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This is an awesome podcast I looooove it ❤️❤️
I adore this for so many reasons and I am 21. I still listen to them all the time! My favorites are the Saul and Esther series...that MUSIC!! So encouraging and filled with life! Highly recommend!!!
Oh my gosh I love paws and tails great stories great values (even though I think there all about Cj and not Staci) I’m a preteen and even my 16 year old brother likes. You guys are awesome!!!
I am nine and I love them so much
I love listening to these over and over, I am 47 years old, too. Nothing like good, edifying, and wholesome entertainment to feed the brain.


My children and I love listening to Paws and Tales Podcast. The voices, music, and sound effects makes it an incredible, fun and entertaining listening experience for the whole family. Also, the stories are educational, wholesome, and positive. Good for Christian families trying to instill the importance of Christ-like living. Highly recommend!
I am a parent to 5 children and we listen to Paws and Tales everyday! We love the stories, the lessons they learn... and each story comes to life with the cool sound effects, fun character voices and such beautiful music! Honestly, Paws and Tales is an answered prayer for us.. sometimes it hard to find something on the radio that all my kids want to listen to but they love this!! We will be forever lifelong subscribers!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


i Like it !!!
I love this thing and I’m 10
David Carl and Eric Baesel, the creators of Paws and Tales, made 69 incredibly deep, insightful episodes that entertain and instruct both children and their parents. I began listening when I was 30 and still love to listen to these old shows. I only wish there had been more! I’ve looked all over the internet in hopes of finding out what happened next! Perhaps (as Wikipedia notes) they will publish the rest of the story as books? Still, even with the sudden drop of the program when it seemed there was just a glimpse of this incredible story arc, the episodes are SO rich and worth listening to again and again. As a former children’s pastor and a child at heart, let me HIGHLY recommend these podcasts to you!


By Adymott
im 14 and a public school student, but i still love paws and tales. there are God-filled stories that remind me of my childhood and still teach me lessons in high school! ❤️
I love paws and tales


I LOVE ❤️❤️ Paws and tales it’s so entertaining and funny! Listen and subscribe!
I always love listening to Paws and Tales. It has great Christian morals. In my opinion this program goes beyond 5 stars. God Bless 😄😁
I just started listening to these stories! And I just love them. They are adorable and teach about the Bible. I definitely will tell my friends about it.
But you guys seriously need to add more stories. Seems like it takes months just in order to get a new story and then this one I've heard before. Where is the ones about shadow Valley?
All four of my kids love Paws & Tales. They learn valuable truths while enjoying the stories. At times they are breathless with laughter--usually inspired by Gooz.
i am 10 and i absolutely LOVE<3 you podcast!!! i listen to your podcast weekly on keys for kids radio and I've subscribed to your " Paws cast" its amazing!!!


This is fun to listen to also it helps time go by while I'm learning something new on sabbath. P.S. This is a child speaking
i have the cd set and play it every night on my radio its great and now i have it on my ipod and for free.
Im so in love with paws and tail it feels like I am actually there. I am 25yrs old but u are never to old or to young to serve God
I'm 34 and love this podcast. The message behind each episode rings true for all.
Podcast is wonderful. 6 year old listens to it often. Hoping for a Christmas story.


By scwinn
I'm 11 and paws and tails is awesome
I'm 13 and this has to be one of the best podcasts I have heard
I am 12 and I think that this is a wonderful broadcast!
this show is well done and supports our family values. Good Job Churck Swindoll taking God's message to the Millenial generation.
This is the best podcast that we have subcribed to. I highly recomend this we listen to the podcast on the road as a family we all love it. My kids are 9;11;& 13. My husband and I also love it. The best part is that the podcast continues so you get part 1 or 2 if there is more parts to the story.
I am 14 and I LOVE Paws & Tails!
I mean, come on i'm 16 and have been listining to this show for about 4 years and I love it! It has such good messages. If you love God and want to grow in him, or if you want to teach your kids of any age the same thing. I realy urge you download this show. and its free! Thank you iTunes!
I like to listen to these in the car on roadtrips.They are great for ages 1 to 100. My Mom and Dad like them too.


By ra1153
Our kids love Paws & Tails. Since we live in Japan and don't have access to english radio we're delighted that your podcasting these shows. Thank You
my kids love paws and tales, i would say its the best podcast i heard
This is a wholesome faimily show that is fast moving and entertaining.
Super Good!!!!!
Hey... I'm 16... and I love Paws and Tales. The stories keep you interested, and teach you something at the same time.


By k-buggy
have been listening for years...... so excited i can put it on my ipod now!
Appreciate hearing the show, thanks! -joshMshep The Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast (
I really love listening to Paws and Tale's stories, they are wonderful! It's great for families and kids. Even older teens will also enjoy these timeless biblical stories.
i love these i esspecially love the problem with purity 1+2. They have good morals, so subscribe! P.S. why did they change the voice of c.j.? P.S.(again) I love gooz
My kids look forward to new episodes (I must confess that my wife and I do too). The kids are always asking "Did you get any new episodes yet?"
Not just for kids! I'm in my 20's and enjoy it. Well-written stories, professionally recorded, creative way of showing practical application of Bible truths.
I LOVE Paws and Tales, and I am 14!!! The storys are intresting, not to mention that the characters are very believable. If you are considering subscribing, I would do it!! It has some great Bible lessons.
My 3 & 4 year old boys love Paws and Tales. They are always asking to listen to one. I love it because it gives me the opportunity to talk to them about specific spiritual things and address possible sin in their lives. Paws and Tales is of great eternal value to my family.
this is a great thing to listen to for the young and old. i listen to paws and tales every night. please listen and get it. you will love it.
Hey --- I am 63 and I love this!
Paws and Tales is such a fun show for elementary kids. The stories are fun and exciting, but the shows also teach real Biblical truths in memorable ways. The creative songs at the ends are always really great too!