience as a more diplomatic show geared towards a broader audience. When looking for a meatier discussion, I started listening to this show. I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt because they had a few particularly troublesome callers in the first few episodes I listened to, but I've hit 5 episodes now and just can't listen to it anymore. The hosts constantly interrupt their callers and then yell at them for not being able to get to their point. They cut off callers to nit pick their every word and then insult them for getting off topic. They seriously and deliberately derail the conversations with every single caller and then blame them for it. Several episodes ago a teenager called in in the midst of having a crisis of faith and I was appalled that they interrupted him and used very harsh words with him. If people in very vulnerable positions like this are reaching out to you, they need compassion, not a lecture about how stupid they were to believe it all in the first place. This is not an example of altruistic atheism, and I'm not going to be holding these people up as an example for the atheist community. If you want people to understand humanist values and see atheists as good and kind people, that starts in your interactions with believers and non-believers alike.
I was recently introduced to the podcast and I can't get enough. A lot of the conversations that are brought up are what I hear a lot of and its nice to hear the arguments shot down by the people who brought them up.👍👍🏾
I look forward to this podcast every week for its sincerity, openness, and interesting discussions. Download and listen for yourself, then make up your own mind! That's what it's all about.
The content is great, but the quality is poor, and Matt Dillahunty is someone I can’t listen to. He is intelligent and I love his logic, but his personality just ruins it for me. I just listened to another podcast where he tells the caller to let him finish talking, but then does the same thing to the caller. The caller (who was an Atheist as well) called him on it and asked if Matt would let him finish now that he was talking, but Matt, in his classic style, hung up on him. Matt just seems jaded, which I would expect from an Apple Genius, but not from someone in his position.
Matt, not everyone is attacking your position. Laugh at yourself once in awhile. They were laughing at your response to the question about your wife loving you because it was funny in the moment. Find some help to pull the stick out. "If you don't like it don't listen." Understood.
Best podcast along with jre. Must not miss it every week
Matt is awesome. This podcast is great. I listen to every download. I am very interested in hearing more from Pakistan guest. I think he is insightful and funny. I wonder if there are safe havens for non-believing cultural Muslims.
What a disgrace. I can't believe anyone would actually listen to something that came out of an atheist's mouth. I will pray for those caught up in this nonsense, if you want something to listen to go to Kent Hovind. There's probably 100 times where someone says Kent is a terrible man that lies, not true he's a wonderful man with a scientific theory. God hope you all.
The show is simple and fair and provides believers with an open forum to make their case. The fact that the show still exists is a good indication that the case hasn't yet been made.
The Atheist Experience was challenging theists and promoting positive atheism long before it became cool (aka the most obvious and reasonable position for seekers of truth and reality) to do so. AE gives voice to the reason and critical thought of the majority of the world's atheists. If a theist thought they had a good reason to believe, it's almost certainly been challenged and destroyed on AE (probably dozens of times). If every theist listened to AE while putting their biases and wishful thinking aside, they would likely become a highly informed and more rational theist or an atheist. As can be attested by countless AE episodes, too many theists either don't care what is true or they ignore the flaws in their thinking because of Jesus/Allah/Krishna/insert random deity. Don't be a theist that believes for no good reason, listen to AE.
The ACA has some great minds. This show is amazing for so many reasons. I think everyone can learn from it. When I first discovered this show I binged on it for a few weeks and it has greatly sharpened my critical thinking skills. Matt Dillahunty also happens to be a rock star. If you like this show also check out the Non Prophets podcast which is produced by the same organization but is geared toward atheists rather than theists.