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This podcast has been a constant source for finding noteworthy new indie music that I have not yet heard of. Despite how monotone Pete may sound, his love and passion for music shines through and through. A must listen to anyone remotely interested in indie music.
I've been listening to this since about episode 6, and it's all wonderful. I've been turned on to so many great bands because of this show and Pete, and even with the bands I know, it's great to hear the music and know you're not the only one who absolutely loves this music.
This podcast is fabulous. I just started listening to it yesterday. So far I've listened to the same episode twice and just finished a second one. It's that good. The host, Peter, is funny and has interesting insights - and he doesn't talk too much. (That's a huge plus as I envision myself using this for jogging and need my beats to keep me going.) And the music? Spectacular indie pop. Groups like Fujiya Migayi, Tahiti 80, Jason Collette. It's great. I plan on listening yet again with pen in hand so I can start buying albums. So glad I stumbled onto this!
Pete Fuller (formerly Pyoter Fyullerodvsky) plays the Cello like no man since Guaneri Del Roso. His pizzacatto technique leaves one mesmorized. The heavenly sounds from his lightly tacked french bow are not to be missed. The Trenton Philharmonic conductor Alfred Neusmann calls Pete Fullers work unparralleled in the history of symphonic movements. This podcast does not dissappoint