Reviews For X-Oriente

The most consistently thoughtful and challenging Masonic podcast available.
I've really enjoyed this podcast, and am very grateful to its producers for putting in the time and effort to create it.
I have enjoyed this show for some time. Now that the show is more consistent, it has gotten even better.
Great thoughtful discussion on the importance Freemasonry should have in todays world. We have been living peacefully together regardless of faith or political persuasion for generations. It is time we show the world how we do it and back the hateful rhetoric down a few notches and Brother Diamond is here to lead the way.
This podcast offers a much needed voice that is astute, thoughtful, and (dare I say) progressive.
A fantastic podcast, went dark for awhile due to a Bro. furthering his formal education, but it's now back. And they have their own custom theme song!
Hiram Brother! I'm so glad you're back and congrats in your degrees(college)and being able to start this back up. I enjoyed the latest episode, and look forward to more soon :) btw...Do you have any recommendations for books on the "Science of Freemasonry"? I look forward to your reply, and welcome back! Vivat, Bro. Anthony Leighton Master Mason Deering Lodge #183 Portland, Maine
Highly, highly recommended, for some really cool topics and down to earth points of view. How many times are we told that Masons are supermen, when in fact we are not all that perfect. This podcast remembers to be realistic, while remaining idealistic.
Please give us some more to listen to. I go to iTunes every couple of weeks or so to see if there is a new one but am disappointed when the last one done was two or more months ago. It really is a fantastic podcast.
I love Masonic Podcasts. I listen on my drive to & from work six days a week. Bro. Diamond is good at what he does. I just wish there was a new podcast every month.
There is something to be said about any effort to expand the general knowledge of Masonic awareness. What is readilly available is the meaning of "this and that". While it is 100% necessary, it does not focus on more recent topics like Modern Masonry. Brother Eric's ability to present quality information should be recognized and noted. This is April of 2010 and I just discovered this podcast, so I am starting from episode one on up (at 3 now). Eric Diamond truly cares for the Fraternity, his Brothers world wide and the flourishing of the Masonic Renaissance that is taking place! Thank you for all of your commendable efforts.


I really wish this podcast would continue. I'll be entered in on the 5 of January and this podcast helped answer tons of questions I had.
Brother Diamond approaches Freemasonry the way that the best Masons do, as one seeking wisdom. In his podcasts, he explores the philosophy, history, and current issues of the Craft, and he exemplifies the best attributes that the Craft can provide a Mason through his kindness, intelligence, and, what I detect, to be a thoughtful and honest pursuit of a higher truth and the meaning of Freemasonry. If you want the truth of what Freemasonry has to offer, please turn off your television and tune in to this podcast. For the non-Freemason this is a great resource to acclimate yourself to the Craft. For the Freemason, Brother Diamond is a good example of the level we should desire in our own pursuit of a higher, meaningful light. Brother Diamond, I thank you for this noble work you are doing. I look forward to your future podcasts.
B Masons... that is they want to be Masons.
These podcasts frequently suffer from unnecessary rambling that makes them quite a bit longer than they need to be. Just the same, I recommend them as Bro. Diamond does provide a perspective on the Craft not often heard.
Outstanding show, Bros. I especially enjoyed the last show with the "Iceman", it was a phenominal look at masonry from a great man's point of view and it was an informative look at Prince Hall, for those of us who havn't been exposed to it much. THANKS, keep the great shows coming!
I have been considering for some time in becoming involved with Freemasonary but never felt I had any basic information with wich to start my understanding. To say the least my interest is even higher then before. I enjoy the specific set of information that is provided in an easy to understand and listen to. I know this is made for Freemasons but from my own ideals I can see how this could also help many others. It is worth your time in listening to these podcasts.
EVERY Freemason no matter where they live MUST join Brother Diamond and his awakening of us the "Shock Troops of the Enlightenment" (Thank You Brother JOE)!!! The internet for the first time ever in history allows EVERY Freemason the world over to strengthen our Mystic Bonds with one another in a way never before seen among our Ancient Brotherhood! I am telling every Brother That I come into contact with to tune in to Brother Eric's Program.
informative and entertaining this is a great way for new masons (like myself) to stay connected to the fraternity in the hustle and bustle of modern life. this is the cutting edge of freemasonry in the 21st century.
I have recently joined the masons and Eric has informed me on a lot. The things he discusses is very helpful. Also he will answer any questions you have through e-mail and IM. I recommend this to anyone that is thinking about joining the craft to the person that has been in the lodge for years.