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I love this podcast. The host is great and has a soothing voice. The content is excellent. A must to the podcast or old time radio fans.
5 star enjoy the show always.
This is the only site available carrying many of these unique shows, and every one of them based upon actual comics. The "builder" did a "swell" job by pulling these things together. My Dad used to tell me how he and his older brother would rus home to hear the show, "Let's Imagine" but never before could I even find even one show with this title. Great job here in collecting little known seriels, individual shows and just plain old fun!
As a child of the Forties, this podcast's selection of radio shows is a wonderful treat. Lots of variety with a little commentary mixed in to provide context. It would be nice if the podcaster also included the air date for each week's selections.
Nice content. Would appreciate the title as well as the date of the show in the description. Thanks!
This is great. My father was born in 1935 and we were talking about all the old radio programs he used to listen to as a kid. I just took a chance that iTunes might have a podcast that archived these types of programs, and this podcast is amazing! Thanks so much for preserving these great old shows. They are still fun to listen to after all these years and I know my dad will be excited when he gets to hear them again!