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I been grinding on the Grindhouse podcast for quite sometime now and it's too good! I'm goin to keep it moving too with some brew!
Really enjoying this show. Great chemistry between Brim and Alex. I'll be listening every week.
Sweet show Brim! If you get sick of Alex as a sidekick, I can easily make myself available immediately!
Brimstone is the greatest of all time, hands down. Loving this series.
Within Brim's Skin is my newest go to podcast! Doesn't get better than this.
This show is a terrific addition to the Grindhouse Radio series. Really glad I tuned in. Hope it continues.
Girl Scout routine was hysterical, which reminds me I need to get my fix. Love the new show Brim!
Funny, fun, witty and way too short! Keep up the great work, our family love you!
More Brimstone for the win!
This podcast is incredible!
Congrats on the new show!!!
Hi guys!!!! New to Grindhouse but I love what i've heard so far! I tuned in to hear your episodes with walking dead actors before the season finale and thought they were so much fun!! Consider me a new fan, glad I found you.


Been listening to the Grindhouse radio now for a couple years and love it. I even tune in to Within Brim's Skin and KimTom to enjoy more content. When will you be doing a daily show, like every morning kind of thing? I think so many people would enjoy that.
Yo grindhouse, when y'all finna bring on some more rappers? GH is bangin an it's mad appreciated that you keep ya guests diverse.
Huge GHR fan! Been following Brimstone's weightloss journey so far and it's been inspiring. I looked into his program for myself, but it's not available by me. Either way, congrats on the results Brim!
Thoroughly enjoying GHR now for the last few years, apologies that it's taken this long to rate and review! Keep it up.


By facebbn
Grindhouse is a super fun show! I've been catching up on a bunch of episodes and loving it. Thank you for the laughs!
Grindhouse is always on point. I just picked up an Arcade 1up cabinet at Walmart after hearing that it existed and will be returning to pick up Space Invaders soon also! Thinking of streaming on twitch with these too! Thanks for showing us gamers love.
Grindhouse Radio is life!! Will you guys be signing at SDCC this year? Hope to meet the cast!
I wanted to reach out to say how cool I think it is that you guys added a women's empowerment segment to the roster. Carissa has been amazing and so has Monique, it's enlightening. More podcasts in power should take a small example from the kings AND queens of podcasting.
Love the content you guys put out every week. Me and the Misus love Kim's Questions! we've gone into some debates over them as well. Keep up the great work ya'll!


I can not wait! I heard you guys are coming to the great Philly show in April. This is so exciting, been listening to you all for awhile now.
I really wanted to win those Nightmare Before Christmas set of vynl dolls. It is really cool that you partner with Entertainment Earth for these contests, I wouldn't have known about them if it weren't for you! I've picked up a few things from that site already and it helped me for the holidays! Also really wanted that Hello Kitty kikkoman bottle, that was amazing looking. Thank you Grindhouse!
Nous vous aimons ici dans notre petite boulangerie en France et espérons que vous visiterez notre pays dès que possible. Nous souhaitons pouvoir vous envoyer des échantillons de nos pains et autres surprises. Longue vie à The Grindhouse Radio!
I was at the Polar Plunge for Special Olympics and met you guys there. Really appreciate the good you do. I've spent the last day binge listening to GHR and you're awesome as you are in real life!
Mister Greer, tá tú seanbhásta Éireannach agat! Nuair a dhéanann tú do bhealach ar Éirinn, bí cinnte go stopfaidh tú síos ag Ceann Stags i gCathair Bhaile Átha Cliath le haghaidh péinte Guinness. Go raibh maith agat as a chinntiú go bhfeicimid níos fearr do na Meiriceánaigh ná an leathcheann sin MacGregor. D'fhéadfadh an tiarna maith a bheith geal ort féin agus an ghaoth ar do chúl.
It wasn’t a coincidence they were voted best of Long Island three years in a row
Totally appreciated the Star Trek love with Tim McCormack. He is hilarious, surprising that he doesn't do more interviews. Thanks for giving us fans what we need!
I want to be the first to nominate an on show romance.. I was thinking the couple to make the most sense would be Greer and Zambo. I'm goin to be the first Zee'er!!!
I caught the live feed with the piggies and they were so adorable! Love the show!
Howdy Tom, I have to say that your reading has gotten better over the last few weeks and my office is impressed. We had a contest going to see how long you was going to butcher the english language, but you have got alot better which is great, but now I done lost money! Anyway, I rated, subscribed and here is my review, I think ya'll are fantastic!
In lust with this podcast! Gimme more.
Grindhouse keeps me sane. Don't ever quit I dunno what I would do without ya'll every week.


By Jefrine
love ghr. started watching purge, cant wait to see Steve Coulter. loved him on walking dead.
I listen to GHR every week at work and it helps me get through the day. Thank you GHR for always making me laugh. Keep up the excellent work. Zambo, we are rooting for you!! 💍 #soonenough Hope Kim enjoyed her Birthday. 🎉 Glad that Brimstone is back to his old self. We miss those Section D’s 🍆 Mr. Greer we are here for you. 🤗#cheerupthegreer
heeeeeheeee that old timer is aaaaalright!
Why is Mister Greer is always so negative? He must need more rating, reviewing and subscribing. Rated it X for exciting, my review is that the Grindhouse is fantastic but Greer needs to get laid or somethin to cheer up the Greer! I subbed too.
I dropped the Breakfast Club and now I listen to GHR every morning in my office instead. Such a better show, great cast and they make my coworkers and I smile. GHR pairs well with my Dunkin Donuts coffee every day!
We listen to GHR at a local bar here in Nebraska and we play darts every Thursday night while listening. Everyone laughed heartily when hearing you all play darts in your studio and we think you should get into a league! We'd love to play against you all one day. It is a challenge!
I totally KNEW it was Brimstone that Richard Horvitz was hugging at the Nick booth!!!! I missed all the celebs who were walking around, I am so angry right now!
I'm so bummed that I missed you guys in San Diego. I only had a one day pass and looked all over the place. I just couldn't find you all until it was too late, you already were done for the day. Love this show, it would have been really cool.
Would you rather be the Best? Or would you rather be The Grindhouse Radio? Answer is Grindhouse Radio because GHR is better than the best! You guys are incredible!
Five stars always for Grindhouse!!!! I'm glad ya'll are free to listen to, but if you weren't I'd throw my money at ya!
I saw you guys were nominated for the Podcast Awards, I was surprised that the Grindhouse didn't win big? I think that they're a micky mouse organization and the winners are fixed. GHR was robbed! Down with the Podcast Awards!
I can't begin telling you how incredible GHR is and how this show perks me up every week. It is truthfully everything I have ever wanted in a podcast, the only complaint is that I need more of it. When will GHR expand into more days and episodes?
I can't begin telling you how incredible GHR is and how this show perks me up every week. It is truthfully everything I have ever wanted in a podcast, the only complaint is that I need more of it. When will GHR expand into more days and episodes?