The Phones Show (MP4 version)

Reviews For The Phones Show (MP4 version)

Steve Litchfield is great, and having the entire video podcast shot using a smartphone is brilliant. I live in North America, and Steve brings his English charm (and eccentricity) to the show which is fun. I've learned a great deal about the S60 platform (Steve's partial to S60) so much so that I bought two Nokia phones largely on Steve's recommendation. I bought the Nokia N82 which Steve calls one of the most converged smartphones there is, and the N97 because I wanted to be one of the first to own Nokia's newest flagship phone. The show's a perfect length, and you'll learn a great deal and be entertained by this wonderful podcast.
I have been listening to Steve Litchfield on the All About Symbian podcast for over a year now. Steve has an excellent grasp of the industry - where it's been, what's happening now, and where the industry is moving. If you're interested in mobile phones, you're sure to like Steve's The Phone Show.
I think this show takes a very unbiased and clinical look at the world of smart phones and how they fit in to how we use them. The reviews of mister Litchfield are very informitive deserving of comendation.