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I would love to see more hosts from all over the world if possible but best podcast ever.
Great conversations. Enlightening. Empathetic. Excellent demonstrations of critical thinking. Matt is especially good at using the calls to educate the audience but each of the other hosts also bring significant talents. Deserves a far wider audience.
Jenna not ready for prime time.
I’m sad to say that after 13 years of listening to TAE, I’ve finally unsubscribed. In recent years Matt has becoming increasingly inpatient with his guests and resorts to yelling at them within about 2 minutes. This has always been the case to some extent, but has really seemed to worsen lately. The show is still a good primer to atheist thought, but the movement could use a much more measured leader than Matt.
If you’re a theist or a atheist the is a show for you.
This podcast is essential to teaching me epistemology as I deconvert. Thank you to all the hosts and crew. Love you guys.
Don’t go out in the world until you have absorbed some of the sage wisdom in this show!
In order for the Big Bang to occur there had to have been a conscious entity to observe it. Proof to me there isn’t a good. Your thinking is very narrow minded and shallow.
Matt, proud you’re giving up a bad habit. But man, get some Chantix or Xanex! 😂 Stay home stay safe and stay healthy brother!
Truly - One of the best thinkers of our times. Together with Richard dockings, Sam Harris, Steven Pinker, DAniel Denner and many others The Atheist Experience is an IMPORTANT show which is badly needed in the world today! PS Bring back Tracie Harris!!
While the show has always been thought-provoking, it has suffered considerably from the loss of Tracy and Jen. It’s very hard to listen to Jenna, one of the new hosts, because she is simply terrible. Rather than asking intelligent questions and offering reasoned answers, she just gets loud and tries to emulate Matt, but she does not have the intellectual grounding to do this effectively. She has dumbed down the show and has little to offer. Tracy, Jen, and Matt were by far the best hosts. Please get Jenna off this show and find a host with a solid intellectual basis.
Theists just can’t seem to prove the existence of God despite thousands of attempts. Very entertaining!
Fun discussions
I see many negative reviews about the newest cohost, Jenna, but please give her credit. She is learning the the logical way to dissect people's fallacious arguments. She is most effective with Matt Dillahnuty hosting. She is kind and clever and will improve. Matt can tear apart illogical arguments quickly, and doesn't give people the opportunity to proselytize. I love Don's failures. I would like to see him tear people's arguments apart a little more. I love some of the guest cohosts that come one. Keep up the excellent work, everyone. Jenna, I appreciate you.
I used to LOVE this show, but I can’t listen anymore. Jenna needs to go!!!! All she does is talk over everyone then hangs up on them. I will be trying to listen to what the caller says, but she screams over them with stupid questions and the caller can never even say what they called about because she starts going down a different path then hangs up on them. Maybe when she’s gone I’ll listen again.
Jenna doesn’t listen. She waits to tell about herself. I have been listening for 15 years, but I am not interested in her turning every caller into her story. Matt knows his Bible. That was interesting. She makes it all about her. Jenna is not interesting to me. I am losing interest in this podcast.
I miss Tracy. The only one I can listen to now is Matt. I can’t stand Jenna, who unfortunately seems like the go to host after Matt. Jenna has no more insight into atheism than me, and definitely has less understanding of philosophy and logic than I do. Seriously, if Jenna keeps guest hosting I may need to stop listening.
No offense intended it’s just that every person on this show is not exceptionally smart or insightful, and the same can be said for me as well. I don’t listen to other people give advise if they are equally or less insightful than I am. Why would I since I can talk to myself anytime. I only listen to Matt’s Episodes (I have listened to every one multiple times) because he has knowledge, insight, wisdom and self control like I have not found elsewhere. This isn’t meant to insult anyone just wanted to let you know why the non-Matt episodes have less listeners.
Matt is the leading unabashed atheist voice of this podcast. He’s foul mouthed when need be, rude when necessary, but always informative and fair. The entire crew over at ACA is some of the nicest and most fun loving people I’ve ever heard. Maybe one day I’ll get to meet them. In the mean time, I’ll keep listening, and gaining wisdom to better fight and destroy theists out here in Hardin County, TN. If you are an atheist, and are in my area… find the FB group I admin… Hardin County TN Atheists. We are small but growing.
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Someone called on a recent show asking Matt if he would ever consider being on the Joe Rogan experience. I listen to both “The Atheist Experience” and also “The Joe Rogan Experience” and I can’t stress enough what a FANTASTIC idea that is!!! Please!! I beg of you to do that! It would be a great interview!! Make it happen!!! Love the show! Been a die hard fan for about 8 years now😊
For the past 15 years, the Atheist Community of Ausin (ACA) has hosted a call-in program on public access. This is the show in podcast format. Atheist and theist callers alike call in to the show to pose questions and comments and the hosts challenge superstitious thinking head-on with sharp-witted reason and the best scientific evidence to date. Now, if only they could get Ontangelo (sp?) to stop hogging up the show with his seemingly weekly call-in of really sad apologetics, superstitious thinking and pseudointellectualism… Awesome show!
I love this podcast one of the first atheist podcast I came across. I’m just jealous I can’t be part of the show or have my own podcast.
Matt is a true leader. His passion and knowledge is unparalleled.
These people are out on the front lines, defending against the yoke of theocracy.
I just don’t understand why you would invite guests onto your show just to talk over them and belittle them.
Transphobes in an old boys club. Don’t forget this is their business.
All the hosts and volunteers who supported the trans community have been run off. See EssenceofThought on YouTube for details.
Why do you believe what you believe?
The conversations are sometimes intellectually stimulating to me and sometimes not. Sometimes I learn something and sometimes the hosts miss arguments or facts that I would have used. One surprise for me is how often callers modify or reverse their positions and I believe the program is worthwhile for at least this reason. It is depressing to hear how many people have been indoctrinated to the point of not being able to reason or accept plain language meanings of words.
Since the stance the ACA took in supporting Stephen Woodford’s transphobia, I can. I longer abide.
I had been listening for well over a decade, but recently they've been platforming some... questionable people. One of these people turned out to be a huge transphobe. The blowback from this has divided the community and many of the original long-term cast & crew have either been kicked out by the people defending bigotry or have left in disgust with what the community was becoming. Remember the old days when Matt would viciously attack any idiot who promoted hate and bigotry? Who would have thought he would eventually become one of those idiots. The ACA has betrayed what it evens means to be a skeptic, throwing science and logic out the window in favor of hate and feels.


Same thing over and over. Matt ran off all the other good hosts so he could use it as a platform to self promote his own brand and buddy up to other Youtube “celebrity” atheists.
So happy I found this podcast and have started to question everything more. I was raised christian but never believe any of it. I am so relieved to finally feel like I'm not the only one. Keep up all the hard work! One day I will make it to a live show!!!!
This show is great, I love listening when I need to hear deeper thought and detailed explanations of how the conclusions were thought out(usually from the host & co-host). I have my favorite hosts of course but everyone is great for the efforts they all make to help the individuals that are seeking a better way to investigate their religious beliefs and/or to chat with those that want have a dialogue about it. This helped me greatly to throughly think out why I believed/blindly accepted a lot of the things I did years ago. There was no turning back after that, great show!
I am a better atheist and person for listening.
There’s so much knowledge to be gained from simply listening to this show every week that I thought “this show could and should be replicated everywhere”. Long live TAE. You guys have given me so much to think about over the years, that I feel indebted to them. Thank you. Thank you. And if I’m ever in Austin, dinner will be on me. Angelo Corbo
Supportive, encouraging and friendly discourse that encourages positive athiesm. While sometimes the conversations can get heated, the hosts are selected for their good intentions to want to make a difference for the better in the world.
I’m downgrading my score because I’m tired of your feminist tropes. So Aletha, enjoy my score.
I love listening to Tracie Harris! When people ask who is your favorite atheist she is my answer. With her quick wit well thought out answer and ability to ignore the condescension of some male callers I always look forward to her hosting. She says the hosts are just people and shouldn’t be idolized but I really admire her. Take the compliment Tracie 🙂 your a clear voice for women.
I love most episodes. Can’t say I like all the hosts, but most do a good job.
The hosts are very knowledgeable. Not always nice but usually right.
I’ve been listening for over a decade and still learn something new each week. I can’t say thank you enough for the good work they do, particularly for those struggling with evangelical family members and loosening the grip of their own childhood indoctrination. Life-changing!
My wife, while not a very big podcast fan like me, is an extremely staunch & proud atheist, so needless to say, she’s a HUGE fan of The Atheist Experience. She’s played a handful of episodes for me and even though I’m a weak atheist at best (I’m more anti-religious than anything), I’ve very much enjoyed all of the episodes that I’ve heard. Highly recommended for all atheists as well as open minded theists.
This is the show that helps and at the same time explains all their arguments. Matt, Jen, Tracie, Don, Jason, and guest host always explain and try to be patient and truthful!!!
I never miss an episode and have listened to many in the archives. Open dialogue and exchange of ideas is crucial to a better world, and you guys are awesome at it. Each host has a slightly different perspective which reflects atheism at large. I have been an atheist for 40+ years, but it was never OK to admit it in most circles. That is changing, in part, because of you all at the AXP!
Matt Dillahunty is one of the best speakers and debaters I’ve ever seen. A really nice, thought provoking show.
It’s such a breath of fresh air to hear intelligent and logical freethinkers discussing the big questions in life. I enjoy all the hosts they each bring a different gift to the show. They all helped me further develop my own doubts and questions and most importantly be able to muster up the strength to verbalized out loud that I am an atheist.