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Great podcast about cocktails and spirits. I would love to see a comparative tasting of a particular spirit
Great concept, good bartender, off-topic podcast. Lots of time wasted on explaining the process of podcasting, technical difficulties, and begging for listener feedback. More booze, less schmooze.
Mr. Martini is a great encyclopedia of mixology. I love when he takes the time to give us the history of a cocktail and liquor.Great Show!! Keep it Up!!
This is solid intorductory information and history for anyone interested in mixology. I recommend it for new bartenders to get the basic facts down. i.e. distinctions between whiskeys, the origins of many varieties of liquors, etc. Customers ask a lot of questions and part of a bartenders job is to educate to the extent that it's possible. Not every bartending situation is the same. Some of this is more usefull in certain situations than others. I would definitely reccomend it for someone who is working in a slightly more upscale/dining situation where knowledge is part of the job. As far as instruction goes, well there is no way to learn how to do something via a podcast, you have to simply walk behind the plank and do it. To be sure, none of this is of much use when you're in the weeds serving a bunch of amateurs, cutting off badly behaved people, bandaging bleeding fingers, what to do when someone hands you a ten and claims it was a twenty, what to do when you break a glass in your ice well and its 3 deep at the bar, and everything else that comes with the job. Nonetheless, it's beneficial for anyone working in the industry to actually know a thing or two about the science and history of booze for the times when you actually do get to engage your customers in polite conversation, and this is a good primer to get your feet wet.
I gotta say that Mr. Martini is very creative. I like this one.
Tim has opened my eyes to classic cocktails and encouraged me to throw my very own cocktail parties. Keen insight into the history and signifigance of the ingredients in every show. I know it takes a lot of work to produce, but keep them coming please. I met the man in San Fran last Dec. and he treated me to several cocktails at a great bar by the bay. Thanks for everything.
Hello thisis the best podcast out there for drinks its tell the history and how to mix them and great facts to tell peopel around the bar
...if you're at all interested in cocktails, beer, wine, etc. Mr Martini gives some history, and then some great recipes -- his podcast is very accessible, and fun to listen to. It's not so technical that you feel you have to "write down" what he says -- instead, he presents it in a manner that you can remember. He's got a great voice and it's a pleasure to download each new one.
To start off, no one can say that Mr. Martini slights his listeners. Sometimes, nearly half an episode is viewer feedback, and his response to the feedback. Then, he gives us the history or interesting story of the episode's topic. Finally, he gives a list of great cocktails for the listener to enjoy. Also mixed into the fray is a quote from a usually famous person involving the topic, or alcohol in general. If you want a podcast about making drinks or just drinks in general, this is the one to get.
Mr. Martini does a great job of making shows full of great recipes and interesting background information. Keep up the great work, I've been a listener from day 1. Your sound quality has improved and I appreciate it. My only wish is that the episodes were longer... take care.
I enjoy learning more about the history of the various types of alcohol and mixed drinks. You can really tell that Mr. Martini really enjoys his subject matter! Very entertaining!
This is a great podcast for giving you ideas of new and intersting drinks, how liquors are made, and fun little facts. I feel like by listening to this, I might do a halfway decent job hosting parties and making some neat drinks! Mr. Martini has fun at the podcast and it shows! Thanks for mentioning me in your tequila episode about me leaving a note on your frappr map! You rock!
Mr. Martini's explanation for why he only bartends private parties diminishes his authority. There are hundreds of bars and lounges in San Francisco that are continuing the traditions of the American cocktail. Not every bar is about club kids and Red Bull drinks. History and recipe knowledge are only half the makings of a true barman. A working mixologist is an informed one; get out there and mix drinks daily Mr. Martini!
Very well done - Mr. Martini does a great job keeping his audience engaged and entertained. Loved the Frank Sinatra comment. Mr. Martini is definitely a must listen!
I love this show. There's context and attention to quality here, much like a well-mixed drink. The passion really shines through. I especially appreciate learning about classic cocktails which have fallen out of fashion and deserve revival. Keep up the great work!