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This podcast is always so great. I ideas and inspiration I get from the episodes with just Melissa and Nick are my favorites. She always has great guests that have thought provoking and interesting new information that sometimes I haven’t heard of and I love learning about new amazing clean living styles and points of view. I take notes every episode and she never steers me wrong !
I love this masterclass on all things health. Melissa does such a great job at going a level deeper with the guests so as to get the details that really matter especially when it comes to health/self improvement.
This podcast is my new obsession! Melissa’s informative array of discussions and interviews has opened the world of health and wellness to me. After suffering a heart attack at 36, it’s time to grow in my self care and I have picked up so many positive ideas to implement in my life. I have also found other likeminded podcasters to listen to from her interviews. Thank you for doing what you do Melissa!
Melissa and Nick, thank you SO much. You can not be more inspirational. While listening to you podcast together I had this pleasant smile in my face that gave me that endorphine high. You talk so openly, grounded and generously. At some point I thought "I will never find my one". Your vibes took that thought away. Keep l eachother, Theo and Bamby. That resonates into all of us. Sara.
Melissa, this is the first time I’m listening to your podcast. The first episode I stumbled upon is “why wealth is not a dirty word” and all I can say is wow! I will most certainly be practicing more gratitude and complain less. This episode made me look at my life and I realized how extremely blessed I am. So I cannot thank you enough.
Melissa, I have been a listening to your podcast for years and if I could only listen to one podcast it would be yours! I have been listening to you ever since I started my health journey and spiritual awakening. I love all the different conversations you are having and how insightful they are. I learn so much with every episode I listen to. My favorite part is the questions you ask! You ask the juiciest questions and I love hearing how different people respond.
Melissa, I want start off by thanking you for the help you have given to so many women and men. I’ve been listening to your podcasts for almost a year now and I have read all your books. I’m can’t wait to read your new one comparisonitis. You have helped me through so much and I couldn’t thanked you enough. Your name is always on my gratitude list. I love sharing your stuff with my family and friends. I wish to one day do a one on one coaching with you and meet you. I would love to help others just like you do. Thank you Melissa for all that you do. Josephine P.s Congratulations on your beautiful new bundle of joy. She’s going to be absolutely beautiful❤️
Omg! I don’t even know how I stumbled upon your podcast. But I can’t stop listening now. Thank you so much for your high vibe.
Melissa’s podcasts never fail to inspire and teach! I’ve been going backwards through some of the episodes and just listened to #273 with the Medical Medium, Anthony William. It blew me away! He is now someone I can’t do without 💜. Thank you, Melissa!
I am forever grateful to Melissa for brining important topics and insightful knowledge into this world. I am constantly sharing episodes with friends and discussing new and interesting things I have learnt or inspiring people to follow that are changing the world. The questions are engaging and the topics are broad. I look forward to a new episode every week. Thank-you Melissa.
I’ve started my healing journey about 6 months ago. I was searching for any resources, especially free ones, that would help with my healing journey. I came across Melissa’s podcast and I’ve been listening to her ever since! Everything she has to say is so beautiful and empowering I love the range of topics she chooses! It’s my perfect way to start my morning, I listed while I drive, do the dishes or anything! She is who I inspire to be some day!
I have been listening to Melissa’s podcasts every day now for 239 days! I gain soo many nuggets from every single episode! I have been on a holistic, healthy, self love journey for about two years now and getting daily inspirations from her podcast has been an integral role in shaping my inner self and transforming me into the woman I want to be! She is so real and fresh and delivers messages that are practical and hit you right in the “heart space” as she likes to say 😅 Thank you, Melissa, for all that you do and for helping women across the world love themselves more and really transform themselves from the inside out!
I’ve been listening to Melissa’s podcast ever since it was released - and I can say without a doubt, it has CHANGED MY LIFE in all areas - love, wealth, health, relationships, joy, spirituality, the list goes on. Melissa, thank you for all that you do in this world. And thank you for continuously inspiring me to learn, grow and be the best version of myself possible.


Melissa is such a light!! Just hearing her voice puts me in a good mood. She shares such valuable information in such a joyful manner. Her zest for life is amazing. I love her approach to wellness and mindset, and I’ve been loving all the guests on the show!! ❤️❤️❤️
I’m so thankful that I found Melissa! I just love the sound of her voice and her positive energy is always so uplifting. Each podcast is full of interesting and helpful information. She’s helping me to improve my life everyday!
Hello darling! I have been listening to your podcasts for several weeks now. I have always had an Inkling for holistic health but never knew how to go upon it. Listening to your podcasts and reading your books, it’s as if you have illuminated a pathway that ignited my soul with pure vibrations and fire! Anyone who listens to you will immediate recognize the compassionate that radiates from your soul. I love how you are able to bring unbiased information to your content and still deliver ‘food for thought’ to our own lives. You inspire so many people in so many area of their lives. Thank you for opening your beautiful heart and extravagant mind to share your practice, knowledge and experiences with all of us. May the New Year bring good vibes, unconditional love, and wealth of all aspects that the universe provides. Much love to you and your beautiful family, Alyssa Kowalski
My husband and I had hit our “it will never happen to us” scary plateau. We have been together for 14 years and this year will be 5 years married. We are 31 and 30. We woke up and said “we are not boring people” what is going on.... I had heard Melissa on a IGlive talking about Mastering your Inner Mean Girl and had us do an exercise on what that mean girl looks like....and ever since then I RECOGNIZE HER IMMEDIATELY. But it has helped me tremendously in my relationship with myself and my husband. I am worthy of his love. I am worthy of our growth TOGETHER. I am worthy!! - - - On a whim I looked up Melissa’s podcast and randomly scrolled through until I “felt” the right one....I landed on #83. Rich Roll and Julie Piatt. I have never connected so hard to a podcast this hard, this fast in my life. I came home soooooooooo excited to talk to my husband, and to share how similar we are to them. Melissa thank you for sharing your gifts, your network and a true art of creating such a open and safe space for all who listen. You are a beautiful being. Thank you. From the bottom of our hearts. Thank you! Zac & Kelsey Greensburg, Pennsylvania, USA
The most positive and growth-set minded person to motivate you each day! I love Melissa’s messages of self love and kindness.
In a world where it can be so challenging to believe in yourself, your worth, and your purpose, Melissa shows up each week with the most beautiful of messages. After listening to her and her incredible, uplifting guests, you will feel as though your heart is shining right out of your body and illuminating all of the beauty around you. The narrative of this world will change for you and you will begin to spread this wonder to those around you. Melissa and her guests remind you of your truths over and over again, lifting you up, and create a burning desire in your belly to show up in this world as your highest self. Listen, remember your truth, and help spread the love in a world that desperately needs it. I can promise that you won’t regret it! XO Stephanie
Melissa!! I’ve followed from the early days.. and still look forward to your podcasts ❤️ today I went through the long list of podcasts I subscribed to and took out allllllllll that just say unlistened to and cleaned up my library... your podcast had to stay!!! It is a must - listen to. Thank you for your wisdom, amazing guests and positive podcast in this wild world. I actually created a journal to take notes from all your guests. Such wisdom ❤️ wishing you all the best and thank you again!! Erika
This podcast was an enjoyable listen. She brought on a guest speaker known as the “ mind architect” and he dives into describing how to simply and effectively move past mind hurdles. He goes into embracing your humanity and how that’s beneficial. There is allot more he talks about, one of my favorites that stuck out was “ success is being at peace” and he describes why that is. I would recommend this as an easy but most definitely powerful podcast to listen too! You won’t regret it ❤️
Thanks for continuing to share your story and life experiences so authenticity! Melissa I don’t know if you ever shared about wanting to conceive prior to announcing you were pregnant but wow a lot of what you have talked about the past year or two on your podcast totally aligned with what my husband and I were calling in and now it totally makes sense why! I am a new mama to be as well and have put a lot of love, time, energy, and patience into the preconception phase myself so hearing your journey brought me back to how I felt during the process at times and the magical moment of when we found out. Your episode on your pregnancy journey will help so many out there. It can happen! Congrats Mama!!! Love your podcast (especially the Monday Motivation episodes) and excited to hear more of your journey :)
I’m obsessed with every episode of this podcast. Melissa is such a heart warming soul who asks brilliant questions, and strives to make both her subscribers and guests feel fully held. She’s my go to cooking pal, and I truly get so much juicy wisdom from the incredible people she invites on. I feel like I’ve been given a key to a mystical lawns of brilliant thought leaders. I’ve listened to some of them twice. The manifesting bits are my favorite.. ooooh and all things menstruation!! Thank you so much Melissa! So in love with your podcast. ✨🤩
I have Melissa’s first two books and have listened to her podcast for years. I find her voice to be calming and joyful, and her content empowering and educational! No matter where you are at in your healing/wellness/self-love journey you will find something that resonates with you!
I just started listening to Melissa’s show and it is fire! Such a beautiful soul!
I absolutely love Melissa’s podcast. I’ve been listening almost everyday since January this year and I feel incomplete if I go a day without it. She is so kind and caring and inspires me to live my best life, follow my dreams, nourish my body, love myself in all that I do, and be kind to my soul. I have become a totally (better) person since I’ve started listening and I could not thank her more. I feel like she’s my soul sister. I have such a better outlook on life now and I teach my husband new things I learn on the podcast everyday! Bless his heart. Thank you so much Melissa for your dedication to helping and educating the world. I wouldn’t be who I am without you😇
This was a great reminder to just create! I loved hearing how simple it can be and takes tiny steps to achieve. The one big take away for me was to self-care and implementing that into the start of each day!
Love listening to her podcast. I tend to be very hard on myself and listening to Melissa speak is helping me little by little to change the way i think. She also has great guest that are very inspiring!!! I listen to a few every week!
I’ve been listening to Melissa’s podcast for over a year and always walk away with new information and practical and insightful tips that I’m motivated to implement into my life. I love her dynamic guests and Melissa’s authentic, kind and sincere approach during her interviews. I was completely blown away by her recent episode with Dr Zach Bush. This episode was one of the most fascinating and moving podcast episodes I’ve listened to before and I am pretty podcast obsessed (in addition to being a podcaster myself). It’s a must listen for every human especially during these challenging times. Can’t wait for more!
Such a great podcast! I can’t wait to dive into the earlier episodes 😁
Everything Melissa stands for is GOLD. I love her, her books and this podcast. Her words are genuine and they make you feel like she is only speaking to you. Every episode brings endless value leaving you wanting more!
I love listening to Melissa Ambrosini’s podcasts. She’s interviews a wide variety of people with inspiring and educational topics that are relevant and applicable to your daily life. I always feel uplifted and ready to conquer my day after listening to one of Melissa’s podcasts. Thanks for being such an amazing role model and inspiration! Tasha Baird-Miller
I love this podcast!
This is the show everyone needs! Love to listen to it driving to work on a Monday. Every episode is full of light, love and great tips on many areas. I just bought her book as well and oh man! Loving it too. Thank you for these awesome episodes- my favorite is the Miracle morning one, it definitely changed my life 😍
Every Monday Morning I look forward to Melissa’s Monday Morning Motivational episode. She gives such practical advice that is pertinent and easy to follow. So much better than listening to the news!
I have been listening to Melissa’s show for years and she really is the real deal. So real and raw, she brings on so many guests that bring so much value to my life. I look forward to her shows. I really like the Q&A shows she does with her Husband Nick. Thank you Melissa, I appreciate you so much! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
I first came across Melissa Ambrosini when I read Mastering Your Inner Mean Girl. That book hit home for me - big time!!!! I have a mean girl and she is RUDE!!! I now know how to shut her up!!! When I ever found out Melissa had a podcast - I was down. I love love love her Monday motivations. I listen to them every Monday morning in the shower. Her voice, in itself, calms me. I am a pretty high strung person so her voice is one of the things that really really help ground me. Thank you Melissa. You’ve done more for me than I can say! 🤗
I have been listening to Melissa’s podcast for about 2 years, and read her books. She has made such a positive influence in my life, by setting the example how to live a healthier and more purposeful existence. After listening to her podcasts, I make better decisions about my diet, home environment, and relationships. I can’t wait to read her new book and continuing listening to her inspiring work! Forever grateful.


Melissa, I can honestly say you changed my life. Yep years ago I listened to your podcast. I was at a very low point.I was divorced anorexic and under 100 pounds. I was depressed had no hope. I listened to your story and read your book about your inner critique or mean girl. Sense I started listening to you and your podcast I probably read the book and gifted it to three or four of my friends. But you gave me hope when I had known you helps me see that there are ways other than medicine to heal myself I’ve been doing meditation I am eating up all of your episodes on hormones. To say the least I am a huge fan. Then I reached out to you and you took the time out of your busy schedule to reach out to me not only ones not only twice but multiple times.You are truly an amazing giver and I feel the love you do with your words and work. Since I started listening to you I’ve been eating healthier and really listening to my body. I’ve been trying to nurse it and treat it as the temple it is to quote you.I could write a whole novel about how you changed my life but just know I appreciate you. Thank you for your service and let me know how I can support you! Love, Alex
I wanted to listen to a podcast with Danette as the guest so I did a search and found this one. Out of all the podcasts this was my favorite. I felt they clicked and the energy was great. Very informative and positive.
I discovered Melissa’s podcast this year when I started looking into IIN and it was a truly a blessing— it is now my favorite podcast to listen to! Melissa carries such a positive energy and vitality to what she shares, and every single podcast episode not only teaches me a lot, but also inspires me to continue evolving on my holistic health journey and one day building a business like Melissa has! Every episode is so informative, inspiring, interesting and fills me with happiness! Thank you for everything you do 🤍🤍
I just began listening to the Melissa Ambrosini show recently and am already loving it. I love her focus on health and well being. She is the real deal, you can tell that what she speaks about, she is truly passionate about. She not only brings on incredible guests, but she asks thoughtful questions that bring about fantastic conversation and learning opportunities for her listeners. Grateful to have found this podcast and looking forward to more!
I love Melissa and her podcast! The show is full of insight, positivity and independent thinking. Melissa is a vibrant force of love and light and you can hear this in her voice. She has a variety of interesting guests on her show that freely share their vast knowledge on the topics at hand. I look forward to listening everyday.
I’ve been listening to The Melissa Ambrosini Show for a little over a year now and it has become a staple in my weekly routine! If you’re looking to elevate your mindset and live more from a place of love, this is the podcast for you! Whether you’re looking for inspiration to set your day up for success, or a way to return to love after a challenging day, Melissa’s soothing voice and guidance is the perfect anecdote. I especially love her Monday Motivation and Block Buster episodes. They provide quick and meaningful doses of inspiration and information, that can easily fit into your daily life. Thank you, Melissa for always leading from a place of love and sharing your gifts with the world. You are a true light in my life. Sending love all the way from the state of Wisconsin in the US. Your Darling, Kelly xoxo
I love this podcast! It's so informative and eye-opening. I'm definitely going to share it will all of my friends. Thank you for much.
Hello Melissa!! I love, love, love listening to your podcast and following you on IG! You’re so sweet and endearing, and of course helpful and motivating! I listen to many of your episodes, but most recently I listened to the one you did about the 9 habits for success. I listened twice cause it was so good! Thank you for being so real and a genuinely sweet, caring person. Your awesome personality shines through everything you do! Much love to you, Nick and Leo, from Boston, MA! - Loren 💜💜💜
Melissa is such a genuinely kind and gorgeous human inside and out. I always look forward to her “what’s for breakfast?” question because it gives you a look into what the guest really lives out. There are so so many interesting guests on the show and Melissa has a way of getting so much out of the hour+. Not to mention, her and Nick are major expanders and have given me hope for a healthier, wealthier, and more movie filled life ✨